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WORTH IT RATING based on 360 reviews
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Laser hair removal utilizes lasers to target hair roots. It can work on all skin tones (including tanned skin), and can be performed on any area of the body. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $1,050

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I have been going to see the aesthetician at Phoenix Skin for laser hair removal to my chest and back hair for a few months now and it has made a huge difference. Dr. Laris' aesthetician, McKenzie Kelly is the absolute best and I wouldn't trust anyone else doing my procedures. I have had 8... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal on my bikini area about 7 years ago. I think people seem to forget its actually hair growth reduction. They possibly can't get every single hair to stop growing. I still have to shave some area's from time to time. It was so worth the money and I am a satisfied... READ MORE

Note: make sure you read the updates below, as I had the treatment again in 2012 with much better results. About 6 years ago I decided to do laser hair removal. Like most women, I was sick of shaving & waxing so a permanent solution was very appealing. I had my underarms and bikini area... READ MORE

Here's my story, My dad has a beard, my mom has a "beard" therefore I was destined thru the grand blend of DNA to get that beard. (ok, it's not a full on beard but being a woman even 1 hair kills confidence!) My sister and mother spent many days plucking/tweezing/shaving...I'd believed it was... READ MORE

Warning for those going for hair removal!! His lasers can and will burn. I was left horribly disfigured by his hair removal laser and was burnt over a huge area of my body. Had numbing cream on at the time so did not feel it while it was happening. He was apologetic but I am now left with... READ MORE

Im 30 years old and have suffered with facial hair since i was a teenager.....dark coarse hair in side burn region and fine dark hair under my cheekbone region. I have been threading for quite some time now ...which is painful and results only last about 4-5 weeks...the past month Ive been... READ MORE

6 weeks ago I went to Dr. Janjua for laser hair removal for my chin and mustache. As I age the hair is getting thicker and causing me to be more insecure.I have attempted laser hair removal about 5 other times by different cosmetic and laser doctors only to be disappointed at the result. I have... READ MORE

I had an experience where just prior to my laser hair removal session an Esthitican aggressively rubbed my face for an extended period to remove makeup for the laser hair removal treatment. She proceeded immediately with the laser hair removal treatment and the following day I woke up to a... READ MORE

Simplicity laser uses a membership billing plan.. basically you sign up for the part of your body (oh whole body) you want to remove hair on and they charge you monthly for your treatments. The advantage of this is that it is incredibly inexpensive, the whole body plan was $149/mo for 2 years... READ MORE

Im just about to have me 6th and final course of laser treatment on my face, for chin and jawline, and I have to admit the results have been fantastic so far. I only wish I had done it sooner. Before the treatment I was shaving at least twice a day, was paranoid about anyone noticing it, I had... READ MORE

I had bought the tria laser to try & get some cheap laser hair removal & it wasn't working but then I saw a groupon for laser hair removal & since it was less money than the tria I decided to give it a try. Every time I went in there the staff was great & I was in & out... READ MORE

I'm kind of excited. I bought a voucher to do laser hair removal from living social, or social living, however it's called. Three areas of laser hair removal for $299 for 18 months with unlimited visits during that 18 months. I haven't scheduled yet, but I'm looking to do it either on the 17th... READ MORE

I had a consultation with Diane at Laser Hair Removal Skin and Vein Center in Rochester, Michigan and after her being 45 minutes late for our appointment. I met a friendly, slightly over-zelous woman. She offered to show me her new laser machine for free. I asked her many questions about the... READ MORE

One of my friends had it done on her fine, dark facial hair and never regretted doing it. Another did her bikini line and told me not to shave before the appointment. WRONG. I got to their office. I was told to go home and shave, and book another appt or I could shave with their cheap-o razor. I... READ MORE

I had IPL Laser done with Tal Roudner. It was the worst experience and my life is permanently ruined. I am warning everyone against doing this procedure. When I went in for the laser consultation Tal asked me to sign a document stating that paradoxical hair growth is a possibility after laser... READ MORE

I bought the laser hair removal machine from Costco and tested it with the lowest setting on my lower leg, and for 2 days there was no reaction, so I did the full lower leg. After 3 days my skin broke out and started to become reddish with blisters and itching. Now it is been for a week, Ive... READ MORE

I have had one laser hair removal treatment on the bikini area and after one treatment I have 80 percent less hair. They used the Lightstim Laser and there was only minor pain with numbing cream. I had no burning and no irritation after the treatment. I have very pale skin with very dark hair so... READ MORE

I have been doing laser hair removal for years now and never got burnt until two months ago when i decided to do my stomach line. I got burnt and now i have light-white colored circles all around my stomach. is this permanent? are there any laser treatments available that will resolve this... READ MORE

I had 5 laser hair removal treatments on my bikini area and underarms. No hair growth so far after 3 months. I have one more left but was told to wait till I see some hair. It was somewhat uncomfortable even with the numbing cream that I bought there, but it was tolerable. The lady who did... READ MORE

I am ready to finally get rid of this arm hair! I have been wearing long sleeves for too long. The laser center I will be going to uses the Palomar lasers. I am extremely worried about laser induced hair growth. Has anybody had any experience with that? Is it common with palomar lasers? I... READ MORE

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