Gastric Bypass

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Gastric bypass alters your digestive tract by attaching a small stomach pouch to your small intestine. By bypassing part of the intestine, you limit the amount of calories your body absorbs — an extra step not taken with sleeve gastrectomy and the lap bandLEARN MORE ›

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I had rny surgery March 31st. it was the best decision I've ever made. since I've lost 60 lbs. the journey is hard each and every day. it challenges ur mind daily. with the "head hunger". but if u follow what you are supposed to do u will succeed. we are all human I've had my downfalls. but as... READ MORE

After gaining weight from the first surgery, I decided to get the revision. I ended up going to Dr. Jaime Ramos-Kelly in Mexico. I encourage all to do research as there are some bad doctors in Mexico, but my experience with Dr. Kelly was on par with doctors in the US or better in some instances... READ MORE

I am hoping to get rid of my visceral fat that could not be removed with Lipo nor abdominalplasty. I am really looking forward to being a healthier version of me. Getting rid of hypertension and severe pain associated with my weight. I also hate having to wear a CPAP so hoping to get rid of... READ MORE

I am in research of a gr w at Dr in Mexico for the VSG sleeve or bmi is 42 i have tried all diets and now i need to try something new.i have heard a lot of bad about Dr A and he was my second choice my first was Dr Ortiz and now i am wondering if Dr Garcia and Ortiz has as many horror... READ MORE

Gastric bypass was the best decision I have ever made! Starting weight: 280lbs Lowest Weight: 132lbs Current Weight: 155lbs I would highly recommend Dr. Schmitt to anyone seeking a bariatric surgeon. He has compassion for his patients, and wants the best for them! Not to mention I am 5 years... READ MORE

My story began with my inability to enjoy my vacations any longer. i love to travel and had ballooned up to 500 lbs. in feb 2013 i had a gastric bypass that resulted in me losing over 235lbs as well as leaving me with lots of loose hanging skin. despite a history of pulmonary emboli and bleeding... READ MORE

Hi My name is ReRe and I am 37 yrs old one 11yr old daughter and I am 270 pounds I cant believe how much weight I have gained over the last yr. at first I was 240 for a while as you can see I am not new to this site I had a breast reduction surgery Nov 2012 you can go look at the pictures well I... READ MORE

I just had my surgery last week and I am on day 4. I'm feeling extremely emotional from everything that has happened. I guess I'm afraid of the unknown. I have lost 31 pounds from the optifast for the presurgery. I just keep reminding myself that I did this to change my life to live a real life.... READ MORE

Weight loss Surgery is a tool. That is the way everything in life Should be looked at.Things to help improveoneself image. The Same thing is to be Said for any type Cosmetic surgery, Should be used as tool for SELF motivation in turn you will Motivation and or confidence. It will also reflect on... READ MORE

Dr. Kemmeter was my doctor for my gastric bypass, i've been happy with the weight loss, but now my teeth are falling out! I have been told that is one of the big complications. I am so very sad to loose my teeth. I was not aware that was might happen. I only saw Dr.K twice. Whenever I went... READ MORE

After 6+ months of nutritionist appointments, psych evaluations, and other medical-related appointments and discussions to get both my body and mind in order, I had gastric bypass surgery (roux en y aka RNY) on November 18th, 2009. My highest weight was 335 pounds, and my weight the day of... READ MORE

No prior pregnancies. comorbidities: borderline high BP Prediabetes high triglycerides high LDL low HDL Mild iron deficiency anemia Sore and weak joints thinning cartilage in knees Chronic inflammation SUI Back pain due to belly weight moderate sleep apnea After 10 years of weight... READ MORE

Looking for someone who has had the gastric bypass that was also diabetic. Really ready but really scared. I was going with sleeve until doctor informed me that there was only a 50% chance to get rid of the diabetes. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I am paying cash because its not... READ MORE

As the title suggests, I have turned 52 and have been fat forever. I've had all the drugs and diets and contributed handsomely to the incomes of the various snake oil salesmen and dilettantes of the dietary industry with varying and little success I am now 350 pounds and my surgeon who I met... READ MORE

I had high blood pressure but once I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and sleep apnea, I knew I had to do something. I wanted to enjoy life. I was tired of not being able to go on vacation and really enjoy instead of watching my family enjoy and being embarrassed. In the summer I covered up. I... READ MORE

When I started my journey back in November 2010 my starting weight was 321 I am at 170 now. I am having a hard time trying to find a plastic surgeon that takes my insurance. I am so ready to get ready of all this excess skin and fat pockets off of me. If you have any ideas how to use medicare&... READ MORE

I'm 26 and I'm a single mother of two kids. I do have thyroid issues,hosshimotos disease to be exact and it's caused me to gain weight like no other after the birth of my daughter. Weighing nearly 300 lbs and wanting a change, I started adipex and the diabetic diet and exercise. I successfully... READ MORE

I weighed 225 and was gaining. I was worried that I couldn't play with My grandchildren because I just couldn't stay on a diet. I was 75 lbs. over weight when I had my stomach stapled. I lost all the weight and then some. I looked amazing. I was given no direction on what to do when the first... READ MORE

Thank you for all of you who posted information in this site. I struggle with weight my entire life. Lost much and gain some and lost more and gain more. I had breast cancer, metastasis and did a bone marrow transplant. I am doing great on that area but every time I felt a lump growing in my... READ MORE

I'm excited to get this started. Reading reviews the recovery process sounds a bit scary, but knowledge is power, right? I'm in this 100% and ready to feel healthier, and hopefully have much less pain. I'm a breast cancer survivor and fought hard to survive, and due to the weight gain I feel... READ MORE

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