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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair underneath the skin’s surface. Though it's not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on different skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can also be performed on any part of the body. LEARN MORE ›
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I had laser done 1 year ago and is fab. Lightsheer is best laser for me. I had IPL before and had no results, waste of money. After 1 year my skin is still like a baby skin, there was some pain during the sessions. I wanted tell you guys that I had always redness after my laser session and my... READ MORE

I'd remove all of my unwanted hair if I could. I love the way my skin feels on the areas I've done, plus I was a slave to shaving my legs and under arms every day/or every other day 'cuz if I didn't when I did I got horrible red bumps. I'm pretty much done with the under arms at this point, I... READ MORE

Have PCOS. Have had about 7 sittings of hair removal laser. For the first 4 sittings YAG laser was used and 5th sitting onwards Alexanderite. I highly recommend Alexanderite for good results. I had black coarse hair on my upper lip, chin and neck. So far good results. But of course, I need to... READ MORE

I started doing laser hair removal a year ago (candela GentleLase) . Its now been more than a year . I did 6 treatments . I have very coarse dark black hair and very white skin. Believe it or not, the hair grew back. However I can see a slight difference, I can tell that I have finer hair and... READ MORE

It has been almost 1 year since my first visit to RejuvaYou Medical Spas in South Pasadena and I think it is about time I wrote an update. I really love going back to this spa as I always feel welcome and greeted very professionally with courteous staff. It's the kind of place anyone can feel... READ MORE

Like most women, I am not a big fan of hair. I have been shaving my brazillian region for years but due to my sensitive skin I always had ingrown hairs. I looked into waxing a few months ago and thought that that might a an option. However, upon reading about how painful it is and that it... READ MORE

I'm very happy with the Laser hair removal. I used epilady before the laser hair removal and had several painful ingrown hairs. While the hair on my legs is not completely gone after 4 treatments it is much thinner and finer. Debbie at Blue Water is a great technician and does a really good job... READ MORE

I had Laser Hair Removal (LHR) with a Soprano Laser. But after two sessions I found brown spots , redish-pinkish spots, and "grainy" areas (areas with pinkish pimple-like bumps). I don`t know if my unfortunate experience was due to erroneous settings or simply because laser was not safe for me... READ MORE

I saw dr. Pearl Grimes in Los Angeles after getting post inflammatory hypopigmentation after laser hair removal on my lower legs. I found her 4 months after my hair removal situation. She is near The La Brea tar pits. She prescribed narrow band UVB. Treatment. I had 17 treatments total. My... READ MORE

I went for a full leg and bikini lasser hair removal and really like the results. I had started this procedure elsewhere twice, but after the first session had to interrump because I got pregnant. So now, finally I came here and in only 5 sessions I feel almost hair free. Besides I really like... READ MORE

I went to two different places for my laser hair removal, The first place I went was a day spa, the technician was very nice, pretty informative, she talked me into purchasing a bundle of sessions, I purchased 6 treatments for full bikini, face and areola for about 2000 total, and they let me... READ MORE

I have been contemplating having laser hair removal for a while, so I was happy to learn there was finally a laser safe for darker skin tones, the Nd:YAG laser. I am a black women with a medium dark complexion and very dark brown hair. I just got my third treatment (of six) today for under arms... READ MORE

I've been visiting this office for over a year for Candela Gentle YAG hair removal sessions on my face, armpits, full bikini and half legs. I've done 2 cycles (6 sessions apiece) on my legs/bikini as some areas can be more stubborn depending on the amount of hair, but the results are night and... READ MORE

I am 22 and I am of Japanese ethnicity but also have some Latin in me. I chose to do laser hair removal because I absolutely HATE to shave. I have very dark, very coarse hair. Usually the prickly stubble would appear about 2 days after I shaved. So I did my research. My brother had also gotten... READ MORE

I had a great experience at the med spa office at pro sports club. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Crystal answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. It helped eliminate any ingrown hairs and I didn't have to shave for about a month. I will... READ MORE

It was my third time (first time at this clinic) for Laser Hair removal and I wasnt sure what their way of doing things was. I told front desk lady that I needed to shave before the laser hair removal (she says oh you don't need to the technician will do it for you). When technician took me in... READ MORE

Don't let the doctor's fool you with their packages of "6 treatments," laser hair removal takes many, many treatments to work. Here is why -- you need to have the laser be at the right width/depth while hitting the hair in the growth cycle. Not all hairs are growing all the time. Good laser... READ MORE

I am writing because I started laser hair removal in January. I have had good results to the fact that I have no ingrown hairs at all. After trying electrolysis I broke out and my skin was very red on my face. I had no irritation after laser and my skin cleared up. It takes getting used to the... READ MORE

Started laser hair removal for bikini area three months ago and I have seen amazing results. Almost no hair left after 3rd treatment. I suffer from sebaceous cysts and have notice they have nearly disappeared since I began laser hair removal treatments. Would definitely recommend to friends. ... READ MORE

I guess I learned the hard way that hair follicles help the structure of the layers of your skin. Now that I have less hair on my face, there is pits and some scaring which appears to several pits close together. Its really undermined my confidence in lasers. It make me wonder if they... READ MORE

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