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Cover up the little imperfections in your smile with these porcelain veneers. The beauty? Lumineers don't require your teeth to be shaved or ground beforehand. LEARN MORE ›

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Paid for 8 lumineers ended up with 5. still have discolored caps on the front, he stated Lumineers would not stick to the others so he capped them--- VERY UPSET with the results.My Motivation for getting this done was my wedding day was 6 months from the time i started the process. I had them... READ MORE

Poor didnt really expect to have to wait so long fro treatmnet and they literally fell offf 2 weeks later, expensive and if im honest , a waiste of that money, im going to look into invisible braces i think because nothing else is for life.. READ MORE

I love my Lumineers. I decided to do this procedure to my teeth before my wedding. I have always had misshapen, flouride stained teeth with a small gap in the front. I had the top 8 done. I got one tooth for free, but otherwise it was $1000/tooth. The process wasn't too painful and I am a... READ MORE

My gums have been red and swollen around the lumineers. I hate going back to the dentist and have waited several years but now my gums are getting ulcers from all of the irritation and my smile looks like a horse. READ MORE

I recently got lumineers and now regret it. I wish I had found this forum before I got them, I'm sure it would've changed my mind. I wanted a quick fix for some small gaps in my teeth (after already having braces many years ago). My teeth are large and unrealistic. As some people have... READ MORE

I have four lumineers, two on front teeth and one on each side. My lumineers have been on for four years and am thrilled to have them! Although I do agree this type of option is not for everyone. In my case my teeth are straight but the uppers are shorter, due to long term thumb sucking they... READ MORE

I felt uncomfortable at first. I am so new to it. I brush, floss, and rinse all the time. I like my teeth to be healthy and white. I am going to be happy at the end. I don't have to get braces... READ MORE

Don't believe the hype. They end up looking thick and bulky. I blew $14,000 on uppers and lowers in the front of my mouth and they looked like horse teeth. So much so that the dentist removed them and then replaced them with new ones. The new ones looked abouts as bad as the original ones.... READ MORE

I've had a Lumineer bridge for a while and they have been nothing but trouble. I experienced a chip on front tooth for absolutely no good reason. I was talking and felt this "pop" in my mouth. Later I felt the piece of the tooth on my lip. I went in and as if they expected it, they... READ MORE

I chose Lumineers to help fill in some of the gaps in between my front 4 teeth. I had previously cosmetic bonding that was slowly wearing away after over a decade of no issues. I was intruigued by the advertising that Lumineers didn't have to shave down the original tooth - like... READ MORE

I had eight Lumineers applied to my front top teeth 2 yrs. and 4 months ago. My dentist did advise me to wear my bite guard every night to avoid the possibility of a Lumineer popping off during nighttime teeth grinding. Otherwise, I was told that I could eat anything. However, while eating a... READ MORE

I am in the thick of a Lumineers nightmare right now that you need to read about before making the decision to do Lumineers. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. I want to start off by saying I own some of the fault since I did not research the procedure and the dentist well enough. Having... READ MORE

I had 16 teeth done, eight on top and bottom. The color was a lot whiter than what I had expected and they sort of feel like horse teeth. The dentist took all of the tooth structure off of my bottom teeth to accommodate the procedure, so now my top teeth feel huge. It is not an easy... READ MORE

My Lumineers look good but I probably have to return to the dentist about once every 2 months because one has fallen off. I just got back from the dentist after he replaced a repaired Lumineer (it had cracked and fallen off). My dentist had sent it back to the manufacturer to have it repaired.... READ MORE

My teeth were OK, but I always wanted to have a nicer teeth. So I had six lumineers put on my upper teeth. The teeth were to big in comparison to my other teeth. Even my family said that my smile changed for the worst and the teeth look way so fake. I also got many cavities on top were the... READ MORE

I had lumineers put on my front 4 teeth and I can't even describe what a difference it made!!! People immediately noticed that something was different-- that I looked great (did I get a haircut?) I know not everyone has a great experience but the dentist I went to was awesome and he explained... READ MORE

I had 8 Lumineers placed on my upper teeth to correct crooked teeth. I bleached my teeth prior to getting the Lumineers. Now, I have a great smile. Great alternative to wearing braces since I'm a working professional. READ MORE

I wanted to reshape my front (they was little bit short) teeth, so I decided to get lumineers about 3 years ago. They give me batter look, but they not impeccable ( little bit opaque ,not translucent as real teeth). But now I encountered with this problem with dark spot and guess it’s... READ MORE

I got a single lumineer to cover a deformed tooth that I have. My natural tooth is much smaller and kinda off. Completely throws off my normal white straight smile. So I thought this one thing could change my whole smile. Wrong! Its bulky bigger than my other lateral on the opposite side. Every... READ MORE

Had one lumineer put in 2 years ago. The color was never right, and the size was too big. It eventually chipped away. It was under guarantee and they've sent 2 replacements - both wrong color and size. Am waiting for the third, and waiting and waiting and waiting. I will never have another one.... READ MORE

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