Lip Augmentation

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Lip augmentations involve both surgical and non-surgical techniques to increase the fullness of the lips. Think of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm or, in more extensive cases, lip implants and fat grafts.

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I wrote a similar version before, but I've updated the review with photos. I had Restylane in my lips over year ago. The bottom lip went down over time, but my top lip is still very plumped even after 13 months! I went to a different doctor to even it out and I was very pleased with the... READ MORE

There is this lady that is apparently experients, and she does any part of the body using fotelis extra, ( its like restalayne) and people dont get allergies to the substance she uses it. So i did it the first time with her and the results were great, we used half of the 1 cc and then we put it... READ MORE

So I have been thinking for quite a while about having my lips done. I was able to smooth talk the husband (finally) into letting me get my lips done. I was very anxious and excited to get the procedure done. I was a little scared and quite concerned about a few different thing when it came to... READ MORE

I wish I had been asked if I had taken any blood thinning medications before my procedure. I had taken Ibuprofen for back ache, and had no idea it was a thinner ( im still not 100% sure on this). I am a bleeder of sorts and tend to bruise easily at the best of times. This was noted to the person... READ MORE

I had my lips injected with Restalyne. I had it done 4 days ago. I did it for MY SELF ESTEEM. No one else. I have thin lips, and I'm 27 and was tired of being told I looked like a little kid. I have a young looking face, and I have always thought that poutier lips were sexy. I made a... READ MORE

I just had Juvederm to my upper lip yesterday and It went well. I had to have 5 injections of novocaine and some parts of my lip were still not completely numb, but it did take away most of the pain. Most of the injections I didn't feel at all and what I did feel was tolerable. I usually... READ MORE

Im happy with juvederm! iam 28 this year and have nice lips already but i always use lip plumper to get a fuller look. As of march 4th 2009 i was injected with this filler and the pain from the needles are annoying but not too harsh. My lips are still swollen with minimal bruising but i am... READ MORE

I'd always had a really thin upper lip, so I decided to get lip injections back in January '08. I went in for Restylane, because that's all I'd heard about, but my doctor ended up giving me Juvederm Ultra. I had one syringe injected over the course of two visits about a week... READ MORE

Dr Alghoul is such an artist! I found him through my friend Juana Shin, the Medical Aesthetician at Northwestern Plastic Surgery. I went to see him for Lip fillers at the end of May. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel in my heart for the kindness, compassion and generosity of Dr Alghoul... READ MORE

Hi I have booked a consultation for lip enhacement with dr leah in london, she uses juverderm. Has anyone had any treatments with her?? I haven't seen any reviews so i dont know whether she would be the best to do this treatment. Does anyone know any other drs or clinics that deal with... READ MORE

I was so nervous as to have tried lip Aug/Enhancement 3 prior times with 2 different specialist, that I seriously thought about wiping off the numbing creme and bolting out the door! lol. Dr. Silverton was so understanding of this and was up for the challenge of giving me lips, as he did let me... READ MORE

I had the Mini lip injection it had "NO EFFECT"!! It completely Disappeared after the second day so I called Dr Lee Thompson office and i was told "there is nothing they can do" unless i pay more money for more injection!! It was the greatest rip-off i have encountered ... In addition they... READ MORE

I have never LOVED my lips as I do now!!! Dr K- has made my lips extra beautiful, perfect pout and ABSOLUTELY painless!! Even though they are much fuller, they still look natural and beautiful!! I'm obsessed with them!! If you are looking for a doctor that can do this procedure PERFECTLY, then... READ MORE

I have wanted slightly bigger lips for a few years. I have done a lot of research and decided to get it done. I have small lips, not in overall volume but width wise, so I just wanted them a little more plump! I had a consultation with Phil Lucus at Tracey Bell, and told him exactly what I... READ MORE

I have done lip augmentation as well as breast augmentation with Dr.Perez-Gurri. I am EXTREMELY happy with both of these procedures. I would not let any other surgeon perform procedures on me. Dr. Perez-Gurri is knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. He performs procedures confidently and as... READ MORE

My whole life I've had an underbite that makes my lips appear smaller than they are. As I can't afford to have jaw surgery, I realized years ago that my face would hugely benefit from fuller lips, which would not only look better and more appealing, but affect my entire face by balancing... READ MORE

Visited New Radiance Cosmetic Center of PB. Went on a Saturday morning since I work all week. The facility was clean and beautiful. The staff was very welcoming, nice and informative. Dr. Lipschitz put me at ease very quickly (I was nervous!) Virtually pain free, very little swelling! Amazing... READ MORE

After weeks of tireless research, I decided to have a lip enhancement done using Dr. Dobryansky (Dr. D). I was extremely nervous and scared at the thought of something going wrong or not achieving a desirable outcome, but opted to try it anyway. From the moment I met Dr. D, I knew I had chosen... READ MORE

I loved my visit with valentina. She is kind and gentle. I was very scared for my first time getting lip injections, but valentina made the process pleasant and fun. There was absolutely no pain. Her technique is amazing. Everyone who saw the results was amazed how natural my lips looked. It was... READ MORE

My upper lip was so small (and with age related " smoking" lines) that whenever I smiled it just disappeared. I have high, prominent cheekbones and defined smiles lines on each side of my mouth (which I like) so my tiny mouth gave me the strange appearance of having no teeth at all. Also the... READ MORE

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