Gastric Bypass

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Gastric bypass alters your digestive tract by attaching a small stomach pouch to your small intestine. By bypassing part of the intestine, you limit the amount of calories your body absorbs — an extra step not taken with sleeve gastrectomy and the lap bandLEARN MORE ›
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I was very successful after the surgery weighing at 366 and now down to 162, grant it I eat healthy and plan on maintaining my weight loss, and was lucky to have insurance to cover the cost, I am a new person inside and out, but have managed to excersise so I shrank well as my doctor put it. READ MORE

I had been obese my entire life. Every doctor visit, regardless of reason also included conversation about losing weight. I hated it. I hated how I felt, I hated how people treated me and I hated myself. After 40 years of ridicule and constantly mounting health problems I began researching... READ MORE

Looking for someone who has had the gastric bypass that was also diabetic. Really ready but really scared. I was going with sleeve until doctor informed me that there was only a 50% chance to get rid of the diabetes. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I am paying cash because its not... READ MORE

As the title suggests, I have turned 52 and have been fat forever. I've had all the drugs and diets and contributed handsomely to the incomes of the various snake oil salesmen and dilettantes of the dietary industry with varying and little success I am now 350 pounds and my surgeon who I met... READ MORE

No prior pregnancies. comorbidities: borderline high BP Prediabetes high triglycerides high LDL low HDL Mild iron deficiency anemia Sore and weak joints thinning cartilage in knees Chronic inflammation SUI Back pain due to belly weight moderate sleep apnea After 10 years of weight... READ MORE

When I started my journey back in November 2010 my starting weight was 321 I am at 170 now. I am having a hard time trying to find a plastic surgeon that takes my insurance. I am so ready to get ready of all this excess skin and fat pockets off of me. If you have any ideas how to use medicare&... READ MORE

I'm 26 and I'm a single mother of two kids. I do have thyroid issues,hosshimotos disease to be exact and it's caused me to gain weight like no other after the birth of my daughter. Weighing nearly 300 lbs and wanting a change, I started adipex and the diabetic diet and exercise. I successfully... READ MORE

I weighed 225 and was gaining. I was worried that I couldn't play with My grandchildren because I just couldn't stay on a diet. I was 75 lbs. over weight when I had my stomach stapled. I lost all the weight and then some. I looked amazing. I was given no direction on what to do when the first... READ MORE

Thank you for all of you who posted information in this site. I struggle with weight my entire life. Lost much and gain some and lost more and gain more. I had breast cancer, metastasis and did a bone marrow transplant. I am doing great on that area but every time I felt a lump growing in my... READ MORE

I'm excited to get this started. Reading reviews the recovery process sounds a bit scary, but knowledge is power, right? I'm in this 100% and ready to feel healthier, and hopefully have much less pain. I'm a breast cancer survivor and fought hard to survive, and due to the weight gain I feel... READ MORE

My experience, pre-op to gastric bypass surgery has been seamless. I've been extremely fortunate to be in the hands of a Bariatric Center of Excellence hospital/surgeon. Literally, from beginning to end, the process has taken less than four months...from my very first informative READ MORE

Hi! I´m a woman from finland and my weight is at 260kg!!!! In Finland the they won´t do the surgery if you weigh more than 160kg so I have a little problem!! They say that the risk is to big to knock me out during the surgery.... Now I wonder how much did you weigh in at the day of the surgery... READ MORE

I have started my 6 month supervised diet, , i have read several good reviews but then there are tons of negative reviews that actually have extremely scary results, ,, i was wondering if there was anyone out there that had more positive side effects than negative? ?? Is it really worth it, ,, i... READ MORE

I want to lose 120 lbs and workout faithfully, and eat healthier. I hope to keep a dynamite workout plan, to help shrink any excessive baggy skin that may occur. I'm from the North, but now reside in the south. I would love to wear a 2 piece, proud and confident! With it or without I love me,... READ MORE

Hi. My name is Angela I'm scheduled to have surgery on February 23rd. I'm torn between the gastric bypass and the sleeve. I have friends that have had the sleeve and takes them around 1.5 years to lose 100 lbs. I want the gastric bypass because I know the results will happen faster and because... READ MORE

I've been a heavy set girl all my life. I've always been fairly comfortable with myself and all my curves. I've been active until getting arthritis and mobility being cut drastically making exercise impossible. I'd been interested in surgery but didn't want to seem lazy. However now it's needed... READ MORE

I am a 42 year old mother of 2. I am 5'5" and 247 pounds. I was approved for gastric bypass from my insurance and will undergo surgery February 9, 2015. This is my "last week" of eating whatever I want, liquid preoperative diet starts Monday. I haven't gone overboard with eating, I even stopped... READ MORE

SO I just scheduled my first consultation for a gastric bypass for the 5th of February. I've wanted to get this procedure for quite some time but couldn't find a doctor. Maybe i just wasent looking in the right places? But this past September I attended an informational meeting and Mercy San... READ MORE

Hello everyone. I'm new to the site. Im a pre-op patient getting ready for Gasto bypass Jan 22. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I realize everyone different but I'm wondering what some averages of weight loss that everyone had at 3months, 6months, 9months and one year. FYI I am 42,... READ MORE

11/16/13 - After finding the right doctor, watching a webinar, visits to a nutritionist, a psychological evaluation, procuring a referral from my Primary Care Provider, and jumping through other various hoops, I am finally on the calendar for my gastric bypass surger. December 11 is the big day.... READ MORE

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