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Laser Genesis is a YAG laser treatment that's intended to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, reduce acne scars, and diminish pore size. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $500

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My Background: I suffered from moderate cystic acne for eight years that caused boxcar and icepick scaring and as well as hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks. Now that I'm finally clearing up I talked to my dermatologist and he told me the only solution for the severity of my indented scars (which... READ MORE

I had a terrible experience with laser hair removal in 2009 and now have ingrown hairs and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation all on my lower legs. It's so embarrassing that I haven't worn skirts, dresses, or shorts since then! I'm only in my 20s and do want to get married and have kids but... READ MORE

One treatment to remove a few lines in between my brows. Or so I'd thought. Treatment was (so I've been told) within recommended range of joules /pulses. Not sure I believe it. But I never would have expected the outcome with this type of laser. After 4 days, my pores opened up like... READ MORE

Had one treatment done and plan on having two or three more (I got a really good special, 4 for $600). No down time, face was red for about 20 minutes afterward. Saw immediate results on one side of my face, but still have some remaining redness on the other side from old acne scars/broken... READ MORE

Hi guys After a couple of years of looking for the right procedure to get rid of my acne scarring (I was looking for the least invasive procedure as I would never go through CO2, considering the side effects and down time), I finally decided to go through Laser Genesis. Firstly,... READ MORE

I got a groupon deal for 2 laser genesis treatments for $100! Boy did I get a great deal! The laser genesis was very warm so I told the nurse to turn the temperature down a bit, I read on real self that less joules etc will prevent the harsh effects that have happened to some people who have... READ MORE

I had three out of a series of six laser genisis treatments and on the second treatment I got sort of a bump with a dark blue spot. I went back two weeks later and stupidly did another treatment and got seven more dark blue spots. I waited six months to see if they would go away and they didnt... READ MORE

I am 30yrs old and had two sessions of laser genesis and one session of ipl on my face in a 3 month period. Prior to getting the treatments I had very full cheeks, resillient skin, almost no fine lines or wrinkles. I did have sun damage/brown spots and my pores had started to become larger.... READ MORE

I've had Genesis done on my face 8 times now. It shrinks my pores, makes my skin less oily, and gives a mild skin-tightening effect that lasts several months. It's not like a facelift or anything, but at $300 per session I can afford to do it a couple times a year and it does help me... READ MORE

I had two treatments to lighten or remove the brown spots on my legs. After two treatments at $375, I would tell no difference what-so-ever. It was a waste of time and money. READ MORE

I was told it wouldn't hurt. It was painful, my skin has a red tinge to it 6 mo later, and I'm very regretful I had it done as I see no change other than reddness. READ MORE

I am also a Cutera Genesis horror story! :( I wish I'd never had any laser treatments! I had beautiful skin before having my life destroyed by this! I would not recommend laser to anyone! I went to a plastic surgeon asking about treatment for mild rosacea and was told I needed laser and to... READ MORE

I was sold the laser genesis as a mild laser treatment that would shrink my pores. After 6 treatments spaced a week apart, I am left with waxey funny textured skin, with tiny inflamed lumps all around my nose pores which makes them look enlarged (not smaller!) Terrible! I've been so... READ MORE

I am 37 years old and have always had large pores. For years I have had microdermabrasion, facials, and peels. Although they helped a little, I wasn't seeing the results that I had hoped to see. I recently heard about laser genesis and thought I would give it a shot. Yes, it was a little on... READ MORE

This is a very nice "no downtime" procedure (although you will be red for a few hours especially in areas that were focused on). It subtly began to change the quality of my skin tone - a bit better with each session. I was told that IPL would help rosesea/or generalized redness around the... READ MORE

I am an RN at a medspa in LA. I started doing laser genesis two years ago for redness, large pores and fine lines. It's great because there is no downtime and I feel like my skin looks better immediately after. You definitely need to do a series in the beginning (6 treatments spread out... READ MORE

It seems to be helpful. But I am not sure if I received enought time for each session. It has been less than 10 minutes each time.I had a few sessions already. Each Laser genesis session only takes about 10 minutes or less. Should it be longer? READ MORE

I received 5 treatments of Laser Genesis spread 2 weeks apart. My last treatment was about 3 weeks ago. I am 30 years old, asian, and have suffered from oily, problem skin my whole life. Because I'm SO OILY my pores have naturally enlarged over time and I feel like the older I'm getting,... READ MORE

I feel good on my skill after one treatment though the improvement is not so significant just after 10 days. I want to improve the pore size or acne scars. READ MORE

I wanted to reduce fine lines and improve overall texture of skin. I see some noticable differences since having the laser genisus conducted a week ago. I've had the combination of three lasers including fraxel 1 1/2 years ago and definitely noticed great results then. I wish I chose to do... READ MORE

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