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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair underneath the skin’s surface. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on different skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. While there’s no laser that’s ideal for every individual, there’s an option for almost everyone. Laser hair removal can also be performed on any part of the body. A series of treatments are usually needed for hair removal to be permanent. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $1,050

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I'm kind of excited. I bought a voucher to do laser hair removal from living social, or social living, however it's called. Three areas of laser hair removal for $299 for 18 months with unlimited visits during that 18 months. I haven't scheduled yet, but I'm looking to do it either on the 17th... READ MORE

I had a consultation with Diane at Laser Hair Removal Skin and Vein Center in Rochester, Michigan and after her being 45 minutes late for our appointment. I met a friendly, slightly over-zelous woman. She offered to show me her new laser machine for free. I asked her many questions about the... READ MORE

One of my friends had it done on her fine, dark facial hair and never regretted doing it. Another did her bikini line and told me not to shave before the appointment. WRONG. I got to their office. I was told to go home and shave, and book another appt or I could shave with their cheap-o razor. I... READ MORE

I had IPL Laser done with Tal Roudner. It was the worst experience and my life is permanently ruined. I am warning everyone against doing this procedure. When I went in for the laser consultation Tal asked me to sign a document stating that paradoxical hair growth is a possibility after laser... READ MORE

I bought the laser hair removal machine from Costco and tested it with the lowest setting on my lower leg, and for 2 days there was no reaction, so I did the full lower leg. After 3 days my skin broke out and started to become reddish with blisters and itching. Now it is been for a week, Ive... READ MORE

I have had one laser hair removal treatment on the bikini area and after one treatment I have 80 percent less hair. They used the Lightstim Laser and there was only minor pain with numbing cream. I had no burning and no irritation after the treatment. I have very pale skin with very dark hair so... READ MORE

I have been doing laser hair removal for years now and never got burnt until two months ago when i decided to do my stomach line. I got burnt and now i have light-white colored circles all around my stomach. is this permanent? are there any laser treatments available that will resolve this... READ MORE

I had 5 laser hair removal treatments on my bikini area and underarms. No hair growth so far after 3 months. I have one more left but was told to wait till I see some hair. It was somewhat uncomfortable even with the numbing cream that I bought there, but it was tolerable. The lady who did... READ MORE

I am ready to finally get rid of this arm hair! I have been wearing long sleeves for too long. The laser center I will be going to uses the Palomar lasers. I am extremely worried about laser induced hair growth. Has anybody had any experience with that? Is it common with palomar lasers? I... READ MORE

I've been considering doing some sort of hair removal for a while now. I decided to start with the bikini area (basic, not extended) since waxing there is ridiculously excruciating. Apparently, LHE (light, heat, energy) isn't the same as laser hair removal, which I didn't know. I bought my 6... READ MORE

I used laser hair removal to address facial hair, but it wasn't very effective and the results were not permanent. I completed all of the treatments recommended by the dermatologist.  However, less than a year later, most of the hair came back.  It is important to know the... READ MORE

I used a local laser hair removal place, where I paid 800 dollars for underarm.I was very pleased with the results after 6 treatment. Before I would shave in the morning and by evening I would have a 5 o'clock was very embarrassing at the gym. Now I tweeze the 2 fine hairs that come... READ MORE

I've been researching on laser removal , and i had this offer , which i want to know is it good or not, so plz help! i am scheduled to work on IPL or Diode machine ( which is better? ) they said i will need from 6 to 8 sessions , 50% of hair will be reduced after 1st session, and the rest of... READ MORE

I have done one laser hair removal treatment in the past. I am light tan in complexion (caribbean african decent mainly). The laser works well if the hair is dark which I have. The hair grew back and fell out aftertwo weeks. After this it grew back thinner than before. I saw real results.However... READ MORE

Doing laser hair removal can be painful at times but the aftermath is worth it. Laser hair has eliminated the ingrown hairs which was a big challenge for me. Laser hair removal can take a process of a year or more, just be willing to sacrifice your time and be persistant. I wish I would have... READ MORE

The medi spa I go to was offering a 50% of special on laser hair removal. I elected to do my facial hair and underarms as this is a really good deal. I'm light skinned but I knew going in that any of the lighter colored hair may not be successfully removed in the process. I noticed a significant... READ MORE

I saw an online special for Laser Hair Removal for your Underarms for $199. I thought that was a really good deal and decided to purchase the package. I didn't want to shave anymore and am I glad I finally tried it. It was great - pain free and after two treatments I was shaving half as much. By... READ MORE

I bought one of their September specials, a lower leg package of five treatments for only $975! I got my underarms done also. I am kind of a wuss and don't handle pain very well but I was surprised how painless the laser was! It was really quick and easy. READ MORE

Had many sessions and spent a lot of money and time and endured a lot of pain for hair removal of legs. Now I have patches all over the entire legs where the hair is not gone at all. My advise to anyone considering using American Lazer Center DON"T It's expensive and the results WILL NOT be... READ MORE

So I am probably one of the younger ones on here who has gotten this treatment. I'm only 16, but I have had a hair problem ever since I hit puberty, which was when I turned 11. I live in California, where it is hot most of the time, so shorts and skirts are the perfect things to wear year round.... READ MORE

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