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In a forehead lift (or brow lift) a plastic surgeon creates small incisions in the hairline and raises sagging brow lines in order to remove deep wrinkles and other signs of aging. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $8,150

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I finally saved $ enough to have my forehead lower, by 3/4cm I hope....I had a consultation over the phone/ face chat with Dr. Kabaker from Oakland, and second consultation live with Dr. Haronov from beverly hills., both are the best in this field, per pictures and reviews.. I decided to have... READ MORE

My forehead was pretty high! I have to cover it up everyday. I looked old and awful in pictures because of my HUGE forehead. I did a lot of research, talked to people who had done this procedure. There are only a few doctors that perform this procedures in my area and I did not like any of... READ MORE

So, where to begin this review? I've always had a high forehead and it has bothered me mostly recently. I'm 23 and now that I can afford to, I'm going to opt for this procedure as it is the one plastic surgery that I feel I truly need and not just want. I'm pretty content with my other... READ MORE

My forehead lift, plus some Botox and injectible fillers, makes me look at least twenty years younger...a big asset these days for a single gal in her early 60's who is still dating! No one ever believes my chronological age.There are no "cons"... only "pros" to looking in... READ MORE

After years of browsing who will I go with for my Facial Feminization Surgery finally I have decided to be with Dr. Toby Mayer.My procedures takes 4 hours (i think so?) and it is my greatest decision I ever had. He did my forehead shaving and orbital contouring , forehead lift and did submental... READ MORE

Ever since college, I've been self-conscious about my high hairline. Others would comment on my high hairline and I would cringe when I saw my forehead in photos. I almost went through with it right after college, but I postponed it due to financial issues. Now with a much better paying job and... READ MORE

The experience was better then i thought., I had alot of swelling and my face was black and blue for a week as i had a laser peel at the same time. I did not take any pain meds as i was not in alot of pain . The worst part was getting sick from the general anethesia and the lack of sleep as I... READ MORE

It's always really bothered me how out of proportion my forehead was to the rest of my face. I hated pulling my hair back because it looked like I had a very masculine, receding hairline. I would try to cover my forehead up with bangs but I have a cowlick in the front of my hairline and they... READ MORE

I had a scar on my head and wanted the lowering of my hairline to cover it and also wanted my hair line a bit lower so my hair looks thicker. Little did I know I would loose almost all my hair. It's been a few years since the procedure. I like the doctor and his staff. The problem is my hair... READ MORE

Dang-blame menopause, gravity and 1970's sunshine ~ why must you make me look so tired, sad and grumpy??? I am none of those!!! Well, at least not most of the time. Certainly never to the extent my face wants to portray. (Don't be fooled by my profile pic. It's a few years old. I'll post a... READ MORE

Ive been insecure about the appearance of my forehead fire quite a few years. It had always looked disproportionally small compared to the rest of my face. After a number of positive and negative results I can finally say this is all behind me now. A custom fit implant was designed using 3d... READ MORE

I had my face lift August 2013 and had a brow lift. It is four months later and for the past two months, I have had non-stop itching of the scalp. I have lost almost half of the hair on my head because I can't stop scratching. The worst itching is in the area of where the endotine fixation post... READ MORE

So happy I did this surgery!! I flew from Canada which concerned me since there is no cosmetic medical insurance and I did my consultation over the phone. For months I emailed Faye his receptionist constantly with questions and concerns and she was amazing always responding promptly. I was very... READ MORE

I had a hairline lowering surgery (scalp/forehead reduction) with Dr. Kabaker 7 weeks ago. My scar is very thin and healing nicely. I was so nervous about flying across the country ALONE, to have surgery, recover, and fly home within 3 days. The end result is about 2.7 cm lower. The procedure... READ MORE

I had eyebrow(also called forehead lift). Right now my brows are back to how they were before surgery in late 2009. I am so disappointed and going back to him for answers only getting the answer of "gravity did it". I consulted several facial plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, Miami, and New... READ MORE

Love the people here. However, my forehead lift did no good. It looked great for a month or so, but then was the same as before. Like it fell back down. My head is still numb and nothing to show for it. I had brow lift at the same time. This result was better. I had a filler added while he did... READ MORE

I have been teased all my life about my big forehead. I own more scarves and headbands than a department store! There are only a few people who do Forehead Reduction surgery, and I saw all of them. Two doctors said I needed 2 surgeries involving a tissue expander. I'd have to walk around for a... READ MORE

Weight loss and aging led me to seek the services of Dr. H. The results are truly wonderful. Everyday I am happy that I chose his practice. In addition to a forehead lift, I had upper and lower eyelid surgery, Botox, Sculptra and lip enhancement injections. READ MORE

I had a slightly lowered brow and wanted to raise it a bit. I paid for sedation, but was operated on for an entire afternoon without any sedation, since Dr. sent the anesthetist home (saves him money). I was awake, in pain, and terrified for hours. I could hear the loud sound of the needle going... READ MORE

The pros of the forehead lift is that my eyes are much wider and that is great. The cons is that now I have these huge bags under my eyes that make me look worse than before surgery.It has been almost two months since the surgery and I have these huge bags under my eyes that I did not have... READ MORE

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