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WORTH IT RATING based on 234 reviews
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The full tuck's little sister that gives you half the scar but yields far less results. LEARN MORE ›
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Ok i had mine done last thursday jan 14th. so far so good im off all wk from work and cant drive but i have plenty of help. 1st few days were painful but its worth it. im swollen there but he took out some fluid yesterday and i go back to work on monday and go see him after again. i work out... READ MORE

I have had two children. I had my first one when I was 18 and ever since then my stomach has been outta shape and was way to embarrassed to wear bathing suits or anything that would show my stomach. So I decided it was time to do something about it. I had a tummy tuck almost 3 months ago and... READ MORE

To minimize the appearance of loose skin and stretch marks after two pregnancies. I am only one week post surgery, but I can already see that the results will not meet my expectations. I had a mini tummy tuck, with lipo and muscle tightening, plus a hernia repair. I decided not to go... READ MORE

Looking forward to saying goodbye to the excess fat that has lived on my tummy for my entire life, regardless of my weight, and the fat that has accumulated on my upper abdomen since menopause. My doctor recommended a mini TT because I have good muscle tone and good skin elasticity. Someday, I... READ MORE

Hi! I am thinking about getting a Mini tummy tuck! I am 24 years old, 5'3 125lbs. I have breast implants which I am so happy about! But there is more that needs fixing! From ages 15-22 I lost 70 pounds! My breasts were small and deflated (hence implants) now my tummy has some extra skin from... READ MORE

I decided to see about what could be done about my tummy 28 years later after having children (2) and went and talked with my ps and he decided a mini tt and lipo, he cut and re sutured my bb 2 cm lower and did not need to do muscle repair as my muscles did not have separation. I loved my tummy... READ MORE

The staff was unprofessional, extremely rude, and unfriendly in my particular case. I actually had the young front desk clerk, who was new to the office, tell me I didn't need to have the procedure done when she looked at my before pictures and was about to take my after pictures. She also said... READ MORE

Hi Ladies My surgery is in 10 days I am having some lipo around belly button and upper abs as well as a skin removal below the belly button. I have had 3 breast augmentations all under General Anesthesia. I am very scared. I have lost around 80 pounds I have had 3 kids 24,22,16 and Two grandsons... READ MORE

Yesterday was my mini tummu tuck and lipo of the flanks,and inner and outter tbighs. I am sore but tolerable...I am taking my pain meds as instructed..I have walked to the bathroom..which by the way I purchased the best garment from marena.forgive the spelling..anyway I'm happy And can't wait to... READ MORE

I was highly motivated to have the scar tissue removed from my C-section scar. With the guidance of Dr. Roland and his team, we decided on a mini tummy tuck. I'm a very squeamish patient, but Dr. Roland's bedside manner kept me calm, leading up to and through the procedure. The first week after... READ MORE

I'm both excited and apprehensive, have not had the surgery yet. I'm wondering about compression garments, recovery time, what the outcome will be. . . So many things. Having had 2 c-sections, and a double mastectomy with reconstruction, I feel ready for the pain, and really hope for a speedy... READ MORE

I am so unbelievably happy. I am a nurse and a mom of three. I had lost my baby weight and had a lower belly bulge that I could not get rid of. I am 5 days Post-op and im wearing a binder. I had a muscle repair and lipo to upper belly and waist area. My belly already looks so much better and... READ MORE

I decided on a mini TT with muscle tightening because 1- I didn't want that huge full TT scar. 2- I have stretch marks above my belly button and couldn't get rid of them all anyway. 3- Was more interested in a flat stomach than stretch mark free. No matter how much I exercised I could not get... READ MORE

Tomorrow I'm having a mini tummy tuck with smart lipo. I am 5'9" 138lb. I'm super excited to get my body back to pre children. I am a little nervous for the recovery but I know I'm in good hands @ shape cosmetic surgery & Medspa. I was told to bring in my bikini bottoms so Dr lundeby can make... READ MORE

After my third pregnancy, I developed an umbilical hernia and my abdominal (rictus) muscles separated by about 2 inches. Although I lost most of my pregnancy weight, I could not achieve a flat stomach. Had a little bugle in the middle that kept me from looking the same in my clothes as before.... READ MORE

I am 30, was overweight between the ages of 5-17. By the age I was 15 I was 260. After looking at my freshman picture I was disgusted. Then became my transformation. I became active at the gym, jogging regularly. I can say that I became skinny fat, with the loose skin I accumulated. Fast... READ MORE

I'm nervous! I will be going in for a mini tummy tuck with lipo in about 3 weeks. The doctors says I don't need muscle repair because I work out and my muscles are tight. Everything I've read says not to skip the repair.Should I still insist on it???? I have had two children c- section 40 years... READ MORE

As a second time patient of Dr. Codner--I know from the 1st lil touch ups done 9 years ago, that his work is fabulous--very natural. He and his staff are wonderful to work with and truly want to help you achieve the goal of looking better for ourselves. So excited to have 3 different areas "UPdated" READ MORE

I had the procedure done in Aventura, FL by Moises Salama. My situation was very unique bc I had no fat on my stomach but I had loose skin. Dr. Salama and his team treated me like I was important. He listened to my needs and answered all my questions. The procedure went well and I'm thankful... READ MORE

I had a mini tummy tuck with liposuction and liposuction of my thighs and banana roll and Bra fat area. I am thrilled with the result. It is 5 weeks after surgery and I can already see great results. Recovery was very good., 3 days of discomfort, by 3 weeks noticed I felt much much better (... READ MORE

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