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Lip augmentations involve both surgical and non-surgical techniques to increase the fullness of the lips. Think of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm or, in more extensive cases, lip implants and fat grafts.

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I'd always had a really thin upper lip, so I decided to get lip injections back in January '08. I went in for Restylane, because that's all I'd heard about, but my doctor ended up giving me Juvederm Ultra. I had one syringe injected over the course of two visits about a week... READ MORE

I came in to get my lips done. I just want a little injection done nothing big. I've had my lips done once before and the nurse that did it took her time and all. I know she did her best but didn't ultimately didnt a good job. She just didn't have that eye. I went conservative asking just a... READ MORE

I went in for a very small adjustment and told him I wanted it to look natural and it should not be visible that I had done something to my lips. I only did my upper lip. He suggested I come in 2-3 times for micro droplets. When I came in for my second appointment, he overdid it. My lip looks... READ MORE

For years I had thought about plumping my lips, but was always on the fence after seeing so many horrid fake "duck lip" procedures done on people. After several months of research, I narrowed down my decision to Dr. Neavin and couldn't be happier. First off, he is very professional, attentive... READ MORE

Another great appointment. Had 1/2 a vile and very happy. No duck lips here! Susan is wonderful and made the process easy ; no numbing before hand needed. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about having it done. Just a little goes a long way. The whole process is under 15 minutes and I... READ MORE

My experience with the doctor was very fast and easy he explained what the filler was and how it worked and in the exact moment I got the lip filler, its been about 3 days I still swelling and little bruising along my lip but I am taking allergy medicine to try and make the swelling go down but... READ MORE

I came to Dr. Alexander after a recent surgery left my lips very thin and asymmetrical. I was un aware of my options or if anything was even possible to help my situation. Dr. Alexander took his time to hear my concerns and explain to me the various options. We ended up deciding on lip... READ MORE

Dr. Castillo is extremely personable and Lynn (front desk) is wonderful! The office environment is very comfortable and laid back. I received lip injections (juvederm) from Dr. Castillo and he did an amazing job making sure that I still looked natural! He kept in mind that I was a male patient,... READ MORE

I found this office by using google to locate the most economical location to get injections. The Happy Clinic Indianapolis pulled up in the top of the search results because they publish all their prices. I like that the pricing is so straightforward and reasonable, especially if you're... READ MORE

As I am aging, I developed lines around my mouth, corners turned down and lips losing volume. Dr Ronan is awesome, my injections took 10 minutes and I had no pain, at all! The result is above and beyond my expectations! Will do it again! The staff is helpful and everyone is so nice. I felt... READ MORE

Most people think of lip injections as something out of Hollywood. But being in the suburbs of Chicago, it's higher profiled once anything cosmetic is altered. I am a firm believer in friend referrals. As well as my cosmetic provider recommendation for the best product. I have tried most of the... READ MORE

My experience with Dr Simone was fantastic, I strongly recommend her. Simone made me feel extremely comfortable, calm and confident as a first time patient. I had filler injected into my lips, and around the face area to enhance my lips, and take away frown and aging lines, and am thrilled with... READ MORE

My parents "blessed" me with a set of unimpressive lips (thanks, guys). So, for years, I turned to the art of going overboard with lip liner to compensate (and I think anyone who has ever worn makeup knows how that turned out...). So, I finally decided--after much deliberation--to do something... READ MORE

Dr. Rajani’s Clinic is a very professional and friendly place. They are very knowledgeable and I never felt pressured. They are very informative and conservative. The staff and especially Alexa are always available to address any concerns. Dr. Rajani makes the lip augmentation look very... READ MORE

I was really excited to try a lip augmentation with Dr. Devani as I have heard many great reviews and seen some great results. I had an "au natural" look done with a bit of filler to even out the look of my lips and enhance the left side to better match my right side of lip. I also had the... READ MORE

Dr. Loyo is a highly skilled and talented surgeon. I had been wanting to try lip augmentation and Botox for some time, but was worried about looking artificial. Natural beauty is very important to me and Dr. Loyo did an excellent job of delivering such results. I couldn't be more pleased with my... READ MORE

My upper lip was much smaller than the other, so I wanted to make them look fuller, but at the same time natural. Dr. Neavin did an amazing job! My lips look amazing, but at the same time nobody knows that I had fillers. I am so happy that I found about Dr.Neavin, because he is not only a great... READ MORE

I went here for the first time ever recently for a lip augmentation and my experience was phenomenal. Dr. Fallek really impressed me with his work and left me with amazing results. I had minimal bruising and swelling with very little pain. Cristina is just AMAZING and truly goes above and beyond... READ MORE

I recently had my first lip injections with Dr.Metelitsa and I absolutely LOVE them. I was very apprehensive about getting then done as I like everything about me to look very natural. I was very scarred of them looking too large and was extremely nervous that it would hurt a lot. During the... READ MORE

Looking at everyones mouth after their injections makes me so depressed. i did not even use a full syringe and my lips are swollen and right above my upper lip. looks awful...I can only pray this is swelling and will go away I was told minimal swelling and with amount given will look natural... READ MORE

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