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When it comes to this procedure, keep your eyes on the belly button. A mini tummy tuck focuses on the belly from below the button to the pubic area; in a traditional tuck, all of the abdomen is at play. The mini may be used to address C-section scarring in women with very little loose skin. LEARN MORE ›
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I used to be a model/actress after having to darling little girls I lost my beautiful tummy and confidence every where I go people think Im a model or famous actress it hurts my heart to say no I used to be a model My family and friends dont want me to have the procédure I have faith in god he... READ MORE

My poor body had been through a great deal. C-section, tumor removal, total abdominal hysterectomy over the past 12 years. Two keloid scars had formed and dragged my tummy down. I couldn't sleep on my stomach any more and I hated my stomach. I went to see Dr. Lyle to ask for one procedure... READ MORE

I'm 47, done having kids and have tried everything to get rid of "The Roll" that sits on my lap. So I finally did it...scheduled my surgery. A Christmas gift from me to me :) Very excited and extremely nervous. I'm also having lipo around the hips, which I've been told is usually done together?... READ MORE

Just the lower apron gone. When I went for a consultation, he said I would need a full tummy tuck. Then starts to point out everything else he thought that was wrong with me. I went home crying that day thinking he was right. But he's wrong, he seemed to me he's just in it for the money, why... READ MORE

Hi! I'm 42 years old, fit (workout/watch what I eat) 5'4, 130 lbs. For the longest time, I've been considering a tummy tuck to remove the flabby/loose skin. I have a flat tummy, but when I sit my loose skin is extremely noticeable, the skin just hangs and it's very loose. I had liposuction... READ MORE

I recently had a mini tummy tuck plus lipo to my abdominal area. The issue was loose skin caused by having two babies over 9lbs. As we all know, even the most stringent exercise and diet programme will do nothing whatsoever for loose skin so my only option was surgery. I had previously had a... READ MORE

Hey everyone !! Ok so this is my first time writing a review for this website. I always read reviews but never updated or made my own profile . I enjoy reading plastic surgery stories and seeing before and after pictures . Hopefully early 2015 I will be getting my surgery . I am 25yr / 5'3 /... READ MORE

Dr. Chang is the sweetest doctor ever her bedside manor is amazing however her skill set and technique is NOT she left fat deposits on the left side of my ab and after my procedure my blood was never tested and 2 days latter found out I had a blood clot she was out of the country on vacation... READ MORE

Yesterday was my mini tummu tuck and lipo of the flanks,and inner and outter tbighs. I am sore but tolerable...I am taking my pain meds as instructed..I have walked to the bathroom..which by the way I purchased the best garment from marena.forgive the spelling..anyway I'm happy And can't wait to... READ MORE

It is SO easy to sing the praises of Dr. Christine Rodgers and her team for my recent tummy tuck. Where do I begin? How about at the beginning and with complete honesty? Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee, as this is going to be written in a way that I like to be informed; detailed. ; ... READ MORE

I have PIP Implants, had them in 5th march 2004 Ive had pain in my joints for a few years and its getting worse. I'm having my pip implants replaced and a mini tuck in 2 weeks time. Dr robin van look in Antwerp with lets face it together. Ill be flying from gatwick to brussels staying at the... READ MORE

I decided to see about what could be done about my tummy 28 years later after having children (2) and went and talked with my ps and he decided a mini tt and lipo, he cut and re sutured my bb 2 cm lower and did not need to do muscle repair as my muscles did not have separation. I loved my tummy... READ MORE

Two months ago I walked into dr. Navin Singh's office in Chevy chase after doing some research and finding him as a Top doctor here in the metropolitan area! Well top doctor is very humbly put. I think of him as an angel that was sent down to help me get through two years of torture that I can... READ MORE

Well, basically to start with I wana see my belly button !!! through my whole life I had never had seen it ever ! my skin is not that wrinkled but I got this flap of my upper tummy lying over my belly button and that is my WORST part I just want to look normal so afraid of pain Post Op , I... READ MORE

Hi! I am thinking about getting a Mini tummy tuck! I am 24 years old, 5'3 125lbs. I have breast implants which I am so happy about! But there is more that needs fixing! From ages 15-22 I lost 70 pounds! My breasts were small and deflated (hence implants) now my tummy has some extra skin from... READ MORE

The staff was unprofessional, extremely rude, and unfriendly in my particular case. I actually had the young front desk clerk, who was new to the office, tell me I didn't need to have the procedure done when she looked at my before pictures and was about to take my after pictures. She also said... READ MORE

Hi Ladies My surgery is in 10 days I am having some lipo around belly button and upper abs as well as a skin removal below the belly button. I have had 3 breast augmentations all under General Anesthesia. I am very scared. I have lost around 80 pounds I have had 3 kids 24,22,16 and Two grandsons... READ MORE

I was highly motivated to have the scar tissue removed from my C-section scar. With the guidance of Dr. Roland and his team, we decided on a mini tummy tuck. I'm a very squeamish patient, but Dr. Roland's bedside manner kept me calm, leading up to and through the procedure. The first week after... READ MORE

I'm both excited and apprehensive, have not had the surgery yet. I'm wondering about compression garments, recovery time, what the outcome will be. . . So many things. Having had 2 c-sections, and a double mastectomy with reconstruction, I feel ready for the pain, and really hope for a speedy... READ MORE

I am so unbelievably happy. I am a nurse and a mom of three. I had lost my baby weight and had a lower belly bulge that I could not get rid of. I am 5 days Post-op and im wearing a binder. I had a muscle repair and lipo to upper belly and waist area. My belly already looks so much better and... READ MORE

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