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WORTH IT RATING based on 125 reviews
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Silikon 1000 is a form of liquid silicone that is used (off-label) as a filler for cosmetic enhancement. LEARN MORE ›
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I've had very pronounced nasolabial folds since my mid twenties and I tried restylane and Juvederm for a couple of years. It would look great for two months but then the effect will wear off...and the price became unaffordable... After I read the reviews on this website, I decided to try Silikon... READ MORE

I went through with silikon 1000 because i felt my lips were to small and wanted to enhance them Silikon 1000 is one of the best products out there for lip enhancement there was no down time and i felt absolutely no pain while getting injected with this product, Dr Joseph made me feel... READ MORE

My under eye hollows looked terrible by the time I turned 48. You could say I hit the wall. I looked very tired and people would comment on it which made me very self conscious. I considered a lower bleph but was concerned about the associated risks and chose not to do it. I looked into fillers... READ MORE

My face was starting to look like it was sagging and I don't smoke but had very deep lines above my lip. Dr. Joseph suggested filling in under my eyes to decrease the hollow look and also fill the lines above my lips. The results are great and I'm very happy. I no longer look like I'm tired all... READ MORE

There were no cons. I have tried other fillers and they did not last and were expensive. I researched the procedure and doctors for a year before selecting Dr. Joseph. I drove to New Jersey because after researching I found that Dr. Joseph has the specialized training to perform this procedure... READ MORE

I had a terrible experience! I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Eric Joseph after reading the excellent reviews online. Had a sunken look under my eyes and looked tired. Was considering having bleph surgery and wanted to consult. With in 5 minutes of meeting with the doctor, he "had the... READ MORE

I received Silikon 1000 injections to fill in depressed facial scars. I've tried various fillers over the years, but this one has given the best results and it's permanent. Dr. Joseph did an excellent job to ensure he injected an adequate amount without over filling. Some of the scars... READ MORE

I am in my early 40's and wasn't enjoying all the fine lines that have snuck up on me in the last year or so. I found Dr. Joseph online and contacted his office and am very glad I did. I couldn't have asked for better results that look all natural and were within my budget. READ MORE

To freshen up my look and enlarge the lip area. I initially went to him for a silikon 1000 treatment in the lip area. My upper lip was nearly indistinguishable compared to my lower lip. I was looking for the natural look and feel of a lip enhancement without the trout pout look. I'm all for... READ MORE

After reading so many rave reviews about Dr Joseph from this board- I decided to go ahead and get Silikon 1000. I have deep indentation scarring from a terrible experience with an at home TCA peel. My face exploded with cystic acne that left both sides of my chin badly scarred. Also wanted to... READ MORE

I have hated my nose my entire life... my profile was fine but from the front my nose was not symmetrical it lookef almost hourglass think Carrie Bradshaw but not as big lol. I went to Dr Joseph for a consult and he was very honest that even after a nose job i may not like my nose and trying a... READ MORE

Roughly 7 years ago I had a chin implant done by another surgeon. I thought this was going to be the answer to all my prayers…I was wrong! I still remember the pain and discomfort of having the procedure done. Only to find out after going through all that pain, that the chin implant had... READ MORE

After some research and debate, I decided to inject my upper lip and laugh lines with Silikon 1000. My laugh lines were becoming a little too noticeable for my liking and my upper lip was nearly non-exsist in comparison to my full lower lip taking the spotlight. The idea of constantly... READ MORE

I got my lips injected with Silikon 1000 less than a month after giving birth. I was so sure this was what I wanted, and very eager to get an augmentation. Unfortunately, after getting the treatment with what the doctor insisted was conservative amount (I'd rather get too little than too... READ MORE

DefInitely hands down the best experienc I've ever had with a doctor. I have absolutely never done anything before and was clueless, nervous and skepticial. But not only did he make me comfortable but I was informed on exactly what would be done as well as what he suggested I do. My... READ MORE

I am a 32 year old female living in Connecticut. Over the past few years I have been really bothered by deep under-eye hollows and thinning upper cheeks. I felt like these things made me look much older than my age. I started looking into facial rejuvination with fillers on the internet and I... READ MORE

Many years ago, I had a "septoplasty" to help straighten a deviated septum. Unfortunately, the surgery did not go well and my septum ended up even more crooked than before the surgery. Sadly, not only did this mean a reduction in my ability to breathe properly, but it also caused my... READ MORE

Have been dealing with hollow eyes/upper midface for quite some time now and was tired of looking old and tired at 32 years of age. I basically lost all the natural fat around the eyes and upper midface. After lots of research on my part, I traveled from texas to New Jersy to see Dr. Joseph... READ MORE

Seven months post-rhinoplasty (with another surgeon I hasten to add) I was left seriously regretting the whole experience - and wishing I'd *never* ventured into the world of plastic surgery. I'm pleased to say however that my experience with Dr Joseph and his team has gone a long long... READ MORE

I am totally new to this website and have already found such valuable information that I wanted to share my experience to hopefully help others suffering from acne scars and searching for effective treatments. Micro-droplet silicone injections were my first form of acne scar treatment 3... READ MORE

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