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WORTH IT RATING based on 608 reviews
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This semi-permanent injectable adds volume to faces and fills in wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. Radiesse lasts longer than hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane.
Average Price: $950

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I wanted to improve my smile lines so I just did it. I was totally nervous about the shots but it was really not a big deal once it was over. I am very happy with my smile lines now. Definitely read up on radiesse and all the other injectibles out there before you decide on anything and get... READ MORE

I had very prominent nasolabial folds and my cheeks looked droopy. I looked tired/sad all the time. Getting Radiesse (1.5ml syringe) not only changed the way I look, but the way I feel about myself. The injection discomfort was tolerable and took just a few minutes. Also, unlike Restylane that... READ MORE

I am a late 40's man who had Radiesse injected in that triangular area between cheekbone, nose and bottom of eye socket (sorry don't know the name of that area.) I do not have pronounced cheekbones and that area with aging began to have that sunken in look (runs in mom's side of the... READ MORE

Used topical arnica, cold pacs, and oral arnica. Had slight bruising immediately following the procedure with swelling diminishing to redness after a day. Although I had half a dose, it was enough to make a difference. READ MORE

The pro of using Radiesse is that my checks are full and smile lines have completely disappeared. The con is my doctor injected under my eyes and I developed a lump under the left eye. It is very noticeable and unattractive. No one notices how great the rest of the face looks because of the... READ MORE

This is the worst decision I have ever made! I was told by a plastic surgeon during a consult prior to the procedure that Radiesse is wonderful for dark hollow circles under the eye. I was not ever informed about the overall risk nor given a preliminary skin test. Alsmost immediately upon the... READ MORE

Had Restylane injections and loved it. It lasted about 6 months for me. Decided to try Radiesse. Heard it would last 12-18 months. Had 1 syringe with very bad swelling and bruising. Went back 2 weeks later for another syringe for more volume. Less swelling and bruising with the second syringe.... READ MORE

I had Radiess done twice by two different doctors in my nasolabial fold. One charged 700 for a full syringe one charged 900. I got NO results at all either time. At first it looks nice because your a little swollen but it goes down in a day. It was not worth my time. I guess we all have to... READ MORE

Just turned 30 and am starting to see signs of drooping and aging. I haven't tried any fillers or botox so I was a little scared. It helps to do your research, I went to a variety of different places for consults to see which one I liked best. I'm glad I did my research. I started... READ MORE

I was feeling like my lower face was starting to sag a bit. I had Dr. J at Northwest dermatology inject Radiesse filler around the smile lines approximately two weeks ago.  The injection itself was not painful and I saw immediate visible results with improved volumizing of my cheeks... READ MORE

I received Radiesse in my lower face area (nasolabial folds and around corners of my mouth) last September, nearly a year ago. I had previously had Juvederm in the nasolabial folds but never had anything done to the corners of my mouth. I had slight depressions but not super deep folds. (I'm... READ MORE

Radiesse was thought to be a best option in terms of quantity and cost, and due to the amount of filler (a full tube) and it's viscosity, it took over 8 days to alleviated redness and did cause some broken veins, adding to the initial problem of lines around nose and mouth. Veins were... READ MORE

After painful time with restylene + 2 med spas,found doc who used ++ numbing creme + lidocane with Radiesse. Little pain great results SO HAPPY. No after care needed, numbing cream, ice pack, lidocane, massaged my face for even distribution. So, THIS is how its supposed to be! A little sore... READ MORE

I was a bit nervous at first since I read some negative reviews but my experience was great. I did bruise for a couple of weeks but no pain or bumps. I had my marionette lines done and I love the results. Will definately do it again and possibly other areas of my face. READ MORE

I had never had it done before and was scared because of some of the reviews about Radiesse. They held up a mirror as they were putting in the Radiesse so I would be able to see the real time results. They injected Radiesse at my jaw line to correct the "parenthesis" around my... READ MORE

I had my cheeks and jowls injected. My doc said my skin was thick, so it would take a lot to do it. Consequently, I had three vials, $900 for the first and 600 and 600. It looked pretty good, although I probably could have used another vial. It stayed the same for the first three months and then... READ MORE

I am 44 years old. i wanted to restore some volume loss in my cheeks and lower part of my face. i recieved 1 vial of radiesse 4 weeks ago in my cheeks.i was immediately pleased with the results. my injector wanted to wait 4 weeks for the product to settle before touching up my cheeks and... READ MORE

I had my cheeks and folds done with a syringe and the results were fantastic. I had one small bruise that resolved in a few days, but other than that everything was quite smooth. READ MORE

I had it done in my nose and the first injection went in perfect. Then he injected it in another part of my nose and badly overfilled it and now I'm stuck with it in there. I hope it doesn't last the 18 months they say it does (Currently it looks like i got punched and my nose swelled on... READ MORE

I had one vial divided between my two marionette lines. The NP mixed it with Lidocaine and I felt no pain ever. The first day I looked like the Joker. The second day I looked like Marlon Brando from "The Godfather" with bruising. By the end of the week the bruises and swelling were... READ MORE

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