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Usually appearing during puberty, gynecomastia refers to when a male grows abnormally large breasts. Despite common misconception, actual breast tissue, not excess fat, is present. As desired, that breast tissue and surrounding skin can be removed through male breast reduction surgery. LEARN MORE ›
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I was motivated to get the surgery because I felt insecure my whole life about having man boobs . I felt like I wasn't confident because of gyno and that affected my personal life as well as my professional life . I didn't want to live with gyno but I had seen a friend get corrective surgery... READ MORE

So I had gynecomastia surgery done 2 weeks ago. I only had breast tissue removed since I developed extra tissue through puberty. My chest looked pretty flat a week after my surgery but it started getting bigger again and went to see my surgeon. He told me that it's filling up with seroma. Now my... READ MORE

I want to compete as body builder in 2015 and I knew I had bad "gyno". (Glands behind the nipples) It started when I went through puberty and over the years it got more and more noticeable. Even when I leaned down the shape of my pecs was noticeably distorted and I was self conscious to say... READ MORE

Had gynecomastia since I was a teenager. Has always been an embarrassment to me and I was always self conscious about them. Having to hide it all the time, not being able to wear t-shirt with ease, not to mention going to the beach or to the pool with friends. I hide my self all these years and... READ MORE

Started getting hard lumps behind my breast at puberty,This hard glandular tissue increased with age and was quite painful and aesthetically unpleasing. A pat on the chest would almost bring me to my knees with acute pain, It also was aggravated more in the winter when it was cold. I read good... READ MORE

I am in my mid twenties. I am a busy chef and was not too careful with diet and gym, so on top of the gynecomastia condition I became overweight, which increased the size of my chest. I decided to be more health conscious and to do something about this problem. I was very... READ MORE

Exactly one month ago yesterday (I'm 4 weeks post-op) I had Gynecomastia surgery performed by Dr. York Yates. From the very first email to my consultation the staff was absolutely wonderful and super friendly including Dr. Yates. I couldn't have asked for a better experience especially with this... READ MORE

I went to this doctor to have a revision done for gynecomastia. Results looked very good for 2-3 weeks after surgery, then went downhill after that time. Many months later, there is absolutely no difference whatsoever. There is no fix for this condition. Surgery only creates scar tissue and... READ MORE

Being slim, physically active and fit I found it frustrating that areas of fat/breast tissue around my pecs would not reduce and in fact were increasing with age. Prior to surgery I had a lot of 'floppy' breast and under arm tissue, and my pec area was becoming pointy and visible beneath... READ MORE

Thank you Dr. Blau. Thank you for giving me my life back. It is very hard to explain all the emotions one goes through when subject to gynecomastia. It can mentally cripple one’s life. Thank you for specializing in the area of gynecomastia. You are changing lives and giving people hope which... READ MORE

He is the nicest, most caring doctor I've ever met - he even takes time during day to answer a call from a patient that has a question.I always feel completely satisfied after my appointment. There are no unanswered questions, doubts, or confusion..................................................... READ MORE

When I was a teenager I noticed that my chest was very different from that of my peers, later I learned that I had condition called gynecomastia. This condition took my confidence away and made me feel left out of many outdoors events for many years because I could not comfortably take my shirt... READ MORE

I have always had excess fat around my chest area and under my arms. It made me feel less masculine and I was teased about it in high school. I was self conscious about taking my shirt off as I felt abnormal. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. Finally, at age 48 I decided to have something... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Kayastha for a gynecomstia procedure. I'm male and it wasn't like I could get a referral from another male friend where to go for the procedure I had done (male breast reduction / gynecomastia). I did some online searching and read some local reviews which led me to Dr. Kayastha... READ MORE

After struggling with this issue for over 10 years and seeing doctors from Boone, Nc to Kingsport to Bristol, I finally found a doctor that I felt was qualified and compassionate enough to truly understand my desire of my body.Dr. Bharti and his staff did an amazing job and now I am no longer... READ MORE

I want to start of by saying that I do like Dr. Koch. While he is certainly an experienced surgeon and very friendly I do feel that he misrepresents himself as an expert of gynecomastia surgery. I was not super impressed with his before and after pictures and was having second thoughts about... READ MORE

Since 2012 I have lost 210 lbs. After putting in so much hard work , working out daily, eating clean, I felt so much better .. but the skin on my cheast dropped and almost made me doubt that losing all this weight was worth it. I made the decision to finally go see Dr Morea and just see what we... READ MORE

This surgery is the best bet for those males who are reasonably sure that the lump on their chest is not fat but they have a condition - medically termed as Gynecomastia. It was a minimally invasive tumescent procedure, perhaps which is the best out there and involved liposuction(for fat... READ MORE

Dr Charanjeev Sobti who is based on East Patel Nagar in new delhi, India carried out the scarless, minimally invasive, local anesthesia based surgery on me in his clinic. This was a revision surgery for me and first surgery was done by a doctor in Delhi who claimed he is the only one who did a... READ MORE

I am out here searching for experience and to help set my mind at ease. I am planning on having gynecomastia surgery in the next few months and am somewhat worried. I have consulted with Dr. Paul S Gill in Houston (The Woodlands), TX and he and his office have definitely helped comfort me. They... READ MORE

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