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WORTH IT RATING based on 356 reviews
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Laser hair removal utilizes lasers to target hair roots. It can work on all skin tones (including tanned skin), and can be performed on any area of the body. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $1,050

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I first tried laser hair removal at a well advertised and reputable place in NYC for my underarms. After six treatments, I'd say 90% has been removed. The remaining are very sporadic and fine - so not a problem. But I was a little concerned that each time I went, they used a different... READ MORE

I had a terrible ingrown hair problem on my legs. I went into laser hair removal with one goal: make the ingrown hairs go away please!In only 3 treatments, I never got another ingrown hair on my legs again. I did not expect the hairs on my legs to disappear, only the ingrown hairs, and I... READ MORE

Pros:some reduction in hair,softer hair(i think) Cons:clinic does not care about hair growth between two treatments Why i did it... believe me when i say i must be among the 20 hairiest women on earth.i do not exaggerate.let me mother's side was unbelievably hairy,so... READ MORE

Pros - Results were good over the seven months I was receiving the treatments. Cons - about 90% of the hair has grown back since I had my last treatment about four months ago. Also quite painful. For years I had always wanted to have this procedure done so when a laser treatment center... READ MORE

I have only had one treatment, but I could tell a slight difference after one treatment. A con is that I have a two year contract and I had not realized that it might not be safe to get pregnant while I was undergoing treatments. I am not planning on getting pregnant in the near future, but... READ MORE

Pro: They were right about the % of hair reduction in the areas after the first treatment. Great Price for the Package Deal: 6 Treatments for Upper Back, Full Legs, Lower Arms, Under Arms, and Full Bikini Area for $2700. Good Negotiating. Con: I was severely burned in my Bikini area and... READ MORE

I had four lots of laser hair removal on my underarms and on my feet and I found that it works very well on me. All of the hair isn't completely gone, but I would say that it is 80-90% gone. I do have light skin and dark hair though so I am an ideal candidate.I did have some pain, particularly... READ MORE

The first two treatments I experienced unbareable pain, but as I had more treatments the pain lessened. I am a little disappointed because I was expecting it to remove the hair, where it merely reduced the hair in some areas. Wasn't prepared for that considering the cost. READ MORE

First of all: DO NOT GO TO AMERICAN LASER CENTERS!! I had originally made an appointment with them before i knew anything about laser hair removals and what places were certified. This place was not certified and had at least 300 bad reviews just on the BBB. They also screw you with money. I did... READ MORE

I would recommend laser removal to anyone, BUT it is soooo important to find a reputable company and not expect a miracle after your first treatment. I found a company that offers a lifetime membership where you pay for the hair removal upfront and are guaranteed 10 sessions for that cost. ... READ MORE

I wanted to get rid of hair on my face but the effects of laser are not working so im thinking of going back to waxing. i want to know if this is ok. is it ok to wax instead of continuing laser hair removal treatment? READ MORE

I saved up the money to get the laser hair removal and was so excited. I have facial hair that really gets me down.It worked for a short time and all came back. I had 5 treatments. The plastic surgeon kept telling me that I was such a great candidate and it was working so well. I use the... READ MORE

I went for laser hair removal for my underarms as well as an extended bikini area. I have had 3 treatments done and still have one more left. It has not completely gotten rid of all the hair although it is much more sparse and therefore easier to shave/groom. I suppose if you wanted to get rid... READ MORE

Pros: I didn't find anyCons: Hair started growing longer and thicker than what I had. I had severe acne after my laser treatment.Hi, I had my laser a year ago. I feel this strimulated more hair growth on my face where there was lighter hair. I wasn't warned about that before. My hair... READ MORE

Not sure, yet. My daughter has taken only one treatment in her under arms. After the first treatment she had lot of discomfort in the treated area but was okay after 2-3 days.My daughter took her first laser hair removal treatment on her underarms. She had pain for a couple of days and the... READ MORE

I had eyebrow laser hair removal 3 days ago, some blister but alot of swelling of eyelids especially inner eyelid area. yesterday prescribed Bactroban to blisters. put ice on area day following, did not help. dr. said to try warm compress. still no improvement. what can I do? how long will this... READ MORE

Pros: most hairs removed. hairs a lot thinner and lighter cons: some pain and discomfort (but nothing serious and its worth it) I did it because I had a lot of coarse hair on my face which was tiring to maintain. The color of my skin above my upper lip is darker than the skin... READ MORE

I have had "icky" hair since puberty and have tried everything. This was my last option. I do not want to have to grow old with icky hairs on my chin and lip. I was told that it ought to be gone in 6 treatments. I have had 5 treatments and almost all the hair is still there as... READ MORE

Since my teenage years, I had a lot of dark, coarse facial hair on my upper lip, chin line and upper neck. Tried waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, cream remover, oral steroids (bad!!) and it would always (understandably) come back. I was getting scars from so much tweezing/digging and the area was... READ MORE

After consulting 3-4 clinics at last in June'2008 I have decided to take laser hair removal treatment for full face as I had very bad and hard growth on my chin area, the sidelock are also have dense but soft hairs. With this i have acne problem too.After few days of 1st sitting my face... READ MORE

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