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Usually appearing during puberty, gynecomastia refers to when a male grows abnormally large breasts. Despite common misconception, actual breast tissue, not excess fat, is present. As desired, that breast tissue and surrounding skin can be removed through male breast reduction surgery. LEARN MORE ›
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I had chest liposuction (gynocemastia correction) one week ago. I was placed under general anesthesia for 2.5 hrs during the procedure, and after which awoke natrually. The surgeon then discovered a unilateral hemotoma, and I was placed under twilight anesthesia 5 hrs later for a 30 min... READ MORE

Hello, I recently had gynecomastia surgery (3 weeks ago). The sutures on my left areola broke prematurely. This led to an infection (1 week ago), which I now have under control. Unfortunately, the infection ate away some of my areola. Right now there's a scab over the damaged space. My... READ MORE

It's been almost a year since my surgery and I've had one painful internal revision and one for the scars that were left on my skin. which seem to have gotten worse. I had this surgery because for a very long time I felt very insecure about my body and it made me feel like if I was less... READ MORE

Hi there recently had a chest reduction (Gynaecomastia) on the 09/3/09. being a bloke could not put up with it anymore i thought it was a good idea regretting right now. my left breast is severely swollen now.It's been a hard few days my left breast is severely swollen to almost double what is... READ MORE

First time i had liposuction, i got little bit satisfied. after one year again july 2009 < one month back> i had breast tissue removed by cutting my niples below part. aorund half of the niple. my niples become puffy, still not flat, scar looks horrible. when i flex, its getting folded. Is... READ MORE

On June 15, I had surgery for my gynecomastia. Tissue was surgecly removed from each breast. I did this because It was embarrassing to be unable to take off my shirt in public or even wear something form fitting. Hello, I reciently had gynecomastia surgery (Mid June) and am having a... READ MORE

When I was a kid, I was exposed to enormous amounts of radiation, which eventually screwed up my hormonal levels and caused gynecomastia and nipple hypertrophy. Things became worse when a doctor put me on Clomid in the hope to raise my testosterone levels. For ten long years, I suffered with... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Cruise because of gynomastia developed due to steroid use when I was younger and dumber. I developed the problem on one side of my chest, which made me very uncomfortable taking my shirt off during summer months. I'm not big on details, like to just get to the here it is.... READ MORE

I am writing this review after 2 months of having the procedure performed by Dr. Richards. And as I write this, the only thing that comes to mind is "WHY DIDN'T I GET THIS DONE EARLIER?” I am 39 years old and I have had gynecomastia all my life. The disorder didn't become apparent until I... READ MORE

I had the condition known as Gynecomastia - the enlargement of male breast tissue - from the time I was a teenager (now I'm middle-aged). I felt very self conscious all the time, feeling that people were staring wherever I went. Finally, I just couldn't take it anymore, and decided to get it... READ MORE

I've been dealing with Gynecomastia since I first started going through puberty...It was an awful time to say the least. Social events, swimming, sex and preparing my "favorite shirt" that would hide my condition were always making me feel self-conscious and stressed. I was skinny with an... READ MORE

Not recommended for gyno correction. I had this procedure done almost a year ago. Had swelling for a couple of weeks after procedure, then saw minimal results for about a week. After that, everything went to sh**. Doctor did answer my questions, that is, the questions that he wanted to... READ MORE

I've always been very self-conscious the way my chest looked. I hated the idea that when I bought clothes I wasn't really paying attention to whether or not things fit me, I was more focused on whether or not you could see my nipples! I was made aware of the procedure by way of online forums... READ MORE

So... I found Dr. Dadvand online by reading reviews similar to the one I’m writing now. I suffered from mild/moderate gynecomastia since I was 15 & I’m now 28. Some of my best years like high school & college were spent concealing the physical shame from everyone. For those whom can... READ MORE

I had surgery at a young age and developed fat deposits in then chest area. It maybe partly marjiuana use in early teens. It lot better thin it use to be diet workout Is surgery only means or is there others ways Pill or medication maybe Food diet What maybe cause and what might fix it without... READ MORE

My motivation for this surgery was to just simply be comfortable in my own skin. I have a tall, lean, and muscular physique and still had gynecomastia from abusing work out supplements and heavily smoking marijuana from the ages of 14 to 18. I literally walked in to Dr. Pousti's office on... READ MORE

Hello everyone...i got my Gynecomastia surgery done by dr jb ratti of vital clinic,delhi on 5/7/ was a very unpleasant experience to be operated by him...his staff was unfriendly...and there was no aftercare all in all it was a very depressing experience.. I hope u guys... READ MORE

I'm a 32 yr old man who lost over a hundred pounds through diet and exercise. I went in for a consultation with Dr. Clark about male breast reduction, and decided to have a tummy tuck and a lot of extra skin removed as well (thus the high cost). It was a six hour surgery. Dr. Clark did an... READ MORE

I had liposuction and breast reduction with Dr Jeffords earlier this summer. It was actually my third major plastic surgery operation after losing 100 lbs: I'd previously had a breast reduction and body lift surgery, both several years earlier. My original breast reduction did not go so well.... READ MORE

I chose to have a procedure to reduce and re-shape my chest as part of an overall goal of improving my physical appearance. My visit to this office was originally motivated by the desire for nonsurgical plastic surgery approaches, and it caught my attention from the videos in the waiting room... READ MORE

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