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Fat transfer (otherwise known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›
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I have emailed dra yilly for more than 2 weeks and no response. I understand she is busy but does anyone who has had there surgeries with her can tell me how else to get in contact with her and how long it took before she responded with a quote. I am interested in having a fat transfer to my... READ MORE

I could not be more happy with the results. I look years younger and more refreshed! The procedure was little down time and minimally invasive. the procedure took about 2 hours total under local anesthesia. Oxygen therapy sessions was preformed to help the expidite the healing process. The... READ MORE

At age 53 I had wanted a part of my face that had become sunken corrected. When I met Dr. Colon in the consultation, he listened to my needs and expectations. Dr. Colon suggested that fat injections from my abdomen and a quick lift would the best option due to sagging and the sunken areas of my... READ MORE

Getting older and losing the fullness in your face makes you look older..so I thought about fat transfer to my cheeks and under my eyes to give me a more youthful look.. little skeptical about this procedure because I have read reviews from other sites and there outcome wasn't very good. My face... READ MORE

I've toyed with the idea of liposuction for years due to stubborn side and stomach fat, but always thought I could eventually deal with it through diet and exercise. However, over the years I gained plenty of muscle but couldn't get rid of the fat, no matter what. When I finally resolved to do... READ MORE

Had double eyelid lifting , incision method together with stem cell fat graft with Dr. KIM Soo Shin Pls see my other review on double eyelids. Disappointed by Radiesse a bit, so i was hoping may be soft artificial fillers will be my Hope and worried about bruising. Then this thing came up to... READ MORE

I want to to do fat transfer face because I want to look naturally, I hate go filler....for repeat .8-9month I go to newspaper for search a expect doctor for do fat transfer..... but I choose with big mistake, Dr Nazih Haddad good for breast augment . but he's very bad about fat transfer... Gr.... READ MORE

I was suffering from sever acne scarring in both cheeks , doctor said that subcision then a filler like fat will help getting big improvement depending on stem cells on the fats . i had the procedure under general anesthesia , which was exhausting , an it goes ideal for one cheek (only 50%... READ MORE

I had cheek implants 10 years ago, and as my facial fat eroded over time, the implants stuck out more and more. Each cheek had a bump where the implant was, a valley under it, a little bump in the center of the cheek, then another valley at the nasolabial fold. I showed the doctor that I wanted... READ MORE

So I'm new to this site( still figuring out exactly how to post updates ) I've decided to go with the infamous Mrs Yily. I already have a very large butt so I'd like to get that super small waistline and nice hips. After , I plan to work out heavily to upgrade and make it better . Maybe get a... READ MORE

Its my fifth visit to Amaris B located at Arab St Singapore. I had first become Dr Phua's patient when he was first located at China Square. Have been getting my facial fat grating done with him, initially for my eye bags and subsequently for cheek and chin enhancement. His service and... READ MORE

For the last four years, I had been getting Botox and Voluma from a Registered Nurse at a different office but was unhappy with the results. My body was absorbing the Voluma and I was having to have the injections every 4 months instead of the advertised 2 years. This was becoming very... READ MORE

Had fat transfer 2 months ago (15 cc to each cheek) which ended up with a very bad result! Fullness in lower & middle cheeks & a fat lump under my eye Doctors haven't recommended liposuction Some suggested to remove the fat by excision (by making an incision from inside the mouth) Any similar... READ MORE

I am experiencing hollowness and spooky eyes after upper bleph and was wondering if anyone has had success with fat grafting or fat transfer procedure(s). I have read a lot of stories on Real Self regarding bad blephs but I am not finding ANY success stories in fixing the problems associated... READ MORE

I contacted Mr Nishikawa for a consultation about a cosmetic procedure. I wanted to find out more information about Local Anesthetic so he was recommended to me because the Private Hospital he works for use this method. He explained everything perfectly so I felt very confident about the... READ MORE

Having had 2 beautiful kids, my shape has changed a lot from what it used to be. My husband is the breadwinner at home and get unfortunately refuses to finance my Vaser lipo/fat transfer. he says it is just a waste of a large sum of money that can be used on something more meaningful like a new... READ MORE

I'm 47 years old. I remarried four years ago. My husband didn't have any children, so we decided to have some. I was 44 when my daughter was born. A year later I got pregnant again. My other daughter was born just when I turned 46. Two pregnancies plus breast feeding didn't do any favors to my... READ MORE

Well I'm sticking with Robles... she suggest I loose 30 pounds which is ok with me... I can't get a bbl ... but lipo of my back and waist and tummy tuck and breast lift will do me just fine ... I'll do my second round in 2016 ... just to lipo my butt and lift it .... oh gosh... I can't believe... READ MORE

I had been wanting to do a procedure for my face for 10 years, and life as it was, just got in the way. It has been over a year since I had my procedure and I am so happy with my results - I wish now I didn't wait so long! I am 70 years old and am always getting compliments on how I look 10-15... READ MORE

Middle thirties had puffy baggy eyes inherited from parents. Didn't look really bad, people consistently suppose I'm younger. I know how much worse It would get though and wanted to do something now before people could really tell I had work done. I'm not intending to ever have work done again. ... READ MORE

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