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Fat transfer (otherwise known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›

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I was considering an eye lift surgery as well has an hair transplant I put the hair transplant on hold and every time I looked in the mirror I could not stand my look my eyes were sunken 52 years old but still felling half the age was considering an eye lift but to afraid of scaring and... READ MORE

I am normally a thin person and the veins in my hands really were noticeable and made me look so much older than what I am. I love what Dr. Nichter did by injection fat into them. Couldn't be happier! Thank you! I will be back. The office was very pleasant and answered all my questions. ... READ MORE

After deciding to have my breast implants removed after 22 years, I opted to do a fat transfer (fat liposuctioned from my back waist area) to fill in the area which had been previously fill with an implant. As an after thought, I asked my surgeon if he could just put a little around my eyes... READ MORE

Couldn't be happier with the results. Cheek and lip fat transfer if the answer. I didn't like the pain associated with lip fillers when I had them done at skin care places. In the past I had used them for fillers. It was different every time and I was never pleased. I will in the future... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Lam for a facial fat transfer. He has also done Artefill injections. All were excellent. My results look beautiful. My daughter had her lips done with Dr. Lam, also. She looks wonderful, too. Dr. Lam did an excellent job. He works like the Hollywood doctors. He will really... READ MORE

I have emailed dra yilly for more than 2 weeks and no response. I understand she is busy but does anyone who has had there surgeries with her can tell me how else to get in contact with her and how long it took before she responded with a quote. I am interested in having a fat transfer to my... READ MORE

Had a fat transfer a while ago, face got worse not better! he refunded the money to avoid public scandal , but not all; however, this small amount would not recover me from the damages he created on my face, before the surgery put his hand on my shoulder while i was planning to go to the... READ MORE

I feel healthy and fabulous at 52 except my face was showing something different. Doctor Corrado suggested fat graphing for volume loss in my face that was making me look sad and tired. I decided to go for it and i'm thrilled with the results! I look 10 years younger and my face looks lifted.... READ MORE

The FAMI procedure saved me from a future of unhappiness and depression. I had a an accident which resulted in a huge loss of teeth. Over the years I lost volume in my face too. My face had become very indented around the cheeks and I had become very withdrawn and depressed due to my appearance... READ MORE

I had my first fat transfer done around 13 years ago. The surgeon placed fat in my cheeks and my lips. The fat in my lips didn't last very long and the fat in my cheeks was position in an odd location (high on the cheek bone) which made my mid face look more hollow. A few years later I went back... READ MORE

Had a recent breast reduction, tummy tuck and thigh reduction. My legs are still so skinny!!! I did liposuction to the thighs and knees thinking if I reduced the size of the thighs, my legs will not appear so skinny. Truth is a skinny leg is a skinny leg. I want to enjoy my new body. I want to... READ MORE

A couple of months ago I went to see Dr. KESARWANI for a consult. From the loveliest conversation I had over the phone with Anita I knew I was making the right choice. She was amazing and in person even moreso. Dr. KESARWANI spent the time in his cool and calm demenor explaining the surgery to... READ MORE

I waited a long time before deciding on a surgeon, because I wanted to be certain I had chosen an experienced professional who clearly understood what I hoped to achieve. My expectations were realistic and I was aware of the risks. I had a BB and FT to my face and nasal area. The BB yielded... READ MORE

Been wanting this for some time...Lipo and fat transfer was done by Dr Ron Hazani I was afraid of the unknown not sure if my body was to far gone... I cant belive how awesome this Doctor Ron Hazani is your going to LOVE his work and a excellent Surgeon he is, not to mention he cares about your... READ MORE

I have a common Asian face feature, by t­hat I mean very flat, especi­ally from my side profile. I did tons of­ research on what I can do t­o fix this problem. I’ve tried fillers l­ike Juvederm and Voluma, although ­it did give me some volume in the ­face, but it wasn’t enough. Then I... READ MORE

I heard about this clinic from my friends and also knew by surfing through internet. I've underwent a fat transfer for my face to fill the surgical scar which I thought that it was must. Really amazed because of their friendly behavior and experienced guidance when I visited for my scar revision... READ MORE

Tired of looking old, sagging jowls, peripheral vision compromised, bags of fat under eyes, sun damage, when didn't match my age. Dr. Henderson is simply amazing. She was thoughtful as she reviewed my face and said what she could do. She was clear about what recovery would be like, the need... READ MORE

My experience was not good. My stomach is smaller on one side my butt is bigger on one side and my back is also bigger on one side. I think the doctor must can't see out one eye. I talked to the doctor and it seems as if he can't do fat people. My suggestion is if you can't do fat people then... READ MORE

Dr.Perry is a fabulous plastic surgeon.Not only he's excellent at what he does, he's also a very talented artist (sculptor), so he knows exactly would look the best on you. He's honest, friendly & trustworthy. I recently had a graft transferred to my lips & I love the result of his procedure,... READ MORE

My face was very thin and flaccid decided to make a fat transfer procedure and I'm really happy with the result after two months my face is soft but voluminous thank God everything went well I'll have to do a procedure more to improve my results but I'm not afraid because this experience has... READ MORE

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