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Hair transplant (also called hair restoration or hair implantation) is the process of permanently restoring hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas. Healthy follicles are taken from other areas of the body, most often the back or the sides of the head. This can be done by taking a single strip of hair or removing follicles individually. The number of grafts needed depends on the patient and the size of the area being treated. Anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 grafts is average for a day of surgery. LEARN MORE ›
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14 years ago had a strip hair transplant from an unprofessional Dr. in Israel. his results were not satisfying and I was left with pathetic front hair line, and a bonus scar on the back of my head. As I grew older I continued to lose more hair, and the hair graft that were transplanted were ... READ MORE

I realized I had lost a lot of my hair. My remaining hair was difficult to groom and I was self-conscious. I felt uncomfortable at work (engineering) where I regularly interact and speak to large groups of people. I decided to take action. I found Dr. Boden by asking my circle of medical... READ MORE

As I write this review, it has been nearly 48 hours post-op. My hair loss began in my mid twenties & I have done my fair share of research over the years. I'm told I was somewhere between a Norwood category 4-4a. I had a terrific consultation with Dr. Anderson & Sara. They answered all my... READ MORE

I've had a large bald spot for the past 7 years that Propecia has kept from getting worse. Over the past two years I've had many consultations and done my homework. I can say without a doubt Dr. Anderson was the best choice. He's extremely qualified, cares very much about natural appearance,... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Diep of the MHTA Clinic in Los Gatos, CA. He had good reviews and seem to be a successful surgeon. I regretted it immediately after. 1. He focused on puttin implants where I had hair already, because he felt I would lose my hair but hair loss is not a problem for me I have a lot of... READ MORE

No results, Very disappointing. Got treatment from doctor related to AKS clinic gurgaon, Dr Akhilender and one doctor related to AIIMS. Also hair transplant is not a wise option as human head contains 1.5lakh hairs in normal condition and it makes no difference with 5000 more hairs, also... READ MORE

My crown of glory was disappearing.I thought it was initially the chemicals and heat that we African American Women use.I took the plunge and got the permanet straightened hair cut off,I then went natural for 1 year and my hairline continued to recede.Now I was going bald on top.I tried weaves... READ MORE

I had my procedure done on the 23rd January 2015. I had a hair transplant done, but without shaving my head, not usually done this way, but I'm a lady and could not live with having my whole head shaved. I was very impressed with the service and the price was fantastic, everything is just as... READ MORE

Prior to moving to Atlanta from CA in 2014 I was looking to have this procedure performed on the West Coast. As it turned out I was going to fly out to Atlanta to have Dr. Anderson do the procedure because he is regarded as one the best plastic surgeons that performs hair transplants, male or... READ MORE

I was about a 5 or 6 on the Norwood scale. I consulted with Sara (consultant) as well as Dr Anderson himself about my condition and got a lot of information about the different procedure types. I found both of their personalities very friendly, I was nervous about the procedure they recommended... READ MORE

Dr Anderson and staff were great. From the consulate to the procedure. They were on top of all questions with answers. They laid them out in laymans terms and while all the time professional, they were also very friendly, approachable and easy going. Never did I feel lead on or forced. The... READ MORE

Dr Yazdan and his staff were amazing, before, during and after the procedure. He made a point of explaining everything very clearly and accurately so I knew what to expect. The day-long procedure went by like a breeze, and with my detailed instructions in hand recovery was quick and absolutely... READ MORE

As a patient and life long friend of Dr. John Frank, I must say that he’s been one of the most influential people in my life. I met him ten (10) years ago when he did the first hair transplant procedure on me. I was frightened by the thought of doing a hair transplant that could change my... READ MORE

At the age of 24, I started noticing my hair line was receding at the frontal forehead area. Since then I have tried several different hair thinning treatments (Rogaine and other hair thinning treatment products), but none of the products I tried had any true impact on restoring my hair line... READ MORE

For years after tweezing beyond tweezing my eyebrows, the damage was done and regretted it. Had them tattooed which was better than creating my own. After a while I began to look for a more natural look and found that hair transplant for the head wasn't the only part of the body the procedure... READ MORE

IRecently, I have noticed some reseding of my hairline in the front of my head - I attribute the hairloss to wearing baseball caps for many years since no one in my family has suffered this problem.  Styling my hair always seemed to involve covering up the large bare spots which I hated . .... READ MORE

I had a thick head of hair about 9 months ago. Do to an accident I had, I lost some hair in the left side of my head. i did however have still a pretty thick head of hair. Bosley sold me on a $4,000 surgery, consisting of about 900 grafts to fill in the area. The surgeon came in, quickly... READ MORE

After all my research with doctors in the US and the two major transplant centers in Tijuana, I decided with Neopel. I went in on 12/26/2014 at 7:30 am and was out at 2:30 pm and never at once felt pain or uncomfortable at any time. Dr. Hernandez was very professional and new exactly what... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Anderson and within 10 minutes I knew he was the right surgeon to help me. The hair transplant procedure was easier than going to the dentist, although quite a bit longer (I was there about 11 hours). It took several months for the results to be obvious but the slow progress made it... READ MORE

I overdid waxing my eyebrows and was left with thin, unbalanced eyebrows for the last twenty years. I tried a variety of cosmetic solutions, including tattooing. As I aged, my hair thinned and the combination of thin hair and eyebrows made me look old. I researched every clinic in Washington, in... READ MORE

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