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Smart Lipo is used in liposuction surgery to remove excess body fat. The device uses a laser to destroy the fat cells, which some claim tightens skin and leads to faster recovery than other forms of liposuction.  LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,950

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So, having SmartLipo 2 weeks from today. Having upper/lower abdomen, flanks and arms. Dr. has already told me I may have to come back for arms. I am not a small girl and do not expect to be after the procedures either. I just hope to have some shape back. I am very excited and very nervous.... READ MORE

I was the grand price winner of a smart lipo triplex (one area) event at Beux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery lanham,md.I'm having my inner thighs done because the chub rub has gotta go =).My main reason for doing this is not to get "skinny" legs per say. I've always had big muscular legs and... READ MORE

Growing up I always self conscious about my pooch. Most of the guys I dated would always tell would be so hot if you had a flat stomach. Since hearing those words, I've been traumatized. I lost 50-60lbs. At my smallest, my pooch would taunt me daily. Although I've gained a bit of weight... READ MORE

I'm 33 years old and very athletic. I work out all the time and most people would describe me as very fit, but I have ALWAYS hated my stomach. No matter how much I worked out, there was this pooch that would never go away. It was like a thick piece of fat that has stayed the same my entire... READ MORE

I had Smart lipo procedure last Saturday on Abdo and Flanks, The procedure was a little bit painful but nothing I couldn't tolerate, after my procedure the clinic called my husband to pick me up because they didn't want me to drive altough i felt fit to drive. Day1 was not so bad i had minimal... READ MORE

Well am going to start saying that am very nervous about my surgery next week. Am going to be 33 soon, and have three kids. I need to do something for myself. After, my first pregnancy my life change in all the ways, my belly lost the beauty that it had before, and it looks like a jelly, if you... READ MORE

I had a kid 6 years ago and gained 100 pounds during my pregnancy. I went from 130 to 233 and I am now 165 it has taken me a while to maintain this body weight so I'm moving forward. My body is so different and I just want a little piece of it back. I have scheduled my treatment the day... READ MORE

I arrived for my procedure on yesterday. I feel great I can move my arns and I would do it all over again. Because i'm only one day post-op I haven't seen a dramatic difference but I trust my doctor and get work, so I know that this Summer I will be wearing short sleeve shirts and dresses.Day 2... READ MORE

Well I am 35yrs old my weight ranges from 150-160. I am 5'2 and I am having my upper and lower abs plus my flanks next week. I am very nervous and anxious I really hope and pray this procedure gives me the results I desire and need. I have researched my doctor extensively and I even looked on... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Almeyda for Smart Lipo. It was awesome. All my gross stubborn fat got sucked out and about 2 months later I saw a drastic change in my silhouette! Those stubborn pouches of fat on my thighs that I tried so hard to starve or exercise away were finally gone!!!! My cellulite that I had... READ MORE

Happy I did it as I had a beastly figure, first thing my Doc said.."I gave u a waistline " and he really did!!! 100% happy with that. I still however have back fat that was not lipo'd. Looked at my bill which broke down areas sculpted sure enough back was not on there, yet I told them I wanted... READ MORE

Hello Everyone:) my name is faith & I have been reading everyone's reviews for the past month flat out I've also been googling and youtubing reviews/ Results/ pictures! i seriously can't stop researching so I decided I should make my own account because I appreciate all you ladies for helping me... READ MORE

I did smart lipo because I recognized that I had stubborn fat areas that no matter how much I exercised, I would never get rid of. I'm so glad that I did the procedure with Dr. Boutte, because quite simply she is the best. She is an artist with her work and is so dedicated, which you can see... READ MORE

Hi Everyone!!! Im 33yrs, mother of 1 beautiful girl. I love every part of my body except my stomach. Over the pass yrs I have gained weight. After my daughter was born 10 yrs ago I weighed 160lbs now im 210 smh. The advantage of that is I'm 5'11 so I don't look that fat lol. My original plan was... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have my smartlipo procedure done on May 23, 2013. LET'S JUST SAY SUPER EXCITED!! I referred my girlfriend and she went for her consult, loved it, scheduled it, had it done about a week ago and has nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Boutte. This has helped me out... READ MORE

Hello, So hear goes. Lost a baby. Ended a relationship, nearing the year end and wanted to do something 'smart' for myself. I had clipped out the article entitled 'smart lipo' out of a people magazine about 9 month earlier and saw the procedure listed in the Mercury News under Bid/Buy. I ended... READ MORE

My surgery is April, 19th while in the doctors consultation he tried to tell me about the regular lipo and said I would not be completely happy with my results but that it would change the way my stomach looks by a lot. Its not that he was trying to talk me out of the procedure he just wanted to... READ MORE

My procedure was 24 hours ago. I read numerous posts on this site to help me weigh my options and find women I could relate to. After connecting to the common theme of I work out 5-6x a week, eat well, and live a heathy lifestyle - I decided this was what I wanted to do. I am 42yrs old, 5'5" and... READ MORE

I have been reading many of the reviews on here and finally decided to schedule an appointment to see if I am a good candidate for smart lipo. A little background on me is that I am 27 years old 6'3" and weigh 215lbs. I had major knee surgery two years ago and had some complications and because... READ MORE

I have never been able to get rid of my pooch area no matter how hard I work out or diet. I was even in the military and I got it low but it wasn't gone completely and that was with intense workout 2 and 3 times per day. I still work out and eat pretty clean but now I'm getting older and it just... READ MORE

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