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Cover up the little imperfections in your smile with these porcelain veneers. The beauty? Lumineers don't require your teeth to be shaved or ground beforehand. LEARN MORE ›

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I believe that the skill of the dentist is key to lumineer satisfaction. I've had mine for 7 sears and have only had one minor chip that was easily fixed by my new dentist. I never liked my teeth and now I smile with confidence!! I had 8 top teeth done for a cost of $4,000. One of the best... READ MORE

I had my lumineers (8 upper front teeth) put in by Dr. Kesner in Sugarland about a year ago and very happy with the results. My teeth were not crooked or very yellow to begin with, but the lumineers (brightest color) really show my smile now. I am considering doing the lowers. The only... READ MORE

I am a 20 year old male and my teeth were not terrible but they were far from perfect. I felt self concious about them for two reasons. One is I had braces at a young age and back then I did not care for my physical appearance like I do now. So I did not take care of my teeth or follow the... READ MORE

So happy I got these. I had been considering these for over a year and the cost was hard to stomach. Knowing what I know now and how they improved my my smile and confidence, I would have paid anything. READ MORE

My experience with Lumineers has been a mixed experience. I like my dentist very much, and he followed the directions from Lumineers exactly. That didn't always work. For instance he had to order a special diamond saw to separate my teeth from being uni-tooth when he cemented them. One of... READ MORE

I had a replacement tooth from an accident when I was a child and it never matched my other teeth. Years of smoking discolored my other teeth so I finally (begrudgingly actually) decided on these things. The one that was placed on my "fake" tooth, fell off only 2 days after it was put on. 2... READ MORE

In April 2007, I had 19 Lumineers done. The cost was considerable over $17K, but cheaper since I went with so many Lumineers. Today, November 2014, most of them are still intact. I have lost 2 of them (back teeth) over the years and 2 of them had small chips. Here is some truth that you will... READ MORE

This wasn't a decision I took lightly. I interviewed three different dentist from Broward County, to Palm Beach County who were supposed to be the who's who of cosmetic dentistry. Dr Ledakis was the last Dr. I met with. From the moment we started speaking I knew he was the dentist I was going to... READ MORE

Have had my lumineers on for a monthish. I have had 3 of them in that time span that have cracked. It has been a nightmare. I have been in and of the dentist literally every week since I've had them on. Fortunately my dentist is lovely and is allowing me to get my money back if this keeps... READ MORE

Lumineers are the absolute worst! Out of the 8 I had placed, 5 of them over the last year have fallen off and had to be replaced. I like my dentist but not enough to see her every other month. I've made so many visits because of these things that I'm surprised I dont have my own parking space... READ MORE

I had a horrible smile - huge gap between my front two teeth. I had four lumineers put in and have had such an amazing smile since then. It has changed my life. I've never had an issue with them either. I'm surprised to see so many poor reviews here, not sure if it has to do with the product or... READ MORE

I purchased lunineers to close a gap in my bottom front teeth. The claim was that my teeth would not have to be altered and I wouldnt have to be numbed. Both claims are untrue. Also the claim was that they would be long lasting. not true. i have had to return several times to have them replaced... READ MORE

In one word "NIGHTMARE" from day one! Ruined my teeth, Now I have A GREAT dentist FIXING what they did at a cost of 4 times what I paid what the previous dentists to basically take my money and leave with. My Lumineers fell off at least once, twice a month for a year. They cracked, were not... READ MORE

As of this writing I'm missing 2 lumineers on the bottom.this last one is the sixth one.I have also swallowed one.the one I swallowed was remade on a broken impression,returned and did not fit.more impressions were taken and I'm still waiting,I'm told the problem is in the bonding process.I... READ MORE

My Story and The Procedure So I had been contimplating veneers for awhile until I found out that they grind your teeth to stumps. Then I found out about lumineers and the fact the it is just cover which could be removed if you wished to have it removed. I have wanted to get this procedure done... READ MORE

I got veneers on my upper front 2 teeth. Prior to the veneers, I had bonding on those teeth for over 10 years as they came in with brown spots. The bonding needed to be redone annually for the most part, and they were slightly yellowed and duller than the rest of my teeth, but I was accustomed... READ MORE

I decided to get Lumineers because I did a lot of research and watched a lot of videos and the consultation went very well. I got 4 Lumineers over the first 4 front teeth. They weren't that crooked only one I really didn't like but the dentist said to even out better and look natural would be to... READ MORE

I have had mine on less than a year and 2 of them have cracked and one has fallen off. My dentist cemented it back on and in a couple of weeks it came off again. I paid $1000 per tooth and I like the looks but if they won't stay in it isn't worth it. The procedure itself was easy, although they... READ MORE

Five years ago my Dentist suggested Lumineers because I was 58 years old and the edges of my teeth had worn to the point I was having issues biting into certain foods. I am convinced it was a major mistake. I've had 3 of them fall off, especially bad when you are out of town, as I am now... READ MORE

Lumineers are a very bad idea. The "short amount of time" to apply them turned into several months and dozens of visits, back and forth, because of chipping, cracking and just falling off for no reason. I have finally decided to cut my losses (20k) and find someone to fix the mess my dentist... READ MORE

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