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WORTH IT RATING based on 244 reviews
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The full tuck's little sister that gives you half the scar but yields far less results. LEARN MORE ›
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14 years ago I had to have an emergency c-section and needless to say cosmetics were not what the doctors were concerned about and rightly so. (My daughter is fine btw :) ). Anyway, I had also lost about 40lbs after I stopped having babies and I got very fit (18% body fat, marthon runner,... READ MORE

First of all... I've lost a little over 100 pounds on my own in about 11 months. I've maintained and worked hard after hitting goal weight in order to tone up what has been stretched out for so long. I'm 22 married with a two year old. I've been very discouraged after toning everything and still... READ MORE

I am 5ft 6 inches 146lbs..mother of three kids.(7/5/1) Opting for a mini tt,lipo to contour my midsection.Although my ps felt i could be a candidate for a full Tt.honestly very apprehensive about the recovery with opted for a mini tt instead.I am hoping that im doing the right thing... READ MORE

Went to Dr Bloch for a tummy tuck, and he convinced me to go for a mini instead....the results were look like I didn't have anything done! When I expressed how disappointed I was, he said he was disappointed in the results too, but he was happy to re-do the my... READ MORE

Hello ladies, I've been lurking this site for months but didn't want to tell my story until I was close to my date. Well l'm a 41 year old mother of two handsome, wonderful young men. I've been toying around with the idea of getting a tummy tuck for years. Last December I finally decided to go... READ MORE

So surgery is in two days! I am nervous but scared at the same time. This site really helped me learned about the process of healing which I must say was a bit more then I had expected. I took all my questions to my PS today and she answered them and drew a diagram on my tummy to show me exactly... READ MORE

Fridays the big day and I'm really feeling like I'm about to go in delivery. I'm just ready to get this done and over with. Lipo on tummy tuck...may The Lord be with me, I took 10days off to recovery. I previously had lipo by the same doctor, I loved my... READ MORE

I am a forty year old mother of four children all born via c-section. I have a petite frame, 5'2 and 108, and my big babies (two nine pounders) did a number on my abs. My fourth child was born seven years ago. I had placenta accreta during my last pregnancy which resulted in a three and a half... READ MORE

I am having a mini TT and BA in 3 1/2 weeks and am nervous! Can any one share any insight on their recovery, outcome, and whether it was well worth it?? I guess I need reassurance:). Will my upper stomach look different in comparison to my lower? When can I work again? I have twin 2 1/2 year... READ MORE

I have had 3 c-sections. I am 32 and 5 ft4' and 125lbs. I gained as much As 70lbs with my pregnancies. I have very lose skin below my belly botton that hangs over my scar. I am in great shape and am sick of hiding. I have significant stretch marks mainly below belly button. I have been very... READ MORE

I am 35 years old and I have had four children via cesarean section. It has changed my body drastically. I had my first two children during my mid-twenties, and my body bounced back to its pre-pregnancy shape within 3-5 months. I had my third child, in late 2009,when I was 32 years old. It felt... READ MORE

Hello! I am a 46 year old woman with a 14 yo daughter. After many years of hiding my stomach with shame I decided to take the plunge and get a mini tt!! I got so sick of always sucking in my gut and whenever I sat down I always made sure I had either my jacket still on or hid my stomach behind... READ MORE

I had several abdominal surgeries including a Csection that left me with a belly roll right under my belly button that was very unflattering. I excerised but it still didn't go away. After several years of thinking of doing a tummy tuck I just decided to go for it. I was tired of my clothes... READ MORE

So far I think it was definitely worth it! After my 2nd pregnancy my body was almost back to normal, only I had loose, stretched skin below my belly button and no amount of core work was going to make it go away. Day of surgery: I was in some pain right after surgery. I had muscle... READ MORE

Really sacrificed ... And recommend to him....very happy.... And the best thing he could ever done... Great best side manger .. And instant contract with patient ............. And I would recommend to any friends and my customer ...............and nursing staff is superior caring and go beyond... READ MORE

I had lipo on my pubic mons but not happy with the results, new PS said he can do a monsplasty...anyone just have this done ? is it similiar to a mini - tummy tuck? having lipo on upper abs for the second time and hips ,already spent $8200 on two lipo procedures now I am going to another PS on... READ MORE

My Name is Fernanda; I am an employee and also a patient of Dr Okpaku. I work with Dr Okpaku for almost 4 years now and I had my surgery 2 months ago (mini tummy tuck, liposuction and beltectomy). During all this time, I had the opportunity to know the work of this wonderful doctor! I say this... READ MORE

A little background; I'm a 28 year old mother of 3. I'm 5'5 and currently weight 164 lbs. Three years ago I had traditional lipo on my entire stomach and was told my skin elasticity was good so I should not have an issue with loose skin. After having the lipo my skin didn't retract as I expected... READ MORE

I did go to a couple other consultations but dr ross answered every question i had about getting a mini tummy tuck i had the horrible pooch after two pregnancies and no workout was ever going to work he gave me options like getting a full tummy tuck or just removing the extra skin below my belly... READ MORE

45 yo, 5'6", 145 lbs, divorced with 2 kids. I've always had a tummy pooch & pregnancy / years have made it worse. Planning to have liposuction of abdomen / flanks / outer & inner thighs. Considering a skin-excision only mini tummy tuck too on basis of dr's recommendation. Concerns about... READ MORE

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