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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair underneath the skin’s surface. Though it's not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on different skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can also be performed on any part of the body. LEARN MORE ›
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Outstanding! Could not have asked for anyone better. Dr. Kahn is most definitely the best at what he does and I have the results to prove it. I also looked forward to each visit because the staff just makes you feel at home. Any questions that i had about my procedure were answered throughly and... READ MORE

I needed laser hair removal. I had hair on my back, arms, chest, and other body parts that I simply wanted gone! What a great job and great results! I have minimal hair left. I highly recommend Dr. Khan and his services! I can finally go to the beach and pool and take my shirt off without... READ MORE

I bought a package for full leg, Brazilian and underarms. I am pale with dark hair. I'm up to my tenth treatment and I'm happy with the results, with one exception. My armpits itch a lot, not only one or two days after the treatment, but ongoing. I've never had a problem with itching armpits... READ MORE

Dr. Patel was awesome!!! Each visit was quite effective and relatively painless! She took her time to explain the process . Dr. Patel kept the number of visits to a minimum hence keeping my cost to a minimum. She was the most honest and most knowledgeable dr. I have been to so far! I am looking... READ MORE

I was so tired of shaving. I went to see Tammy (medical esthetician) for laserhair removal. I had full legs done and she did my chin and top of my feet for free. I am completely hair free. It didn't hurt at all. She was so professional and amazing and made me feel so comfortable. I cannot wait... READ MORE

I bought 6 laser removal sessions at Lavender Medspa and it ended up being a waste of money. The staff was nice but the results were lacking. I did not see any improvement at all, I was at least expecting the growth rate to slow or the hair not be as thick but nothing. I don't know if I would... READ MORE

I started going to Autumn about 1 year ago, when I purchased a Groupon for a facial. I thought it was going to be a one-time thing, but I was hooked once I started going to Autumn! I have become a regular customer of facials/chemical peels and now laser hair removal. I cannot say enough great... READ MORE

The treatment only lasted about 10 minutes. The tech was nice and tried her best to make me feel comfortable. She made sure the setting was just right, not too low, which would be ineffective, and not too high which may have cased damage. After the treatment was over, my skin felt itchy, once I... READ MORE

Great staff, did not hurt at all. Cant wait till my next visit. Loved there laser new yag machine. It had a cold air release. The procedure took less then an hour and a half. I did it at my lunch break. I went back to work on time. With out any discomfort. They even had a special for the summer... READ MORE

I've been having treatments on and off for the past 8 years. The last 5 years have been maintenance only. I had most of my body done (full legs, full arms, butt, underarms, full bikini) and I would say I am 85% hair free. In some areas like my butt, arms and legs, I am about 98% hair free.... READ MORE

I hemmed and hawed about getting laser hair removal for the past couple years. I finally went for it, starting first with my underarms, and I'm SO glad I did! When I went in for my second treatment for my underarms, no hair had even grown back. I added a bikini package and so far had one... READ MORE

I'm almost done with my laser hair removal process. Dr Khan has been very professional, honest, and knowledgable. My hair has been somewhat resistant to the process. In response, Dr Khan has gone out of his way to make sure I'm satisfied with the end result. I value professionals who value their... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal done by Kathy in South Barrington , IL and she is amazing !! I love my results and she Is super nice . I defintely recommend her. I hated having to shave everyday , it's just too time consuming !! Now I feel sexy smooth all the time :) the office is pretty clean and well... READ MORE

BEWARE THERE IS A LOT OF DETAIL HERE BUT I'M PROVIDING INFO THAT I THOUGHT MIGHT BE HELPFUL... I went to Ideel Image today after researching them and laser hair removal for awhile. I had a 30 minute consultation about my health and the options for what I wanted. I chose to get the full bikini... READ MORE

I decided to get laser hair removal for my under arms and bikini line. I wish I would have started this sooner---especially since I live on a beach for 8 years! I still have 2 treatments left. They recommended 6 treatments and then maybe a once a year maintenance. Obviously everyone is... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Siegel and his office staff was FANTASTIC! I am very pleased with the time and knowlegde that Dr. Siegel gave me. I decided to have laser hair removal done and was unsure about the way it was conducted as so many people advertise it. Dr. Siegel and Christina were very... READ MORE

After years of rashes, I was finally told that I had to stop shaving my legs. Are you kidding? I live in Louisiana in 2012! First I tried waxing, but that caused a rash too. I'm a girly girl who loves to wear dresses, so what could I do? I have had 4 laser hair removal treatments on my calves at... READ MORE

Groupon for 6 treatments of a large area $279 at Mayberry Plastic Surgery in Albuquerque, NM. My best friend and I purchased this groupon after discussing how badly we wanted laser hair removal on our bikini areas. I have seen good reviews for Dr. Mayberry on RealSelf so I hope his estheticians... READ MORE

I met Kris Mitchell last year for my first section, it was the best decision I made. Kris from the begging, have been always very professional, on time, with a great personality and smile. The staff over all are really nice, well educated, and eager to answer any question I asked, and I had many... READ MORE

DON'T be in two minds about laser reduction I STARTED IN 2010 AND HAVE GOOD RESULT AFTER THE TREATMENT , get a consultation( this is the best place ). Once you speak to the doctor(MILIAN DOSHI) , and get your hair analyzed,he is the best person to let you knw , how much hair reduction you can... READ MORE

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