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Hair transplant (also called hair restoration or hair implantation) is the process of permanently restoring hair by surgically transplanting new follicles into the scalp. The process can take anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 grafts, and because it's surgery, there is some recovery period. LEARN MORE ›
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I had a hair transplant at Civas Hair Transplant in 2012 Feb.I would like to present my before after photos to empower prospective patients.It took a day and a day after I was instructed for the post op care.It was a 2780grafts FUE transfer. READ MORE

It's been two weeks since my transplant.  It's going to be about 10-12 months before I know the impact of this procedure, but I'll make another entry to update this on how the hair growth is doing.  READ MORE

Loss of Hair or even a Bald look suits some like Yul Bryner or our own Anupam Kher. For most like me, it does not suit at all. At 61, with 75 % of the hair from the front and top region of the scalp disappeared within a short span of 3 years , I had the choice of either accepting this changed... READ MORE

I have experienced 14 hair restoration procedures over the last 25 years. That icludes two very painful scalp reductions. Overall, my experience has been great. I wasw lucky to have some good quality doctors that did not do any damage and make things worse. Losing my hair at 19 years old was... READ MORE

I've had 2 procedures with Bosley,2000 grafts each time. I would be completely bald back to the crown without them. It's very painful in the days after for me but my pal had the same procedure twice with the same doctor as me and only the second one as bad. I got Quasimodo like swelling... READ MORE

I actually got a 1,000 graft procedure done yesterday and I have another 1,000 scheduled in 8 months to fill in the areas. I am 26 year old account, often working it high powered CEOs and CFOs that run hospitals. It really got to me that most of the men I work with are twice my age but look... READ MORE

I had a thick head of hair about 9 months ago. Do to an accident I had, I lost some hair in the left side of my head. i did however have still a pretty thick head of hair. Bosley sold me on a $4,000 surgery, consisting of about 900 grafts to fill in the area. The surgeon came in, quickly... READ MORE

I was told by their consultant I need 1200 grafts to cover the front area of my head. He said that should be enough to give you full density. We do the implementation in three, two and one graft to give a natural hair look. I agreed to pay $6200 but on the day of surgery the doctor told me I... READ MORE

I am 47 and my hair starting thinning in my 20’s. I had been thinking about a hair transplant for at least five years, and I finally went ahead with the NeoGraft Hair Transplant with Dr. Stolman. I am so happy now that it has been six months and my hair is growing in and it looks so much... READ MORE

I am a 45 year old male with thinning hair from the crown to the front of my head. This is my second procedure with Dr. Anderson. The 1st was in 2006, and that was more of a preventive procedure. At the time of the 1st procedure Dr. Anderson indicated that I would need approximately 1200-1500... READ MORE

Even though I'm 28, I did my hair FUE Hair Transplantation with Dr.Umar. I work in customer service industry, and my look is a big part of my job. My rapidly receding hair line started damaging my self esteem, so I decided to proceed with the hair transplant. First I considered to do a strip... READ MORE

I totally agree with every single thing you have written about the Medical Park Hair Transplant Review, doors slamming, nurses on their mobiles laughing, only a 10 min consultation with the only English speaking person - don't even know if Dr Acar is a real doctor. It was a joke, i was scared... READ MORE

Hmm as excited i was for MY hair transplant then, even more excited i am now to write in here, as i have got useful info from this website, thx2 evryone for lots of ppl are online and watching thousands of ads for fue hair transplant in turkey for 1700 euros by medical park or cosmedica... READ MORE

I normally do not write reviews but I wanted to make sure it was known how happy I am and how much better I feel about myself. As a female, dealing with hair loss is very difficult emotionally. I noticed my hair thinning out from stress over the years and started to even get a bald spot in the... READ MORE

I was getting self conscious about my hairline and never really realized there was an option - other than wearing a hat:-) Then I heard a series of local radio ads and thought I'd call Dr. Quatela for an appointment. I really liked him from the first minute I met him and we decided to move... READ MORE

Amazing results! I would call it successful. I am very pleased with the results, minus the unforeseen posterior scar expansion. I am so glad that I pursued this transplant when I did and Jeff could work me into his schedule, because I think given my recent hair loss I would be very, very thin or... READ MORE

I had a hair transplant that I was not happy with. However I just shave my head bald and let the scar show. You can buy some products at the drugstore that you can apply that make the scar less noticeable. Or visit a dermatologist, there are some procedures that can reduce the appearance of the... READ MORE

Here is my HT experience to date. I began experiencing hair loss at the age of 21 in college and it slowly started reducing my self -confidence. After looking at the day to day solutions for hair loss (Rogaine , Propecia). I decided on using my life saving ($5000) to acquire a "permanent" fix... READ MORE

Young guy balding at 26. Got a strip hair transplant of 3000 grafts from Dr. Gardel. Results were impressive and I did a second transplant with them. The results of second transplant have not shown yet as it is too early. Would recommend to other fellow friends who are fighting this genetic... READ MORE

As a 42 year old male, I was experiencing classic symptoms of male pattern baldness. I consulted with Dr. Fernau and his staff and decided to have 1400 grafts implanted. Dr. Fernau, Sheila, and Sherry were all wonderful to work with. Their knowledge, skill, and friendliness made my experience... READ MORE

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