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Silikon 1000 is a form of liquid silicone that is used (off-label) as a filler for cosmetic enhancement. LEARN MORE ›

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Doctor Joseph and his staff are always so friendly, they make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Today I had Silikon 1000 in under eyes and cheeks and instantly the hollows were gone and my face had volume again! I am always thankful to Dr. Joseph for making me feel and... READ MORE

Unlike many who claim to have been satisfied with Dr. Eric M. Joseph’s services, I, most certainly, was not. His staff was friendly, but Dr. Joseph’s bedside manner left a lot to be desired. He kept telling me that he’s an expert in his field and brushed off my questions and concerns. As... READ MORE

After many years tormented by nasal imperfections from a previous surgery, I found Dr. Eric Joseph. I found his web site, his reviews, presentations, and comments. It became clear to me that: a) this is a professional man dedicated to his calling and b) the non-surgical option to fix minor... READ MORE

I researched and interviewed several potential Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and had the great fortune of discovering the finest plastic surgeon I've ever met. Let me preface by sharing that I am a Medic, also in the healthcare field. Through school and work I have had the opportunity to work... READ MORE

I decided to go to Dr Joseph after reading many great reviews on here. I lost some facial volume and filled my temple hollows with silikon 1000. Although I will need to go back one or two more times to add more I am really happy with the preliminary results. This was money well spent and I... READ MORE

Dr. Joseph is a very sweet man and easy to feel comfortable around very quickly. He is honest and understands what you're looking to achieve. I feel his main interest is getting his patient to look their best, and make them happy with their results. He knows what he is doing, you can tell he... READ MORE

I had uneven nostril height from a previous rhinoplasty that bothered me and made me self conscious. Dr. Joseph did an AMAZING job at correcting this problem. He also improved the look of my columellar scar. Both the doctor and his staff were super friendly. I was very nervous about this... READ MORE

Went to see Dr. Joseph for a consultation and for permanent results, he recommended silikon 1000 filler for my tear trough depression. the area to be treated is numbed with topical anesthetic. there was a slight pinch when the needle was inserted but not much pain and bearable. the procedure was... READ MORE

Hi I am a bit confused as I'm reading all the raving reviews for Dr.Joseph. You see, the great majority of the reviewers only have one single review posted, which happens to be about Dr. Joseph, and almost all are 5 star.... I'm just concerned about the authenticity of the reviews. Why only... READ MORE

I had dilute Kenalog (Triamcinolone Acetonide 2.5mg/cc) injected in my lips to treat a couple of bumps caused by Silikon 1000. My PS told me it would only affect the area injected, but instead of dissolving the bumps, it dissolved the collagen above my lips, which left me with two very deep and... READ MORE

Before I went for the Silikon-1000 procedure, I was afraid and I was able to e-mail Dr. Joseph before I even consulted with him. I had sent my pictures to him and he gave me his professional opinion about my concerns. This automatically allowed me to feel more comfortable with the procedure and... READ MORE

Dr Joseph is by far the best in his profession. Before him, I had a crooked nose due to a previous rhinoplasty. Other plastic surgeons gave me false expectations and told me it was nearly impossible to fix my nose. Dr Joseph has not only made my dreams come true of having a symmetrical nose, but... READ MORE

I had a rhinoplasty about 15 years ago that left me with an unnatural appearance to my nose that i wasn't satisfied with. I considered a surgical revision but did not want to deal with the pain and healing time of surgery. A few years ago through online research i noticed that some Dr's were... READ MORE

I am 49 years old and I was looking for a more permanent solution to "refresh" my lips and cheeks which with aging had started to loose volume. I had tried Restylane injections in the past but every time the results lasted only a mere two weeks, definitely not worth the $1000 spent. After... READ MORE

I had been unhappy with my nose since I was a young girl... it was asymmetric and had a bump on the bridge. I had a Rhinoplasty done about 5 years ago that was botched and still left my nose uneven after spending thousands of dollars. After doing some research, I came across Dr. Eric M. Joseph... READ MORE

I am a 49 years old ex model, yuck! Age doesn' tt feel or look good! I have had for the past 5 years a few experiment with Restylane rejuvenating injections that always somewhat let me disappointed ! Wrong injection technics that left my Soo symmetrical face lopsided, or the fact that it all... READ MORE

I flew in to East Orange NJ from St. Louis MO to meet Dr. Joseph and receive Silikon 1000 injections. He did a thorough examination of my face and suggested that we fill my temples now and hold off on the several areas that I had in mind. I respected his expert opinion. He numbed the area... READ MORE

I underwent treatments to the nose for asymmetries, and to the lower cheeks for loss of volume after a midface lift. Have a couple small nodules at injection sites from a treatment last week, which I expect will resolve soon. I understand that complications can occur many months/years after... READ MORE

The procedure is not painful at all and I felt comfortable with Dr. Kass. As you may know by now, Silicon 1000 effects will not be very visible on the first treatment because is NOT Juvederm or the like. Patience is key and 2 or 3 treatments are needed to see the changes. At the end is... READ MORE

Here is my short story, I really hope people read this to avoid the pain i went through. I had my 1st rhinoplasty about 5 years ago. the worst results ever, too much graft was taken out. Did a revision with the same doctor (big mistake but had no results weren't any... READ MORE

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