Male Breast Reduction

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Gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) involves removing tissue, skin, and sometimes fat to give the chest a leaner look. LEARN MORE ›
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I had surgery for bi-lateral gyno. Mine was not evident from just looking at me. I am pretty muscular and the gyno was covering my pectoral regions. I had both the excision of the glands, and lipo as well to clean up the area. Following the surgery I was much sorer than I had anticipated. I... READ MORE

First off I was extremely overweight and was simply told lose the weight by any means necessary. No one tells you about the possibilities of lose skin and it affects you (do not get me wrong I would much rather have had lose skin than be morbidly obese again). Having lose skin turn my chest into... READ MORE

After two years of search, research and reviews reading and consultations from many surgeons, I finally decided to consult Dr JB Ratti of VITAL CLINIC in New Delhi. I had seen many videos on YouTube on Gynaecomastia surgery under local anaesthesia performed by him. Some of the patients had... READ MORE

I have had gynecomastia since I could remember. I used to hear it from the kids at recess in junior high. No matter how much I worked out I still could not get rid of my man boobs. I had this procedure done in June and it's been 5 months since. I can wear tighter fitting clothes and don't have... READ MORE

Male in late 30's who had a major issue taking his shirt off in public and at home for as long as I can remember -Gynecomastia or man boobs as it's called. I had lipo previously to correct and it was a distaster. Visited Dr. Peter Bray for a consultation. I had the surgery and I am extremely... READ MORE

I already had a lower body lift, but I was not entirely satisfied with the result. Dr. Hughes revised the tummy tuck portion of this to lower the scar and take out more loose skin. He also liposuctioned the abdomen, and sides to help out my contours. I also had a lot of loose skin on my... READ MORE

I had the reduction several years ago. I had a serious swelling on one side, so they had to go back in. I was reather thin most of my life, so it was not ss noticable. Once I gain weight, it became very obvious. I went to a few doctors and they each had a different idea on how to correct... READ MORE

Let me start off by explaining what I wanted done & how it affects my life. I have always been a heavy set guy. Right now 5-11, 227 Lbs. I worked out a lot in my life especially in high school days. Long story short. Manboobs. I could never get rid of them. Saggy lifeless skin just making it... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor of the brain stem. Also known as a prolactinoma causing gynecomastia. I was put on meds claiming this would fix the problem and pain/ tenderness would go away... maybe in a year or two..... not a good answer. Insurance paid for everything at... READ MORE

Im a 22 year old male that had gynecomastia. On August 21st Dr. Guiloff removed the glands. I am 1000% satisfied with my results. I can tell he acctually cared about me as a patient. He listened to me and my concerns. The compression shirt he had me wear isnt big or bulky like i thought it might... READ MORE

Middle-aged Male tune-up - Lower eyelids, neck lipo to define the jawline, gynecomastia removal and some abdominal lipo. The goal was to make sure I didn't look like I'd had work done, but address some of the troublesome signs of an aging body. Addressing the gyno I'd had since childhood was... READ MORE

I want to share my story with you guys my name is amjad i live in UK Nottingham i have suffered with man boobs since 8 years same problem cant do exercise cant pull off my t shirt wearing 3 tops underneath of shirt to hide the boobs 97 percent of my life activity was finished was very... READ MORE

I have had "man boobs" since I was 12 or 13. At age 36 I was in great shape but despite all my hard work I still was self conscious of my chest. After much research I decided on Dr. Solomon to do my gynecomastia surgery. He was very straight forward and thorough in consultation, and I was... READ MORE

My gynecomastia condition started when i was about thirteen years old. for years it bothered me, and i thought it was peremanent untill i did some research. i was relieved to find out that you can fix it with plastic surgery. I picked out a plastic surgeon who was nearby me for convience even... READ MORE

I had the surgery because i was tired of feeling self-conscience at the pool, or beach and i always wore all types of shirts to cover. I did not take off my shirt when I was in public at all. the pros, my clothes are fitting me much better, I feel better about myself, I take my shirt off at the... READ MORE

I had the gynecomastia surgery, which is a procedure for males to take out breast tissue to make the chest flatter and more defined. At first i was very skeptical to go through with the surgery but i knew that i was uncomfortable to take of my shirt in public and wasn't happy with my self image... READ MORE

I was not expecting perfect results when I had my gynecomastia surgery. Perfectly symmetrical results are not realistic, but I did expect the right and left side to be reasonably close. Unfortunately this was not the case. My case was done under local anesthesia so I remember seeing the excised... READ MORE

I had excellent results after being operated by Dr. Srinjoy Saha in Kolkata, India. He put me to sleep, injected something into both my breasts, and performed liposuction. Hardly any scars, which are hidden anyway. My entire problem vanished within a couple of hours. The only bugging thing was... READ MORE

I've always been a bit 'top-heavy' but thought cosmetic surgery wasn't for me. After many years of wondering, I decided to look into it and started by reading the many reviews of Toronto plastic surgeons. Dr. Jugenburg seemed highly recommended so I decided to visit his clinic for the free... READ MORE

First of all, finding Dr. Hughes was great. This guy is an enormous guy, and he looks like a bodybuilder. I knew if anybody could make me look good, he would be the guy. He is personable, and he makes you feel like everything will go smoothly. I could not be happier with the results. You cannot... READ MORE

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