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Usually appearing during puberty, gynecomastia refers to when a male grows abnormally large breasts. Despite common misconception, actual breast tissue, not excess fat, is present. As desired, that breast tissue and surrounding skin can be removed through male breast reduction surgery. LEARN MORE ›
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I was not at all confident about myself with those boobs pointed outside hanging like sweet honey cups....ohh god i wanted to cut them n throw them away... After almost 16 years of depressed situation i thought something about it...i searched the net got no of a surgeon in delhi n just... READ MORE

Hey. I got my gynecomastia surgery done on 3rd april by Dr. Raj kumar Mishra in lucknow india. So far i am pretty happy with the results but as per my doctor, it will take around 2-3 months for the actual results to show and till that time i am supposed to wear compression vest. I invite... READ MORE

Dr. Adrian Lo did my Chest Lipo Surgery for Gynecomastia back in 2011, Total I paid was $5490.00 insurance would not cover it.. I'm so Happy today that I had this done.   READ MORE

Im happy and scared so,far just had my breast gland removed 5 days ago .But 5 months ago I had untrasonic lypo around my chest bur no incision and the results not good but now they have removed the gland and I see instant results just hope that it will stay this way. Can any one tell me if the... READ MORE

I went in for a gynecomastia surgery expecting to not come out looking perfect, but to have a flat contoured chest. Dr Smith sat down and reviewed with me what to expect with my procedure and suggested a combination procedure for both gynecomastia and a light lipo of the flanks and lower abdomen... READ MORE

My large breast always bothered me and I always wanted to do something about it. Finally I started looking for a Surgeon and I found Dr cruise. I talked with him and he was very professional and nice. He might be a good person and good Dr but he messed up for sure my surgery. I let you be the... READ MORE

I had my surgery on Wednesday the 12th of September, and today is Saturday the 15th. Today was the first day that I could look at the results. My doctor said that she removed 1/2 pound of breast tissue from each side, in addition to whatever was removed during liposuction. It was... READ MORE

Let me start off by saying the cost of this procedure with Dr Mordicai Blau should not be an issue. He is the best in the business in this particular procedure. He is by far and away the most experienced specialist for Gynocomastia. On top of his specialized skills in this particular cosmetic... READ MORE

I had chest liposuction (gynocemastia correction) one week ago. I was placed under general anesthesia for 2.5 hrs during the procedure, and after which awoke natrually. The surgeon then discovered a unilateral hemotoma, and I was placed under twilight anesthesia 5 hrs later for a 30 min... READ MORE

Hello, I recently had gynecomastia surgery (3 weeks ago). The sutures on my left areola broke prematurely. This led to an infection (1 week ago), which I now have under control. Unfortunately, the infection ate away some of my areola. Right now there's a scab over the damaged space. My... READ MORE

It's been almost a year since my surgery and I've had one painful internal revision and one for the scars that were left on my skin. which seem to have gotten worse. I had this surgery because for a very long time I felt very insecure about my body and it made me feel like if I was less... READ MORE

Hi there recently had a chest reduction (Gynaecomastia) on the 09/3/09. being a bloke could not put up with it anymore i thought it was a good idea regretting right now. my left breast is severely swollen now.It's been a hard few days my left breast is severely swollen to almost double what is... READ MORE

First time i had liposuction, i got little bit satisfied. after one year again july 2009 < one month back> i had breast tissue removed by cutting my niples below part. aorund half of the niple. my niples become puffy, still not flat, scar looks horrible. when i flex, its getting folded. Is... READ MORE

On June 15, I had surgery for my gynecomastia. Tissue was surgecly removed from each breast. I did this because It was embarrassing to be unable to take off my shirt in public or even wear something form fitting. Hello, I reciently had gynecomastia surgery (Mid June) and am having a... READ MORE

A very few might be aware of the term 'gynecomastia', but it is a nightmare for the ones suffering from it! its drains your confidence, boost your self-consciousness thus making your life a bit worse for the one who aint over-confident! hope this review helps my fellow mates suffering from... READ MORE

Can't say enough good things about Dr. Tom Pousti and his staff. I had suffered with gynecomastia since I was 12 years old and it took 26 years for me to finally do something about. Some of the reasons I waited so long : Fear of surgery, cost, and the guilt that I was uncomfortable with... READ MORE

I was suffering from gynecomastia for past 12 years, felt a lot of discomfort and it was really embarrassing to go for swimming with friends or very difficult to take my shirt of in front of my own family members, it became very difficult for me when my friends and colleagues started to make fun... READ MORE

I recently had surgery at Dr Man's clinic and the experience was AMAZING! I have had a couple of procedures with other Doctors before but my experience with doctor Man exceeded all previous experiences. I Had Gynecomastia (man boobs) and about 4 years ago I had surgery to correct it. The Dr who... READ MORE

Procedures done: GYNECOMASTIA correction, abdominal and flank liposuction. Plastic surgery is like an art, let's say painting or pottery. They both have two aspects to them: scientific or mechanical side on one hand and artistic side on the other hand. A potter should know what clay to use,... READ MORE

I had dealt with gynecomastia since I was a kid and it just kept getting worse and I just stopped caring about my weight and how I looked, then I decided to get a consultation and check out info about the surgery and decided to have it done. I am extremely pleased with the outcome even with the... READ MORE

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