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Hair transplant (also called hair restoration or hair implantation) is the process of permanently restoring hair by surgically transplanting new follicles into the scalp. The process can take anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 grafts, and because it's surgery, there is some recovery period. LEARN MORE ›
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My motivation to get this procedure was my insecurity of my increasing baldness so I decided to be proactive about it rather than continue band aids like Propecia or Rogaine. My baldness was the type of thinning in the frontal area which is really untreatable other than by this procedure. I... READ MORE

I had been considering undergoing a hair transplant procedure for many years. In my evaluation of the different harvesting methods, I was always heasitant to do the strip method for the lack of recovery time needed to be away from the workplace and noticable incision scar [especially in the... READ MORE

After a lot of thinking I decided to go for a hair transplant as I didn't want to be bald. I was put in contact with the Fillhair clinic in Marbella via a Dublin company to have 2500 FUE grafts done by Nestor Pisano. I have to say the Dr and his team of surgeons were incredible. Made me feel... READ MORE

I first met doctor Frank in May 2013 and decided to have transplant in July 2013. I had thick hairs on sides and back. On top the density had reduced drastically and execpt for few hairs near forehead there was not much to cover the top of head. People could easily see patches. I was not able to... READ MORE

 I'm posting my full review based on my experience with AHS back in July 2013- Hair restoration with (AHS) was effortless. The ARTAS robotic arm made the process quick, efficient and left behind evidence (of the grafting) that could only be described as road rash. No long scar, no stitches,... READ MORE

The motivation to get the FUE Procedure was just to finally take action on an issue that was clearly weighing on my, not only physically, but physiologically. We can all relate to that. Thats why we're here reading this. I've only had the procedure like 11 days ago, but so far, the mental... READ MORE

I came to Dr. Barusco about a year ago and spent $15K on a hair transplant surgery. WORST $15K I ever spent. The results are horrible and definitely not worth what a paid for. Dr. Barusco and the staff were friendly before they got their money, but when I voiced my concern about my... READ MORE

Just saw a Tv show about hair loss. Tampa Hair MD was great. I had no problem and take no medications . They moved some hair from the back of my head to the balding areas . To easy and would have no problem with going back some day if I need too. Oh yes the cost I think it is very good 4500 to... READ MORE

I started this process almost 20 years ago having undergone a couple of the now outdated "Punch Graft" methods. The results obviously being very "pluggy" looking and I wore a hat most of the time as I had the same characteristics of a childs doll head/w hair. A few years later, I had a couple... READ MORE

I had the FUE procedure by Dr. Cole in Atlanta to repair old transplant scars. He's great and does a great job but his staff is awful. Making an appointment is the most frustrating thing in the world. I've been trying to schedule another appointment to finish the repair and they just changed... READ MORE

I was very skeptical about having hair replacement surgery done. My main concern was that the "balding" look is not very cool for guys, but it doesn't seem like very many people have this technique done - so something must be wrong, right? Well actually NO! I am so glad I had the procedure done... READ MORE

8 years later and so mad at myself for doing this. If your thinking about doing this...RUN! Its looks good for a few years but then it makes the rest of your hair fall out. The scar in the back cut offs circulation of blood to the rest of your hair. I had good black hair just a widows peak... READ MORE

This was a big step for me. Something I was looking into for years but never went through with it. Finally, I saw my head in a company photo and thought that is it. Anyway, no regrets. You cant even tell the hairs put in from the other hairs I have. The procedure does take almost half a... READ MORE

Two previous hair transplants had failed to give me the coverage and density I was seeking. Dr. Schreiber has a fantastic reputation in this field so I sought his consultation. He provided a plan for a 2000 follicle transplant which made good sense. All aspects of the procedure went smoothly.... READ MORE

I would not recommend this Doc Samuel Lam. Horrible results. Left permanent shockloss and scarring. Limited growth. I would not recommend this doc or procedure for anyone. He also censors his reviews if they are not favorable. The Hair transplant industry is an illusion that prays on your... READ MORE

I was so tired of hearing my family say, "Why don't you do something about your hair!" as if I could prevent the hair loss. I read about remedies, ordered and used products off the internet, took vitamins, tried different hair products, and did the "comb over". I finally went to the... READ MORE

I had the Hair Restoration done in June after doing research about options for African American women with frontal hair loss. I found a doctor who has over 20 years of experience. The Doctor and her staff were extremely professional and GUARANTEED I'd see results in 1 year. I decided to go... READ MORE

After my recent hair transplant, I just had to post a review to share my experience with Dr. John Bitner and his wonderful staff. This is my second transplant over a period of 9 years, unfortunately due to thinning hair. When I first started seeing my hair thin back in 2005, I was devastated.... READ MORE

In May 2011, I had a fine head of hair but have always been very self-conscious. I work hard to maintain a good body and skin to look sexy so I decided to have a little transplant to fix my front line. I didn’t know anything about hair transplants and had a bad result and lost more than what... READ MORE

In May 2011, I had a fine head of hair but have always been very self-conscious. I work hard to maintain a good body and skin to look sexy so I decided to have a little transplant to fix my front line. I didn’t know anything about hair transplants and had a bad result and lost more than what... READ MORE

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