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WORTH IT RATING based on 602 reviews
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This semi-permanent injectable adds volume to faces and fills in wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. Radiesse lasts longer than hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane.
Average Price: $950

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I'm 45 and had my nasolabial folds filled with Radiesse. This was the first filler I'd had, and after much research I decided to trust a very experienced injector. I experienced swelling on both sides of my mouth for 2-3 days and bruising on 1 side. One side of my mouth is amazing, and... READ MORE

So far I am very pleased with the Radiesse for volumizing the upper cheek area and tear through (NOT right under the eye). I had had Perlane in the same area before and thought that was o.k. but in my case the Perlane seemed more streaky and self contained to the touch while the Radiesse seemed... READ MORE

I started with the Ultherapy which is the latest "WOW" procedure to strongly stimulate the collagen, to provide a lift, as well as skin tightening. I am 55 years old and started noticing a loss of elasticity, and loose skin to my face. This procedure was then followed by the filler... READ MORE

I hated looking in the mirror. I am just over 40 and since I was in my 20's couldn't my cheeks started to show depressions in them. I felt it aged me very much. My skin looks pretty good by my cheeks just bothered me to the point I didn't want to be in pictures. I am getting married... READ MORE

First to dissolve juvederm from a doctor that really did a horrible job! Then to reconstruct the sagging skin from too much juvederm that the first Dr injected. This was a process, but each time I visited Dr. Shino Bay's office I felt right at home. Now- I feel better than ever!!! Pics... READ MORE

I used a physicians assistant the first time I got Radiesse to reduce jowl and fine lines around my mouth, the physicians assistant insisted injecting the cheek area would work better for fine lines around my mouth, turns out it was a big dissapointment. I used the physicians assistant to save a... READ MORE

As a middle-aged woman, my cheeks were losing volume, one side more than the other. The Radiesse in my cheeks makes me look and feel younger and healthier. I no longer feel queasy when I look in a mirror. I now like what I see. If the Radiesse lasts for a year, as it is supposed to, I believe it... READ MORE

Dr. Choe did a terrible job on me in December 2011 and after the 1.5 radiesse injection, my face did not look like I had even gotten radiesse. I looked the same and I began to question whether he had even injected radiesse or not, eventhough they charged me a non-refundable fee of $495. I... READ MORE

Pro: Looks natual. Bring back the youthfulness on my face. Con: Needs touch up in 6-12 months. Being in my late 30s, I was wanting to smooth out some wrinkles and give a little lift to my face.  I didn't want to look "overdone" though.  I decided to try Dr. Joe for my... READ MORE

After noticing aging on my face, I wanted to look younger without surgery. Radiesse did the trick and has lasted over a year each time I have gotten it.I don't see any cons to getting injectibles if the procedure is done by a doctor who is competent. Dr. Placik is absolutely the best plastic... READ MORE

I went to doctor yesterday expecting to get Restalyne in nasolabial folds (which I'd had several times before) but she convinced me to have Radiesse in midface as well as some in the folds. She put some Emla on the areas ahead of time to numb them and also used lidocaine in the syringe. I... READ MORE

November 10, 2011 I too had fillers in the tear trough area. 12 weeks later i'm still having hit and miss days. I wake up praying that it will be wonderful or at lest less puffy and some days it is, others not so. They say ive gotten edemia from it,and only time will it improve, "Lucky... READ MORE

I had Radiesse injected under my eyes and it easily took 10 years off my appearance. I also had Juvederm in my lips and corners of my mouth and it's barely noticable, hardly worth it, and it feels "hard" under my skin. I will get the Radiesse again, doubtful on the Juvederm. READ MORE

I wanted to look like me, just a younger version. I was nervous about having the injections, but from my experience with Dr. Bass, I am definitely planning to have Radiesse injected by him again. I recommend him very highly! The Radiesse he did for me was incredible. I look refreshed but not... READ MORE

After doing some research on Radiesse, and upon the recommendation of the facility to fill in the cheeks, etc., I decided to go for it.  After reading all of these posts, it became quite evident that it was important to choose the correct MD.  Then, prior to the procedure stop all ASA,... READ MORE

I would highly recommend going to Celibre Medical Center in Torrance, Ca, I have had many treatments done at the clinic consisting of the following: Lasers for acne scars (Erbium and Aramis), cosmelan (for Rosacea and skin brightening), fillers (Radiesse, Botox, and Restylane). I must say Lori... READ MORE

I did Radisse injections (one vial) done with Selena at the Medical Procedures center in Midland MI for my nasolabial and lines around mouth. The results went down after a week. I looked exactly the same as I looked before the procedure. I called Selena today and asked how they can help me... READ MORE

Late 20s female. I recently lost about 25 lbs and got myself in shape. Although I did so over a 6 mos time span, I had noticeable fat loss in my tear trough/mid face area/naso-labial area. I am only 28 but the sunken appearance where fat had been was distressing enough that I sought out a PS... READ MORE

I am very satisfied with the results of Radiesse for cheeks. My cheeks became very smooth and feels full. My husband and I also recognize the changes. It's really amazing, I am very satisfied with issuing a few thousand dollars, I do not get the pain at all and look younger. READ MORE

I am very experienced in cosmetic procedures without looking like I am. This time I made a mistake. I became overly comfortable with my Dr. and became chatty about kids etc. Should have kept my eye or mirror on the ball! I had Radiesse one time before. I had it on my nasal lines down to my mouth... READ MORE

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