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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair underneath the skin’s surface. Though it's not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on different skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can also be performed on any part of the body. LEARN MORE ›

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I just think it gives the female body a cleaner look. Tired of waxing and it hurts too much. Laser was the perfect choice. I couldn't finish the treatment because everything was so booked and the dates were very far apart when I needed to reschedule because of work. But I would definitely like... READ MORE

Everyone is very courteous and the appointment is always quick and easy. They are also conscious of my comfort level. I recommend this office to anyone looking for a great and effective laser hair removal practitioner. Also love the reminders leading up to each appointment - keeps me organized... READ MORE

After moving to Miami Beach, I decided it was time to control the hair issue. It was a great choice. I've completed 3 treatments (out of 6), and things are noticeably improved. I'm looking into treating additional areas. The treatments are quick and easy (I go before work), and the results are... READ MORE

I purchased a Groupon for laser hair removal. I thought this would be a good way for me to try out this service. I received a total of 6 treatments on my lower part of both legs (from the knees down). I am not a very hairy person, but I wanted not have to shave my legs being that I live in... READ MORE

I have been to this office several times now for several to remove waste treatment laser hair removal treatment and I have been purchasing their products lately I have seen a tremendous difference in my skin and I can't wait till my next appointment in 2 weeks so I can buy the fabulous eye cream... READ MORE

I had my laser hair removal done 8 years ago and I had just started to think about having another round of it now. My treatment was 6 times across a month or two (if i remembered correctly). It hurt less each time and found less hair growth (duh). I didnt have to shave at all in the first... READ MORE

For many 10 years I have had laser hair removal on my face, with no permanent success, despite initial promises on paper that it would take 3 treatments. After 11 treatments, I complained and Dr Buddy Beaini wrote me a letter promising free treatments until permanent removal occurred. He has now... READ MORE

I love it when you call a plastic surgeons office and you have some young inexperienced receptionist rushing you off the phone as if she's too busy and her phone is ringing off the hook! I wasn't impressed last time I went in but decided to give them another chance. Let's see how things go... READ MORE

Oh my gosh I cannot rave enough about this! Seriously if you are remotely considering it give it a go. I started with getting my bikini line done, and have then done underarms, full legs and now arms. I have fair skin and dark body hair and have always been so conscious of it. I wish I knew... READ MORE

I wanted to try laser hair removal on my chest, stomach, back and arms. Been shaving for years and I am tired of it. Tried laser for the first time and it only took about 1 hour to treat all areas mentioned. I was surprises! I did not think it was uncomfortable at all. The chest area was more... READ MORE

Excellent Service. Ver y satisfied with the outcome!!.I will truly recommend it to any of My friends. They always have new traetments offer!. I just love the fact that I always walk in and get out with New options of improving one's looks. I love it ver y ver y much................................ READ MORE

The office staff was very friendly and efficient! I loved the Botox results and the laser treatments were worth every penny! DR. Zeidler is very professional and I absolutely love the results of it the Botox! I look 25 again! I am especially impressed with how informative and efficient the staff... READ MORE

I have had laser hair removal a year or so ago and had great results, the hair fell out and thinned dramatically. Recently I wanted to get it done again as I am going to thailand and wanted the hair to fall out so I wouldn't have to shave while I'm away. The lady used the candela gentlelase pro... READ MORE

I was really nervous to try laser removal but Laser Away was great! I got my legs and arms done and couldn't be happier about the results. I am in AZ but I know they have California locations as well. So my experience is for the AZ location only. Staff was great and I think the price was fair. I... READ MORE

I've tried everything to get rid of hair!! Waxing, creams, shaving - all a pain! So I decided to try laser hair removal at Simon Lee Aesthetic Medical Clinic and it was the best decision I've ever made!! I had a Brazilian bikini line and the results have been AMAZING and it was totally pain free :-) READ MORE

Look good feel better is why you go and how you feel after. Great service and great assistance! I really appreciated the staffs expertise and their timeliness delivery services getting laser hair removal was really good experience all around I think the prices were reasonable especially if you... READ MORE

I had a terrible experience at a MedSpa in PA, which they say is rated the highest/best laser hair removal in the STATE! BS!! I went there recommended from my mom's friend. They lure you in saying that you will have permanent hair removal. I knew nothing about hair removal at the time, and so I... READ MORE

Years ago I took a birth control pill that caused horrible hair growth on my chin. It got to where I couldn't handle it anymore and decided to get laser done. It started improving rapidly and now it's been well over five years and it's still great. I have one touch up appointment left that I... READ MORE

I was referred to dr jan juan by a great friend who has trusted him for years after he helped her solve a major issue. She swore by him and I knew I trusted her experience. I have had issues with course dark hairs growing on my chin and along the sides of my face and my upper lip. So I decided... READ MORE

I was a twice a day shaver on my legs. I discovered laser hair removal and I am hooked. I save so much time getting ready daily. I have 4 kids, so this is a big deal for me. I went to a place called Seriously Skin. They were professional and knowledgeable. They use a machine called the... READ MORE

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