Lip Augmentation

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Lip augmentations involve both surgical and non-surgical techniques to increase the fullness of the lips. Think of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm or, in more extensive cases, lip implants and fat grafts.
Average Price: $900

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I find him to be very professional, and of course I learned about him, he's got a secure demeanor about himself. He did a Lip reduction it makes it smaller and fit to my face and I think the results are very natural. People said that it looks more proportional. Honestly, I was expecting it to be... READ MORE

I had a consult regarding silicon lip enhancement and Dr. Lam sat with me personally took his time in explaining the procedure and his suggestions. He then took me back and started with my bottom lip. He gave me a dental block and I felt nothing. He also took care of some issues from a previous... READ MORE

Upon calling Laura scheduled me in as soon as possible since I was going out of town soon and wanted the procedure done before leaving. Once at the office my experience was great and virtually painless. All my questions and concerns were answered I could notice the difference but it wasn't too... READ MORE

I had the restylane injection done today I had super thin lips before this procedure :-) I must warn that it does hurt a bit :-( but it's not an unbearable pain:-) I recommend this for anyone who is wanting to enhance their lips:-) and the good part is it lasts 9months to a year:-) I had... READ MORE

Research, research, research...the expertise of your doctor makes all the difference in the world!!! About 2.5 years ago I had restylane lip injections with a plastic surgeon and the results were not good. I was left with grooves and indentations in my upper lip. Shockingly, I was courageous... READ MORE


I get annual filler in my lips and have had it done by different doctors. Make sure the person you choose has loads of good experience. I've had licensed nurse practioners do an excellent job and a cosmetic surgeon do an awful job ( not much experiencee, it turned out). I always bruise, but some... READ MORE

This was my first time getting lip fillers, Dr Steiger did a beautiful job enhancing my lips while also making them still look natural. READ MORE

I had a lot of lumps on the top and bottom of my lips because of the injections I had years and years ago. It distorted my smile and I would hide if a camera every came out. But the lip reduction procedure I had with Dr. Lam dramatically improved my quality of life. He’s an honest and... READ MORE

I never write reviews, this is my first one, I just want to say that I would not trust anyone else for my lips. I saw Dr Oleh Slupchynskyj 3 years back, for juvederm augmentation, and I was above and below happy with the results, and I feel it lasted for 2 ½ year. Then I went now, and he... READ MORE

I saw Dr Khan for my lip augmentation. I have very thin lips and it makes it very difficult to wear lipsticks and when I do it looks like a thin line. I saw Dr Misbah Khan for lip augmentation. it was a wonderful experience; simply meeting someone who completely understood what my concerns are... READ MORE

I did it because i wanted my lips to be symmetrical and a bit fuller. In stead the fullest side was still more fuller than the left side. after a year most of the product is gone and my right side is still a bit fuller than before... When i should do it again i would go to a doctor who... READ MORE

Had it done 2 weeks ago in Brisbane. For I ML of Juviderm paid $700. Could have hot dinner 20 minutes after. Feels good. A bit swelling on a second day.Cost a bit too much than I expected, but worth it.I'VE HAD IT DONE TWICE.HAD JUVEDERM IN BOTH LIPS- NO BRUISING, NO SWELLING..HAD IT DONE BY... READ MORE

I wanted my lips to look normal and minimize the lipstick lines. I had tried Juvaderm for lipstick lines twice with poor results with another physician. The procedure made my lips feel very hard and lumpy. After six months my lips were back to where they had begun. It was not worth the time... READ MORE

No i would never come back and i will tell everyone my experience , my mom had a similar experience as well READ MORE

Do this slowly the silicone is permanent so no going back ! Also be patient it has to kick in over time it's not like u walk out with juicy lips it takes a few treatments and your lips have to have time to grow ! Also I had another Doc do my first round and let me tell you Dr. Slupchynskyj... READ MORE

I Was Pleased to See Dr Slupchynskyj ,i Had my Lip Augmentation Done He Was Wondeful ,he Took His Time and the Result Perfect . i want it bigger READ MORE

I am still trying to decide if I like my lips. I literally had no lips prior and people thought I looked mad when relaxed (because my lips turned down naturally). A friend referred me to her nurse who is allegedly an "expert" with injectables so I decided to go for it. During my... READ MORE

I was always insecure about the size of my chin and upper lip. I always felt like my chin was abnormally large for my face and my upper lip was abnormally small for me face. It's unbelievable how this quick and painless procedure made my face more proportional, not to mention attractive. My... READ MORE

They were not able to achieve the kind of lip look that I wanted.... put too much in my cupid's bow and made me look manly and rough around my mouth, dissolved that with hyaluronidase but still have lumps in my inner, upper lip... it covers my teeth when I smile which looks odd...throws my... READ MORE

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