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Silicone injections are sometimes used in augmentation or enhancement procedures. LEARN MORE ›
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I had 3 rounds of injections last year and the doctor injected too much in several areas giving me bumps all over my face! My face looked very bumpy and all the subsequent doctors i saw said it was obvious i had silicone injected. I finally had to get the bumps surgically excised- one on my left... READ MORE

I've always wanted to do something about my acne scars and came in for a consultation to discuss my options. He was very honest with me about expectations, and wanted to ensure that I was not expecting perfection. Instead of selling me on more expensive laser therapies, he recommended a more... READ MORE

I had my face treated due to lipodistrophy from HIV meds. Lipodistrophy also caused me to lose fat in my butt---was totally flat. i had 7 treatment with microdroplet silicone. i look great and have had several MRI scans (due to other illnesses) and the buttock area is still showing microdroplets... READ MORE

I only had my silicone injections for a little while, but so far i dont have any problems, it took me about a week to heal and my ass jiggles and its soft. im a stripper and i live in chicago, our clubs are all about the ass. i was always insecure about my butt but i never had the guts to do it.... READ MORE

4 days ago I recieved 800cc of silicon oil injection into my buttocks (400cc each) I have yet to notice a change in size. Im still a little sore but how long does it take to show results. I know the complications and fully accept my risk, just inquiry about the results and timeline... READ MORE

I had 2 treatments with liquid silicone for traumatic scars on my face, many of these i believe were not suitable for treatment with any filler. i have been treated in well established and known dermatologist office and i thought i was in safe hands. unfortunately i have ended with very ugly... READ MORE

Hi, i am a transexual from newark new jersey. ive had silicone injected in my butt and hips, also a little bit done on my cheeks 2 appaer more fem. I had my injections done about 2yrs ago 2yrs into my transistion. I must say i am very lucky not to have experienced wut some people are, i went to... READ MORE

I was 17, and this "doctor" was giving these silicone shots in a hotel and my girlfriends and I went and had the shots done.Since then my mammograms have shown my breasts to be very dense, and they are cystic I'm told. How do I know if they are 'cystic' or otherwise? Is... READ MORE

Well of course it looks fantastic at first, laugh lines are gone, boobs are huge and hips rounder, but eventually reality sets in over time... I have very nice breasts, so far, I have always worn a sports bra, they are actually tear dropped or so Im told, but I have just started to... READ MORE

Had a series of 100 dollar injections 20 years ago, when there were no alternatives like restylane. looked great for 10 years. the job was well done at first. men flocked to me. now they don't even look twice. all the silicone is sagging, leaving me looking 10 years older than my age. my... READ MORE


I have been having lip augmentations for years now due to the normal signs of aging and the development of what I like to call my "potato chip lips." As the years have advanced, my lip tissue is almost nonexistent. :( So, I was looking for a doctor who could not only give me a more... READ MORE

Owing to dimples in my face I had a filler (biopolimery 350) injected in my cheeks 2 years ago. with time it has moved down and now it bulges a little on both lower parts of my cheecks. READ MORE

I am very depress for the decision I made to have silicone injections in my buttocks. I asked the person injecting me was this real silicone and she assured me it was. The procedure went fine until several months had expired and i notice my butt was firming up, so much that it feels like a rock.... READ MORE

Five days ago I had silicone micro injections in the soft tissue between my upper lip and my nose where there were slight depressions. I already see the tissue where it was shot in looking white-ish, irregular, and rising. My face is so inflamed. The look of where the shots were placed is... READ MORE

Recently I had a few rounds of silicone microdroplets to treat depressed acne scars in various places on my face. It definitely improved the appearance of the scars and I am happy about that.However, in one area underneath my eye where the silicone was used to treat the depressed acne scar, I... READ MORE

For reason that i want to feel good and look good, i had a silicone injection in my breasts sometime november 2006. i am ok as of now but i worry much because of the cases i have been hearing from people who have complications because they had silicone injectibles, everybody get problems... READ MORE

I had silicone injected to my lips and between eye brows in 1985, and it was and has been perfect. Everyone always comments on what nice lips I have (my secret!) and I never experienced any unwanted side effects. It has been stable,and has remained where it was injected. Unfortunately, the... READ MORE

I injects liquid silicone to me in my legs before 15 years next 10 years i have many problems many cellulitis (using smooth antibiotics now i using cephalosporins third generation, allergic reaction of the silicone prednisone 40 mg daily for three months later diminishing the dose, many... READ MORE

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