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This FDA-approved injectable gel temporarily adds volume to the face to reduce moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. How long does Radiesse last? Expect about six months of increased smoothness.
Average Price: $950

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I did Radisse injections (one vial) done with Selena at the Medical Procedures center in Midland MI for my nasolabial and lines around mouth. The results went down after a week. I looked exactly the same as I looked before the procedure. I called Selena today and asked how they can help me... READ MORE

Late 20s female. I recently lost about 25 lbs and got myself in shape. Although I did so over a 6 mos time span, I had noticeable fat loss in my tear trough/mid face area/naso-labial area. I am only 28 but the sunken appearance where fat had been was distressing enough that I sought out a PS... READ MORE

I am very satisfied with the results of Radiesse for cheeks. My cheeks became very smooth and feels full. My husband and I also recognize the changes. It's really amazing, I am very satisfied with issuing a few thousand dollars, I do not get the pain at all and look younger. READ MORE

I am very experienced in cosmetic procedures without looking like I am. This time I made a mistake. I became overly comfortable with my Dr. and became chatty about kids etc. Should have kept my eye or mirror on the ball! I had Radiesse one time before. I had it on my nasal lines down to my mouth... READ MORE

I was troubled by excessive crows feet, hollow under eye area & over all tired looking appearance. A little background:  I am pretty conservative when it comes to improving my looks or having any work done.  At 42 years old, I finally considered getting a little... READ MORE

Loss of volume after weight loss. After a successful weight loss I had concerns regarding the loss of to much volume in the facial area.  I saw Dr. Ringler to inquire about fillers.  He recommended Radiesse.  I am so pleased with my result.  It gave me my youthful look back. READ MORE

I had marionette lines and indentation from cystic acne. Dr Brooks did a good job injecting me with Radiesse, the only problem is it didn't last very long for me. 2 months- if that..Other than that, he was very understanding, accommodating. Just wish the Radiesse would've lasted as... READ MORE

I am 63 years old and have gotten to the stage where I look tired even when I am not. Dr. Lepore injected Radiesse into my cheek and pre jowl area and it lifted and sculpted my face, especially the under eye area. My under eye bags are gone! Now I never look tired, and I definitely don't... READ MORE

Two days ago I had Radiesse for the hollowness under my eyes. So far my experience is GREAT (thank you God). I am 33 and I should of done this years ago! For me no matter how rested I was I still had dark circles. For the first time in my life I don't see the hollowness (and it was bad) and... READ MORE

Had my cheekbones and chin done yesterday. Looks amaizing. Little/minimul pain. Tiny bit of swelling and a little tiny bruise on chin but other than that it looks great (a little concealer covered bruise)Will definatly do it again. READ MORE

I just had Radiesse injected to the upper cheeck bone area. I now have a darkened /blueish discolaration in both the eye areas that extends from the inner corner of the eye and leads down to the injection point. I want to know if this is going to be permanent? It seems to has gotten worse over... READ MORE

I had injections in the nasal bi-fold area....and was swollen...my whole face...especially the eye area....for months...now i have these peachy/reddish/almost trasparent marks under my eyes that cannot b covered with makeup!! I have read about many many ppl that have these same marks...the... READ MORE

I had 1 1/2 syringes of Radiesse put in my cheeks about 24 hours ago. I'm kinda freaking out because i look like a chipmunk and as of right now I'm totally regretting this. I called my Doctor in a panic and she said it's only swelling and it will go down. I'm hoping she's... READ MORE

Had injection near my nasal folds, 1/2 syringe and developed facial cellitius!! had to go to ER and hospital admitt within 2 days of injection. left side swelled with pain and redness through left side and going up the forhead. had to get iv line of vancomycin. had radiesse before but never had... READ MORE

I just had radiesse yesterday at a medical spa. I used the same nurse that did my restalyn and botox. My face kind of looks flat below her nose and around her mouth in the nasolabial area and when I smile my top lip seems frozen and thin.Restalyn was definetly better for the nasolabial folds... READ MORE

Had one vial around the nasil folds. Went back a month later for my cheek area and more around my month. Absolutely no results! Still waiting for it to kick in and I can look like they said I will. It claims to "help grow collegen"....tick, tock. Thank you all for your... READ MORE

I only wanted to correct my smiles lines, but the place I went puffed up my cheeks instead of correcting the lines. They are minimized, but the lower sides of my mouth remind me of droopy dog as the sides of my mouth are too puffy. Also, now when I smile it is causing under eye wrinkles... READ MORE

Depending on your body type and genetic background (take a look at your relatives because that is the future of your face too!) this is an amazing option to look your best. I would also like to add that in my case this will not be something I can just have done once every year but rather... READ MORE

I wanted to improve my smile lines so I just did it. I was totally nervous about the shots but it was really not a big deal once it was over. I am very happy with my smile lines now. Definitely read up on radiesse and all the other injectibles out there before you decide on anything and get... READ MORE

I had very prominent nasolabial folds and my cheeks looked droopy. I looked tired/sad all the time. Getting Radiesse (1.5ml syringe) not only changed the way I look, but the way I feel about myself. The injection discomfort was tolerable and took just a few minutes. Also, unlike Restylane that... READ MORE

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