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Lip augmentations involve both surgical and non-surgical techniques to increase the fullness of the lips. Think of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm or, in more extensive cases, lip implants and fat grafts.
Average Price: $925

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I had Juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips to create fullness. I had my lips done on Wednesday thinking by Saturday I would look beautiful, well … you are right... I did my research and went to the top dermatologist, specializing in Juvederm in Rockville MD. I discussed with the... READ MORE

Very bad experience as I now have to live with this pain. For 7 years all was well but a year ago a developed foreign body granuloma. I had a filler injected in my lips 8 years ago and have developed foreign body granuloma. The retired plastic surgeon says it was Juverderm. Is this possible... READ MORE

I did it so I can have fuller lips..which didnt happpened because it spread to other areas of my face. The fullness lasted a few days then I started to look plastic.It has totally changed my face and ruined my smile. I think the oil has spread to other areas and I hate it !!!. My lips arent even... READ MORE

I just had Juvederm in my upper lip, which was very thin, and am very pleased with the results. It was not really very painful, used a dental block, lips a bit sore to the touch for 2 days after but no visible bruising or swelling. Like another person here, I was very wary of the cost... READ MORE

I am a 33 year old young woman, who once back in 2003/4 went to a doctor in Lebanon in Beirut to have my lips done. I was very happy with the outcome, everyone has a different lip shape so it's up to the doctor to know where to put the filler for your own particular shape, a little bit like a... READ MORE

I had just recently had Juvederm injected into my upper and lower lips to create fullness and shape. I had tried Perlane months before and was sort of pleased, but the results didn't last very long.The pain was very mild with both Perlane and the Juvederm, but with the Juverderm I didn't use a... READ MORE

Hi,i am 32 years old and in 1997 a greek aesthisian injected me 6 injections of an unknown filler in my lips.i was too young and i trusted her by telling me that it was a harmless filler that it would have gone in 6 months.she was a greece there was a huge scandal with 150 injected... READ MORE

I had an injection of acid hyaluronic last friday in my upper lip, and the result is really desappointing. it is not too big, however the doctor injected too much filler in the wrong area and it completely modifies the natural shape of my lip. I never had this problem before, and i cannot... READ MORE

I had a mini face lift and eyes done and at the same time the lips were done. The fat was taken from under my chin. Everything else seems to be looking OK but my smile was my biggest asset before the surgery and now I'm scared. I had fat grafted into my lips 12 days ago. The left... READ MORE

I had Juvederm injected into my lips 3 days ago. Nurse did top and bottom lips..mostly top..for a pouty look. Lower lips is fine, no swelling or brusing. Top lip...I can feel 'balls' where the Juvederm was injected, near my teeth, bruises you can see. The nurse said that the lumps I... READ MORE

Pro: fuller lips con: lost lip width/ altered smile This procedure was done in conjunction with lower face lift to fill and even out lips. After six months, I still have a stiff, unnatural looking smile and am anxious to find a solution. I had fat/scar tissue graft to my lips six... READ MORE

First hour after procedure: I was horrified. Between the swelling and novocaine, I was absolutely regretting what I had done to myself. I looked like a duck, couldn't close my lips all the way, I just looked awful. Now I'm about 2 hours in. Being able to move your lips as the novocaine... READ MORE

I wanted to remove age wrinkles around lips. The procedure was today so it's too early to assess the results. There was moderate pain and discomfort post-procedure. READ MORE

Hello, i am from Germany and had silicone injections (micro droplet) done by plastic surgeon to enhance my lips about 3 1/2 Month ago. I always had very thin lips. I had no problems with the sili in my lips (done over two years ago). The results are nice but one side of my face is still a... READ MORE

I put juvederm in my lips 6/22/09. So far i like the results, they are looking very natural and aren't huge. However im not very find of the bruising. Will Petro-Carbo medicated first aid salve interfere with the Juvederm injection. READ MORE

I had my lips injected with Juvederm. They look great and I am overall happy with the results. I was extremely bruised and swollen though. The doctor told me it would last 7-10 days and it has lasted 3 weeks and I am still bruised. He said he has never had anyone else be bruised at all?????... READ MORE

I had Juvederm done 3 days ago on my upper lip and I look like a duck.... will it go down or was there too much put in there? Should I give it some more time for the swelling? will the duck look go away on my upper lip after the juvederm was done... it looks bad READ MORE

I had restalyne injections 4 days ago to my lip. The bow of my lip is really fat and the corners of my lip looked turned up! I am really panicked about it, not sure if its swelling or the final result. I had 1 mill injected, is that alot of product? i have very small lps and wanted a subtle... READ MORE

Hello i had lip fillers and it looks great but when i smile its relly crooked i lost my beautifull smile i feel bad what can i do or is it gona get better i had it done 2 weeks ago READ MORE

Pros- Immediate results Cons- Very painful even after lidocaine injection and lip cream applied for numbing! I did this procedure to enhance my lips since I love the shape of my lips but wanted a fuller look! Clinic was in Anaheim- Great Smiles I was wondering how soon it is safe to become... READ MORE

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