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Usually appearing during puberty, gynecomastia refers to when a male grows abnormally large breasts. Despite common misconception, actual breast tissue, not excess fat, is present. As desired, that breast tissue and surrounding skin can be removed through male breast reduction surgery. LEARN MORE ›
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It's been almost a year since my surgery and I've had one painful internal revision and one for the scars that were left on my skin. which seem to have gotten worse. I had this surgery because for a very long time I felt very insecure about my body and it made me feel like if I was less... READ MORE

Hi there recently had a chest reduction (Gynaecomastia) on the 09/3/09. being a bloke could not put up with it anymore i thought it was a good idea regretting right now. my left breast is severely swollen now.It's been a hard few days my left breast is severely swollen to almost double what is... READ MORE

First time i had liposuction, i got little bit satisfied. after one year again july 2009 < one month back> i had breast tissue removed by cutting my niples below part. aorund half of the niple. my niples become puffy, still not flat, scar looks horrible. when i flex, its getting folded. Is... READ MORE

On June 15, I had surgery for my gynecomastia. Tissue was surgecly removed from each breast. I did this because It was embarrassing to be unable to take off my shirt in public or even wear something form fitting. Hello, I reciently had gynecomastia surgery (Mid June) and am having a... READ MORE

I am having Gynecomastia surgery, along with liposuction on my abs and flanks, in two days. I am both excited and nervous. I am excited because I have wanted to have Gynecomastia surgery since I was 16, since before I knew that surgery was even possible. My Gynecomastia appeared when I was 15... READ MORE

The experience I had with Dr. Sullivan and his staff was phenomenal. I had gone to two other plastic surgeons in Boston prior to Meeting with Dr. Sullivan. From the initial consultation I knew that this was the Surgeon I wanted for the procedure. Gynecomastia is something I've had to deal with... READ MORE

Im 44 years old I have battled gynecomastia since I was 12. The embarrassment cost me a lot growing up. Not playing sports. Basketball, baseball. I played football because we wore pads but, then the locker room became the problem so I quit that. I wore big shirts & jackets to try & hide them As... READ MORE

I am a 42 year old man that has dealt with gynecomastia since I was twelve. I was self-conscious about taking off my shirt or wearing thin shirts that accentuated my condition. I had the protruding nipples/areola that were puffy and on display for the whole world to see - or at least that’s... READ MORE

Well I have had Gynecomastia for about 5 years now and ever since it came to my life I have always been uncomfortable with my body. No matter what I would do no matter how conditioned I was the sight of my chest always clouded any progress. I finally said enough was enough and I started to... READ MORE

Following significant weight loss, I had what most doctors would call an extreme case of gynecomastia. I spoke with a few plastic surgeons to see what could be done and I was surprised at how much their recommendations differed. It became clear that Dr. Jacobs truly specializes in the treatment... READ MORE

To make a long story short; growing up I was constantly bullied for my "man boobs." I would constantly wear heavy jackets to cover up. In doing so, people would always question why I would wear it, even though it was a hot day. During a doctor visit, I asked him about it, and what it might be,... READ MORE

I've had gyno half my life and I was finally in a place where I could go forth with finding a surgeon and having surgery. I found Dr. Baxt on realself, googled him, looked at his reviews, looked at the videos he has on youtube and then made an appointment. I went in and spoke with him, he was... READ MORE

One of the nicest people I have ever met. The staff is wonderful and office is remarkably clean and gorgeous. Dr. Johnston honestly changed my life, my surgery went great and I couldn't be happier with my results. The Dr. is sincere, direct, and honest. He was very direct and explained... READ MORE

I was recommended to Dr. Shifrin by Dr. Shay Weber in Murfreesboro, TN. My sister had work done by Dr. Weber so I knew he'd be a great person to ask for referral in Chicago. He was spot on. Dr. Shifrin is very personable and easy to talk to. He knew what I wanted and he went further and... READ MORE

I have struggled all my life with "man boobs" if you shall call it. (Gynecomastia) I heard about Dr. K & from our 1st appointment he & his team were very thorough with all questions and or concerns I had. They we very nice and very professional. Their pricing is responsible. I found that Dr. K... READ MORE

After 20+ years of tolerating my gynecomastia, and coming to realization that no matter how fit I was, the unpleasantness would forever be apart of me, I decided to bite the bullet and have surgery. The procedure itself was painless and recovery was swift. At no time post surgury did I feel the... READ MORE

If you have pseudogynecomastia and want lipo suction then Dr. Koch can do an adequate job. However, if there is glandular tissue that needs to be removed I would highly recommend going elsewhere. As another reviewer said, you might as well go to Toronto or NYC and get it done right the first... READ MORE

A very few might be aware of the term 'gynecomastia', but it is a nightmare for the ones suffering from it! its drains your confidence, boost your self-consciousness thus making your life a bit worse for the one who aint over-confident! hope this review helps my fellow mates suffering from... READ MORE

Can't say enough good things about Dr. Tom Pousti and his staff. I had suffered with gynecomastia since I was 12 years old and it took 26 years for me to finally do something about. Some of the reasons I waited so long : Fear of surgery, cost, and the guilt that I was uncomfortable with... READ MORE

I was suffering from gynecomastia for past 12 years, felt a lot of discomfort and it was really embarrassing to go for swimming with friends or very difficult to take my shirt of in front of my own family members, it became very difficult for me when my friends and colleagues started to make fun... READ MORE

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