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Laser hair removal is a treatment that uses lasers to target the roots of hair underneath the skin’s surface. Though it's not guaranteed to be permanent, a majority do experience permanent hair removal after a series of treatments. There’s a variety of lasers on the market, some more effective than others on different skin tones, hair colors, and treatment areas. Laser hair removal can also be performed on any part of the body. LEARN MORE ›
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I cannot say enough about how amazing this process has been. I began laser hair removal in Feb 2015. I have had Appointments in Feb, April, May & July approximately 6-7 weeks apart. I have two more to go (Scheduled for Aug and Oct). I prepaid for 5sessions and I will receive a 6th one free. I... READ MORE

I had my lower legs done. After 5 treatments I am pretty much hair free. This office is beautiful and you can tell they know there stuff. They include numbing cream in the price (unlike other places intern that charge extra for numbing) and it really didn't hurt much at all. Each procedure took... READ MORE

I used to shave three times a week and now I'm razor free. I'm extremely happy with my hair removal. no more razors or creams needed for sunny vacations. woo hoo! smooth legs all the time. I can wear whatever I choose no matter what day or time of the year. should of done this years ago. I... READ MORE

I've always hated shaving. Few hours afterwards I'm stubbly. It was frustration and made it extremely hard to feel sexy. After realizing that waxing every eight weeks priced between 60-100 dollars really adds up and I may be better off looking into laser hair removal. I did a bunch of research... READ MORE

Dr. Bekhor is a real God sent. I consulted many dermatologists and had many treatments. The only one who helped me get rid of my extremely severe problem was the excellent Dr. Bekhor. I will never ever trust anyone with my face. The staff at the clinic are extremely professional, helpful and... READ MORE

Like most women, I am not a big fan of hair. I have been shaving my brazillian region for years but due to my sensitive skin I always had ingrown hairs. I looked into waxing a few months ago and thought that that might a an option. However, upon reading about how painful it is and that it... READ MORE

Hello, I have a laser hair removal session the other day but forgot to shave for a few days before. The technician said it was fine, the hairs weren't too long and went about the appointment. I'm concerned that the whole appointment was wasted because the hair was too long to have an effective... READ MORE

For years I wouldn't wear shorts. I was embarrassed with my legs because I was constantly shaving & getting ingrown hairs!!! They were so painful & left scars. I tried every kind of razor & hair removal product & nothing worked. Finally a few months ago I decided to get laser hair removal. I've... READ MORE

A year ago I decided to change the method of removing this annoying hair on my body. So I made a research on modern different methods of hair removal and came across to E- light epilation (IPL+RF). After reading several reviews I learnt that it was the least harmful and pretty effective method... READ MORE

I had hair on my back and arms that was always difficult to manage and sometimes made me feel embarrassed to take off my shirt. She utilized the laser to removed the hair and here I am about 1 month lost procedure and am noticing significantly less hair on those areas. I'm looking forward to... READ MORE

I am really thankful to Bobita from Nu Clinic to render me such lovely service for the Laser hair removal treatment that I took here.I specially fly all the way from Delhi to Bangalore to get it done over here.Bobita is very efficient and know her subject really well.I am treated with warmth and... READ MORE

Lower Legs - After I had my 5th treatment there are only a few stray lighter growing hairs after 8 weeks, I'm very impressed and just had my 6th treatment 2 days ago. I changed from 1. Laser Clinics Australia (first 4 sessions) over to 2. Australian Laser & Skin Clinics, both used the same... READ MORE

Catriona is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable regarding the best hair removal options and techniques. Her initial consultantation was thorough. She answered all of my questions, did a skin analysis, explained the difference between types of hair, explained the lasers and cold air... READ MORE

The staff of Kaya skin clinic is biased towards their own interest. Staff gets a commission based on what service they sell, so instead of serving your interest they will serve their own interest. That is why instead of giving me a package for ND Yag Laser they gave me a package for Painfree... READ MORE

I am an African American male that has always dealt with the problem majority men of color or men with course hair deals with, ingrown hairs. I'm not a naturally hairy person, but being a man, I do have facial hair. After years of dealing with ingrown hairs, using tweezers to remove the hairs,... READ MORE

I have had a problem with facial hair and it has gotten increasingly heavier to the point where I had to shave every day. I had my 1st treatment on 4/2/15 and I can tell a huge difference. Have my 2nd treatment on 5/21 so I'll keep you posted. I only have to do a light shave maybe once a... READ MORE

I am very happy with my experiences at Dr. Gross' office. His staff is always friendly and professional. His office is extremely clean and organized. I have been getting treated for laser hair removal and the results are great! I would highly recommend Dr. Gross and his team for anyone... READ MORE

I just finished my 8th and final underarm laser hair removal appointment. I have 100% hair loss and have not shaved for months. Not one hair follicle. Can't tell you how great it is! With Summer right around the corner I will really get to enjoy it. It became less and less painful each session.... READ MORE

I had 4 hours of Coolsculpt, Restylane lip augmentation and my first Brazilian laser hair removal treatment all on the same day! Surprisingly, the latter was the MOST painful. I read that the laser would feel like tiny rubber bands snapping against the skin. No! I don't even know what to compare... READ MORE

I purchased the M? Smooth Elos laser hair removal system from Costco which sells it for $150 less than list price. My daughter just finished going to a skin clinic paying $150 per session to do her bikini line. She got great results after 8 treatments. I did not want to spend that much money... READ MORE

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