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This FDA-approved injectable gel temporarily adds volume to the face to reduce moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. How long does Radiesse last? Expect about six months of increased smoothness.
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Dr. Klein had originally introduced me to Radiesse to help improve my acne scars. My original treatment lasted close to 16 months. I like the idea that Radiesse injection is not a harmful foreign substance, but it “safely promotes the growth of my own collegan. The calcium phosphate ions... READ MORE

I've been a patient of Dr.Kliens for 4 yrs so picking a doctor I could trust was easy for this procedure. Always on the cutting edge, Dr. Klien is highly trained in administering filler. Now using pain ease numbing spray makes preparation for the procedure too easy! Loved that there was no... READ MORE

1.5cc of Radiesse per mid-face cheeks. I saw youtube videos of surgeons and online wesbites indicating the filler to be injected superficially and fanned at angles, thus I expected my surgeon to do such. He did the opposite and inserted the needle straight through my cheeks until the needle hit... READ MORE

The first time I had Radiesse injected was two years ago. I am 42 and am told I look good for my age, but wanted some softening of the nasal labial folds on my face. One vial was used and it looked great and lasted a year. I had Radiesse injected again in April 2012 by the same office but a... READ MORE

I went to a top Beverly Hills PS for tear troughing. Although we agreed on Juvederm during our consult, his 'aesthetician' recommended Radiesse. I agreed as I assumed it was another brand of hyaluronic acid. The procedure and it's potential risks were never discussed. It was done via... READ MORE

Had radiesse injections on August 24th, 12 for nasiolabial lines. The doctor used lidociane first then injected 0.8cc of radiesse on each side. Two days later I developed what he called "shingles" on the right side next to my nose. I was treated with antiviral and antibiotics. I now have... READ MORE

Pros: price is reasonable. Cons: Everything else. *no assistant while doing the injection. Thus no one press the injection spots while he replenish the syringe. I have blood flowing down my entire face. *unlike my previous doctor, he didnt massage the area to min bumps n no one hand me ice... READ MORE

Review for Dr. Elizabeth Lee: This is a review in praise of Dr. Elizabeth Lee. I had wanted surgery for the bags under my eyes, as well as lip filler to counter act the thinning and signs of age which I was not ready to accept. My previous year had been trying, my face worse for... READ MORE

Since I'm very thin and have lost a lot of the underlying fat in my face as I've aged, Dr. Raskin suggested that Radiesse might be what I need to look as I did. She explained how she felt that my cheekbones needed to be highlighted again as well as extending the Radiesse upward into the temporal... READ MORE

I went to the Doctor because I'm 34 and wanted to start "maintaining" what I have to avoid any drastic procedure in the future. I was thinking to do Juvederm in my frown line between the eyes. Also I asked her what I could do for my little chin. Because I'm trying to conceive I didn't want... READ MORE

I was into my aged years and after going through an emotional and traumatic loss, I looked a mess with worry lines and deep wrinkles between my eyes and lips, and parenthesis upper and lower of mouth. The procedures were painless and I had only a of day of a little bruising and puffiness. During... READ MORE

I had Radiesse fillers done 2 days ago I really like the result the first day. The next day I couldnt see a thing. I had very minimal swelling and a small bruise. My cheeks look the same as they did before. I feel i just wasted my money on something that is not noticeable at all. Very upset. Im... READ MORE

Do not get this filler!  I had it injected into my naso-labial folds in July of 08 and within a few days I developed huge red hives at the injection sites which  gradually went away but left small tiny visible veins.  A few weeks later large acne type granulomas appeared which had... READ MORE

I've been obtaining services from Dr. David Magilke at the Portland Laser Surgery Center. I'm a 58 year old woman with pretty good skin (very few wrinkles). What I'm doing is just a subtle filler to lift my cheeks and restore the "apples". The procedure is quick and easy and shows immediate... READ MORE

I LOVE MY CHEEKS. Dr. Berkowitz used Radiesse to plump up my sunken cheeks and the procedure only took minutes. Did it hurt? Of course, but only for a few days. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Did anyone notice? Not that I had a procedure, but everyone said how good I look; rested, refreshed,... READ MORE

He has my adult acne under control and has skillfully injected my "imperfections" with Radiesse. READ MORE

Does not gives a smooth appearance to the face. Does gives you a good preview if you are planning to get a permanent chin or cheek augmentation. But, it's really not worth the trouble and the money. I suffered from too much radiesse. It looks unnatural. I prefer Juvi over Radiess. Would never do... READ MORE

Yes, it was relatively painless, marionette lines gone. yet instead of everyone seeing my marionette lines they can now stare at the redness which is till there on both sides after 4 weeks,. I was given Apexicon Cream to put on twice a day and still the redness persists. It is so embarrassing. I... READ MORE

I'm a 31 yr old african american whose lost weight more times than I like due to stress. During the recent lost I lost volume in my face causing flat cheeks. Three weeks ago I received my first syringe. It was added in my upper cheek area near my eye and in my mid cheek area. She numbed me with... READ MORE

Had Radiesse filler about a week & a half ago & still their is excessive swelling above my check bone. However, I can feel the calcified product .It seems that their was way to much product injected in that area I'm scheduled for another re-check in another week .Very very... READ MORE

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