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This FDA-approved injectable gel temporarily adds volume to the face to reduce moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. How long does Radiesse last? Expect about six months of increased smoothness.

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So I'm a pretty vain guy: I work out, try and eat right most of the time, and generally care what I look like. I've known Jason from his days in NYC where he practiced on friends, and they all had rave reviews. I've tried to keep the process natural, but Jason gave me a lot of information on a... READ MORE

Dr. Silverman injected me with Botox, Radiesse and Restylane and I am very displeased with the quality of his work. I am now black and blue for weeks with little, if any, results. My bruising is awful. Dr. Silverman is a very uncaring and unprofessional M.D. He had made horrible comments to... READ MORE

I first visited Dr. Eviatar at Chelsea Eye several years ago for some minor filler and botox. He did a perfect job, everything was subtle and natural and I looked great. I scheduled my next visit without any hesitation, but for timing reasons saw Lynn Wojton, an RN who also works at this... READ MORE

Of course with dark skin I was concerned with what was safe. I wanted a fresher look I was given options in great detail. I tried Restalyne and had a SUPER effect! I looked years younger instantly without any problems. Dr. M.and staff are the best out there they are personable and lighthearted... READ MORE

I absolutely love Cape Fear Aesthetics... Dr. Dickerson is the bomb com . I received Radiesse for folds around the mouth & Xeomin for frown lines between the eyebrows. Everyone was very friendly and professional. The procedure was quick, painless and I saw results immediately and they... READ MORE

Dr. Kevin Sadati was so amazing! He knew I wanted the filler to look natural, as though I had nothing done and mission accomplished! He was so professional during the procedure and consultation. He really is an artist and I highly recommend him to those seeking natural beauty. The staff was... READ MORE

Have another account on real self under Azteca305. As soon as I hit the BIG 40, it was time to stop wishing & start working on that body & appearance I always wished for. I'm about 4 months post-op (5 procedures). Now, I'm concerned with the fine lines under my eyes that are starting to become... READ MORE

If you are looking for a Dr you can trust to help you become the beautiful you you know you can be then look no further. Dr Castellano is amazing!! I was very nervous and he walked me through every step of my visit and made me feel completely comfortable. I am THRILLED with my results!!! From... READ MORE

I have been coming to Dr. Eviatar for several years for botox, facial filler and am always very happy with the level of care I receive and his expertise is why I wouldn't trust anyone else for these treatments. The results are always great and natural looking. Natasha and the staff always make... READ MORE

Je remercie le dr dana khuthaila pour son professionalisme et sa douceur je n ai pas eu de bleu des toutes petites douleurs sur mes jouesqui se sont estompes en deux jours le resultat a ce jour est somptueux je n ai que des compliments sur ma bonne mine merci pour ce beau travailintervention sur... READ MORE

After losing a considerable amount of weight, I finally had achieved the body that I always wished I’d had; however, my face took such a beating—from the fat loss—that friends were concerned for my health. I was in the best shape of my life and I did not look healthy. I went to an... READ MORE

I had a very pleasant experience. Though I was a little nervous the atmosphere was very calm yet professional. I was informed what the options were as well as what Dr. Pawar thought was the best plan for me, but the decision was left up to me as to what I felt comfortable with and the desired... READ MORE

Hello everyone, My experience with Radiesse was initially rewarding and now has turned to one of regret. Before starting Radiesse, I always thought my cheek area was hollow. I went to my local plastic surgeon, who is extremely talented, to voice my concerns about my appearance. He said that I... READ MORE

I was motivated to contact Skinology from an Ad they posted on Kijiji. The Ad was originally advertising Juvederm Ultra. When I called I spoke to Elka at the 'Call Center' for Skinology, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Elka redirected me to a product called Radiesse. I attended, the injector was Alla... READ MORE

I have been delighted with all the procedures Dr. Buchanan has performed. I lost several inches where I wanted with the Zerona treatment. My injectables have been very successful, in fact at a Kentucky Derby party last Saturday evening, a close friend asked if I had plastic surgery recently,... READ MORE

I'm 36 and have been teetering with the same 15lbs for many years. Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down and sometimes I'm in the middle trying to lose it. My weight shows in my face. Not a fat face, but it's the first place people can tell if I'm losing/gaining. My nasolabial folds have been... READ MORE

Terrible experience. The injector did not inform me that I even had a choice to try, for the first time, try try a filler that is HA based, which has an antidote or Radiesse, which has not antidote for its effects. The injector did not, as I learned later, approach me with any form of an... READ MORE

Injectable fillers for my nasolabial folds (smile lines). I am only 27 and have had them since I was little and have seen MANY doctors (in both New York & London, UK) and always ended up looking like I had fat chipmunk cheeks after they gave me fillers. Dr. Asaria was amazing, so gentle, and I... READ MORE

Being in my 30s, I started to notices wrinkles and lines, tired looking eyes and face. So, I first searched for a Plastic Surgeon to do some Botox. I looked up many websites, and finally came across Divino Plastic Surgery. What impressed me, was the level of content, the team and Dr. Chacon's... READ MORE

All of my life I've been teased for having a cleft chin. My family and friends would constantly poke fun of me for it. This make me very self-conscious, especially since it is considered a masculine trait. Once I saved enough money, I had a radiesse injection to reduce the cleft. I had the... READ MORE

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