Lip Augmentation

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Lip augmentations involve both surgical and non-surgical techniques to increase the fullness of the lips. Think of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm or, in more extensive cases, lip implants and fat grafts.

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I went up to New York with a few girlfriends to correct a previous problem I was having with my lip. Dr. Lobe assured me that he had never had a problem with a procedure like this. I asked many times if it would make my lip look out of proportions and he said no. Before signing the paper I asked... READ MORE

Dr. Nguyen is truly an artist and did an amazing job on my lips with juvaderm. I constantly get compliments from strangers without them knowing I had my lips done. Dr. Nguyen not only has an eye for this but also makes you feel so comfortable as does his amazing staff!! This is my second time... READ MORE

Dr. Morgan is absolutely the best most detail oriented surgeon that you could ever pick. After getting a terribly asymmetrical lip augmentation from another surgeon, Dr. Morgan was able to restore my lips to a perfectly symmetrical state. Her skills are impeccable. Her bedside manners is... READ MORE

Never USE I repeat NEVER USE hydrogel polyacrylamid or PMMA anywhere!!! it's very and ALWAYS DANGEROUS!!! I had it in my lips and I had to do remove it by a surgeon because about 5 years I got complications like bumps/lumps and the product spread down above my lips, in my cheek and my jaw. it... READ MORE

I had an upper lip augmentation two years ago with Dr B in Destin, Florida..I asked if he would be able to plump up the upper lip without it looking like fish lips or duck lips..he said of course he $3000 later ...the swelling comes down it looks exactly like duck lips, it's fake... READ MORE

I had lip fillers but wanted something permanent instead of 500 bucks every 6 months. I studied permanent implants and permalip seemed like the best option. I NEVER had surgery before and was sick to my stomach nervous but made the appointment. I had my surgery THIS MORNING and I am already in... READ MORE

Mini lip injection. A service with juviderm injected into the lip for subtle enhancement. There was no change and I was told after the procedure that I will have to spend more money on another to see any change in appearance, defeats the purpose of a mini lip injection. Doctor needs to explain... READ MORE

An acquaintance recommended Dr Lorence.... I recently moved here from Monaco and I wanted to have fuller lips...they told me he is known for .... less is more....I was a little nervous going to his office because I am a person that always likes to look natural... but the minute Dr Lorence walked... READ MORE

Dr. Malouf does a wonderful job on my lips! This is my third time to have this procedure done by him. I am very pleased with the results, and can't wait to do them again! If you are nervous about pain, he can do a dental block that numbs the area. It is a very quick procedure with minimal... READ MORE

About a month ago, I decided on having a subtle lip augmentation done using the filler juvederm. I was unhappy with the fullness of my top lip specifically, and wanted a small enhancement. I had heard good things about juvederm so, with the advice of my doctor (Dr Simone Matousek of Potts Point... READ MORE

My experience with Kolstad plastic surgery was excellent. Dr. Kolstad was very kind, professional and listened to my concerns about my lips. I wanted to even them out a little and make the upper lip a little thicker. Dr Kolstad did a great job and the end result turned out very natural, which I... READ MORE

Hi! i had my lips injected with hyaluronic acid (didn't ask for the brand) twice! The first time my doctor suggested me to fill my lips with a small ammount to see how it goes and after 2 weeks to add a little to achieve my goals! So after 4 weeks having the second session, i'm not very... READ MORE

Wanted national full looking upper lip, and less gums showing. Got exactly what I wanted. 1 unit on each side of the lip an 2 units in the middle. No brushes. This is day 2 and I am so happy :). $40.00 best money spent. If anyone is looking for a great location and a place you can trust I have... READ MORE

I have had Juvederm (and Restylane) injected into my lips a few times+ with great results. I saw the same person in the past and really loved the way he did my lips. The first time, it took a couple of visits to get it the way I liked it and then he knew what to do. It has been a year since the... READ MORE

The process took about less than 30 minutes. I have to admit i was a bit more painful that I had hoped. After putting local anesthetic on your lips, he makes several injections evenly throughout your top and bottom lip without charging per lip which is what some ridiculous doctors charge by. My... READ MORE

I had juvederm injected 3 times and I love my lips they look "naturaly full" now my next proceedure will be breast augmentation (aug) READ MORE

I've been going to Dr. Gentile for Radiesse in my cheeks and frown lines, and Juvaderm in my lips. I've gone twice now and both times I got perfect results! I've gone to about 5 other doctors for the same thing before finding Dr. Gentile and he finally gave me the results I had been searching... READ MORE

Originally I went to Dr. Shah for subcision (of my acne scars) which he filled with juvaderm . I had about .3 of a syringe of juvaderm left so I asked him to inject my lips with it... When I tell u it lasted a long time it did! I have gotten juvaderm many times in the lips by at least 4... READ MORE

This experience has been life changing for me and I intend to have more procedures done. I had horrible lines on my upper lips and had lost fullness in my lips. A family trait that was rapidly aging me. I did my research and watched all of the videos on you tube. I am so happy with the lip... READ MORE

One word of advice: I find that when lips are iced 15 minutes before the augmentation, there is no bruising after. Not sure why but it works like a charm. READ MORE

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