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Fat transfer (otherwise known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›
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I had never had any cosmetic surgery done and after my baby, my shape completely changed. Dr.Craven was awesome he made the whole experience wonderful. Absolutely would recommend him and if I was still in the area I would definitely go back! The office staff was wonderful and were aways... READ MORE

I will be having a fat transfer to my knees on June 25th. I am so excited because I have loose skin all around them and I can't wear shorts. I am praying this helps. He is putting 150cc of fat in each knee. Dr Henderson said it should help but may not totally fill out my knee. He is also putting... READ MORE

Magnificent, amazing, genius! He's the best with fat injections! He is really caring and takes his time making sure he knows it will turn out great! I like Doctors that don't rush you in and out and same I'm surgery! He truly studies you and what's best for you! Take a look at his pictures it's... READ MORE

All my life I have had a problem with my legs. I had a thick knees and very skinny calves. I could never wear short dresses or skirts and all my life i tried to fix this problem.but nothing really helped. Since exercises did not help I decided ask a plastic surgeon opinion so i made an... READ MORE

Hi. Is anyone going to dr. Yily around mid June. I'm extremely nervous. What should do in advance to prepare myself aside from taking vitamins. I don't speak Spanish. I'm hoping my experience is smooth I hear a lot of stories. Trying to keep calm. I know some one picks you up from the... READ MORE

I have emailed dra yilly for more than 2 weeks and no response. I understand she is busy but does anyone who has had there surgeries with her can tell me how else to get in contact with her and how long it took before she responded with a quote. I am interested in having a fat transfer to my... READ MORE

Am coming to the dr in September 25 1015, an I don't want to stay in a RH. Am getting a hotel but I want a house nurse for 10 dayz.... please put number so I can call am with a friend and she doesn't feel comfortable being in a recovery house an a taxi driver would be good to................ READ MORE

I'm sorry I didn't include pictures but I really don't want to be spotted. This community has really inspired me and given me support through my journey. You are all so brave! Since your reviews helped me I wanted to "up vote" facial fat grafting and also give a shoutout to my doctor, Goretti Ho... READ MORE

The Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer) has totally changed my body and my life. Genetically, I have a boxy body with no butt. All of my fat goes right to my midsection/love handles. (This procedure involves transferring existing fat from your body, to your butt. I did a ton of research... READ MORE

One area of face under eye is visibly lumpy and this has not resolved during the post-operative period. Physician reports that the transfer was too superficial in that location. He has not offered any interventions to improve appearance. I currently regret my choice to have this procedure... READ MORE

Ladys please do your research on doctors they're a lot of doctors doing plastic surgery that dont have the love of the art but just want the money! Its been 3 mos and my stomach look the same...GO FIGURE!!! i went to a Doctor in downtown chicago i mean my stomach hasnt changed not one bit...... READ MORE

Dr Lopez was awesome. I appreciated the conversations I have with him about preventative procedures, skin care and future procedures as needed. Developing a relationship with your Dr. is key and having confidence and trust in your Dr. is everything. I feel I have that with Dr. Lopez - he is very... READ MORE

I could not be more happy with the results. I look years younger and more refreshed! The procedure was little down time and minimally invasive. the procedure took about 2 hours total under local anesthesia. Oxygen therapy sessions was preformed to help the expidite the healing process. The... READ MORE

At age 53 I had wanted a part of my face that had become sunken corrected. When I met Dr. Colon in the consultation, he listened to my needs and expectations. Dr. Colon suggested that fat injections from my abdomen and a quick lift would the best option due to sagging and the sunken areas of my... READ MORE

I am so fortunate to have found a surgeon that lives up to his reputation ! Before I had my surgery I had pretty much nothing in my trunk and now I have ALOT OF JUNK IN MY TRUNK LOL ! The girls at the office were so informative and patient with me and made me feel like family. I did so much... READ MORE

I chose Dr. Mark Glasgold after researching extensively for an expert at fat grafting. I lost a significant amount of fat in my face from laser damage. Dr. Mark exceeded my expectations. He is an extremely talented surgeon. He has a calming presence, is down to earth, and compassionate. My face... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Shemirani was wonderful. He is one of the rare plastic surgeons in BH that is enthusiastic to give you want you want, while keeping things conservative and natural. He is a young honest doctor with no ego, and his staff is kind, professional, and respectful to their... READ MORE

This Doc is up front, honest and absolutely fair when it comes to price. I would've paid more for the procedure; I thank god I found him. I am very satisfied with his efforts and I know he gave 100% to improve my appearance. He doesn't try to get you to buy any extra, he simply asks "what makes... READ MORE

Dr. Jeffrey Fialkov is Gos's right hand man,He is amazing. Great artist, attention to detail,professional and knowledge. Most importantly, he cares his patient with kind heart. He treat his patient like a loving family member. I just had a fat transfer to the face 4 days ago. No pain, no... READ MORE

Getting older and losing the fullness in your face makes you look older..so I thought about fat transfer to my cheeks and under my eyes to give me a more youthful look.. little skeptical about this procedure because I have read reviews from other sites and there outcome wasn't very good. My face... READ MORE

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