Lip Augmentation

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Lip augmentations involve both surgical and non-surgical techniques to increase the fullness of the lips. Think of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm or, in more extensive cases, lip implants and fat grafts.
Average Price: $950

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I did it because i wanted my lips to be symmetrical and a bit fuller. In stead the fullest side was still more fuller than the left side. after a year most of the product is gone and my right side is still a bit fuller than before... When i should do it again i would go to a doctor who... READ MORE

Had it done 2 weeks ago in Brisbane. For I ML of Juviderm paid $700. Could have hot dinner 20 minutes after. Feels good. A bit swelling on a second day.Cost a bit too much than I expected, but worth it.I'VE HAD IT DONE TWICE.HAD JUVEDERM IN BOTH LIPS- NO BRUISING, NO SWELLING..HAD IT DONE BY... READ MORE

I wanted my lips to look normal and minimize the lipstick lines. I had tried Juvaderm for lipstick lines twice with poor results with another physician. The procedure made my lips feel very hard and lumpy. After six months my lips were back to where they had begun. It was not worth the time... READ MORE

I am still trying to decide if I like my lips. I literally had no lips prior and people thought I looked mad when relaxed (because my lips turned down naturally). A friend referred me to her nurse who is allegedly an "expert" with injectables so I decided to go for it. During my... READ MORE

I was always insecure about the size of my chin and upper lip. I always felt like my chin was abnormally large for my face and my upper lip was abnormally small for me face. It's unbelievable how this quick and painless procedure made my face more proportional, not to mention attractive. My... READ MORE

They were not able to achieve the kind of lip look that I wanted.... put too much in my cupid's bow and made me look manly and rough around my mouth, dissolved that with hyaluronidase but still have lumps in my inner, upper lip... it covers my teeth when I smile which looks odd...throws my... READ MORE

Hi there I have tried both of the products within the space of a year in London. I had a very cute upper lip which was smaller than the lower and just wanted to make it same size. What both products have done (i've had two different sessions trying to get the result i want) is that they have... READ MORE

Well there i am ,i have lost my implant,i wish my surgen had remove it ,but as you know he was out west and i am in the middle of no where,so finding a doctor too help me was a nigthmare nobody wanted to help me .i thougth doctors were here to help us when were sick no matter what !after dozens... READ MORE

I have had the Juviderm injections twice in the past few years. I currently have none in my lips now. I had 0.8 mls both times. In my experience it lasted a lot longer than 6 months. Almost a year. The first few months they are at their biggest and plumpest. The procedure itself hurt but it was... READ MORE

So the first time i had a lip filler was not through this doctor but a nurse who did it privately through a beauty salon. She was wonderful and talked me through everything, she injected my mouth several times to numb my lips (the actual lip fillers HURT so this is necessary, if you're given... READ MORE

I've been researching lip enhancement procedures since I stopped wearing the adult orthodontic braces. Due to some corrections to my overbite, I've noticed my lip area slightly collapsed after 2 years of braces and my lips bacame noticibly smaller. I've looked at most options... READ MORE

I had shapely even lips before injection with restylane for a bit more fullnes,but. Now my upper lip seems to be bigger than lower. Is like if the sweeling didn't go down in the top lip... But lower did and looks like it still is after 3 weeks. Please can someone tell me if there's a way... READ MORE

I decided to have the procedure after seeing my moms results from the same procedure & her enthusiasm for Dr. Joseph & his work. I had considered having lip injections to achieve more fullness in my lips for many years but I did not find it financially prudent to pay a substantial amount... READ MORE

Be sure you are really clear about what you want and ask your doctor if you can start slowly and do a little bit at a time. Only my upper lip was done and it was very over-filled. Now I'm hiding in the house until it can be corrected...which will put me back where I money wasted... READ MORE

I always wondered what I would look like if I had an upper lip READ MORE

I came to Dr. Capone about 1 year ago for a lip augmentation. The dental block hurt a tiny but but the injectable itself was pain free. I had little down time....Same with Botox and the other fillers I received. READ MORE

Very careful injection with next to no pain. Dr. Fi was gentle, took the time to explain why and where and used the leftover to "tidy up" my nose. That's prettier too. Warm and welcoming staff. No one puts on airs. I can say without reservation it was an absolutely positive... READ MORE

To add fullness to my lips that age has started to diminish. There was virtually no pain with this procedure. I have had some swelling although, the day after the procedure, it is already diminishing. Not much bruising either, a couple spots around the lip area. I can already tell that I am... READ MORE

Yesterday i had my top and lower lip injected with Juvederm. My lips were a little swollen after the procedure and then the swelling seemed to go down. Then about two hours later my lips swelled to huge duck like lips. HELP!!! Is the end result going to be when my lips were at their smallest or... READ MORE

I was really scared before having this procedure because I have never had any sort of injections or cosmetic surgery before. The Doctor who performed the procedure was really nice and explained everything to me clearly, so that I would not expect something unrealistic. Mostly I was worried about... READ MORE

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