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This FDA-approved injectable gel temporarily adds volume to the face to reduce moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. How long does Radiesse last? Expect about six months of increased smoothness.

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I have had the privilege of first meeting Dr Hopping two years ago. I already had rhinoplasty and cheek implants before with another surgeon in the States. Dr Hopping helped boost my confidence a lot with his skills in applying fillers. More importantly not only is he skilled, he is also very... READ MORE

Please read if you are wanting to get Radiesse to disguise a lump on the bridge of your nose! I got Radiesse injected above and below the hump on my nose to even it out earlier this year (I'd also had it done in July and Sept last year). Overall I was happy with the results as I think it... READ MORE

Radiesse in the checks and smile lines. Dr. Castellano did a wonderful job. If you're considering fillers Dr. Castellano is the best in Tampa Bay. He uses the best technique. I barely had any swelling or bruising. Barely felt any pain during the procedure. The results are very natural and no... READ MORE

I was referred to Dr. Jason Altman for fillers and botox. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but Dr. Altman immediately put me at ease. After discussing what my expectations were, Dr. Altman injected several different areas of my face with Botox and Radiesse. His touch was very gentle and he... READ MORE

I had Restylane fillers done in my marionette lines approx. 3 years ago. Not know what to expect I was a little apprehensive. Well I had a right to be apprehensive. The plastic surgeon that I went to here in Las Vegas did not use a dental block and I felt every injection. Tears were streaming... READ MORE

I had Radiesse injected by Dr. Ringler for my deeper "smile lines." He used a special technique that most have never heard of...Threading. This gave me exactly what I was looking for. Totally natural and a softer, fresh appearance. Dr. Ringler is extremely talented I had no discomfort at all.... READ MORE

Background information: So for quite some time I had been contemplating getting work done on my nose. After perusing through the vast amounts of information regarding Rhinoplasty on the net, it became clear to me that such an intrusive/costly surgery (not to mention the revision rate!) was not... READ MORE

I've had Radiesse injections with Dr. Goodlerner several times with excellent results. I had my cheeks and nasal labial folds done and it looks great. Dr. Goodlerner not only is an artist with fillers, she has a very gentle hand and I swear, it is not painful. I would highly recommend her services. READ MORE

Im turning 40 & had Restylene injections last year with a great MD w/ great results. I was unable to get in to see him before I am leaving for vacation so I had to find another MD to get fillers before my trip. I found a great MD closer to my home but didn't offer Restylene so opted to go for... READ MORE

The PA did no pre op teaching. Did not explain any postop care! I went to Costco shooping and I should have gone home a applied ice and reclined. I also put pressure on my tx area to slow the bruising this is a big nono. I look comical. I did not want any in my lips but appparently got i in... READ MORE

Growing up I've always felt self conscious about having a recessed chin. I did my research and found Dr Klein on real self. This was the first time that I've ever used fillers and I can say that dr Klein is good at what she does. I did bruise for a week or so but once the swelling and bruising... READ MORE

Today I had Radiesse injected to my cheeks, imediatelly I wasn't able to move one side of my mouth like I had facial paralysis! I freaked out because my daughter is getting married in a month! And now I think that trying to look better on the wedding day, I will look terrible! The person that... READ MORE

I'm 38 years old and in the past year I realized that the more I worked out, the more gaunt my face looked. I love the way my body looks when I'm eating well and working out however my face began to look skinny and hollowed out. My doctor recommended radiesse and after a long conversation I... READ MORE

I have been going to Dr. Christine Rodgers office for several years now having intermittent Botox injections, Radiesse filler and most recently trying a laser treatment for my face. The Radiesse procedure is minimally painful and the results were immediately beautiful! I left the office with a... READ MORE

I have had Radiesse and botox several times in the past with the results ranging from "waste of time and money" to "Definitely worth it." What I came to realize is that the key to great Radiesse results was finding a doctor that had a talent for injecting Radiesse and, as cheesy as it may... READ MORE

I had a skin graft that didn't take leaving me with a hole in my nose. A different Doctor did an operation that helped, but there still was a dent in my nose. I have had 2 injections and the results have been great. My Mohs procedure was done without a pathologist being present, and I think... READ MORE

I've been wanting to try a filler ever since I started noticing my cheeks and nasolabial folds getting more hollow looking over the past few years. Now with my 40th birthday coming up I decided to finally try it. I was so nervous that something might go wrong, but that is part of why I chose... READ MORE

I had facial fillers and botox and I could not be happier! Dr. D and his staff are all very attentive and knowledgeable. From the minute I walked into the elegantly decorated office, I felt like I was a V.I.P. Dr. D took his time to answer my questions and made me feel like an old friend. I... READ MORE

My Story: With my wedding anniversary approaching I felt it was time for a little 'fix me up' . I'd been contemplating certain facial procedures for a while now & finally worked up the courage to go after reading and seeing so many other women who have had fillers with good results...my goal... READ MORE

In October '09 I had one vial of Radiesse used on my face. My dr said I am not ready for a facelift - yet - and hopefully never! :) I had my jowlettes done, N/L's, and marionette lines filled in - I just turned 60 in Dec. and I love it when no one believes me! It did take 10 years off my face... READ MORE

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