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During fat transfers, or grafting, a doctor must carefully harvest fat cells that are then injected to firm, fill out or plump up other body part like breasts, face or buttocks. LEARN MORE ›
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I had my doctor transfer some fat to my undereye hollows and it looks fantastic!Also - I had hardly any bruising, and I always bruise from the slighest bump. Now my dark circles are completely gone and I definitely look younger.  READ MORE

I had under my eyes puffiness and i looked always tiered and old. i did it because i knew that this surgury helps me to look much better for many years. and i am more self confidence. READ MORE

I love the final results on my full face fat transfer. I am 35 yrs old & had some loss of volume in my cheeks & under my eyes. Also, I had a weak jaw line & chin.My cheeks are raised, I have a chin & a jaw line now without having to have any implants or liposuction. It took about... READ MORE

I had facial fat transfer to the marionette lines on my face about two months ago. So far the results look good. As the swelling subsided there ended up being a large bulge on the bottom of my left cheek in the lower jaw area the size of a quarter and a blob on the inside of my mouth on the... READ MORE

I have mild pain after the surgery that is why i thought the recovery period is only few days but my face is still swollen. I am still waiting for my face to subside to see the real result.Hi! I just had fat grafting procedure done 8 days ago and my face is still swollen and my lips receeded..... READ MORE

I have gotten fat injections three times over the last 14 years for naso-labial folds. The first time, it didn't last all that long. The second time, the doctor changed his technique and it was only about 8 years later that I decided I needed to do it again. 8 years ago, the doctor put some... READ MORE

The pros are that it may add volume to the upper eyelid. The cons are that it will change your eyelid and you may suffer from lid lag, dry eye syndrome and retraction. I received volume but ended up with all the cons above. So, in my estimation, it was not worth all the problems that are... READ MORE

In my late 20s I noticed that the muscles were very noticeable under my eyes which made me look older. (The appearance was not too unlike that of fat pockets but was told it was the muscle instead.) I decided to have a fat graft to fill the area and smooth out the transition from the upper... READ MORE

Hello I have developed an indent both sides of chin because of a lower facelift some years ago. As a result my cheekline is not chisseled anymore.I had fat grafted 4 days ago. It is inserted vertically from just under the corners of my outerlips going over the indents to under my chin. For my... READ MORE

Crooked, overfilled, bumpy. I was a good looking woman that wanted some fat replaced over my previously high, fine cheekbones that I had lost. My cheekbones of course were still there but some of the fat of youth was thinned.The doctor did not do anything we had discussed. I was completely... READ MORE

I had a fat transfer under my eyes over a year ago. The PS over filled this area and now I am left with bumps under my eyes. He has tried moving the fat, liposuction and how three days ago I had a hyaluronidaise injection.How long does it take for this injection to work and does this injection... READ MORE

I’m young for plastic surgery and have always been hesitant to mention my age (23) because there is a stigma about people my age coming forward for surgery. It’s an anti-aging industry but I need it too! Genetically, I totally cannot put on weight - I am about 5’7”... READ MORE

I'm 36 years old. I had hollow undereyes (tear thorough and the cheek between the tear thorogh and the nose area) I had a fat injected to these area 4 days ago.Thoguh the sweeling has gone mostly there are lumps under both my eyes which goes up to my cheekbones (like a line) and it feels like a... READ MORE

I had a fat transferred into my forehead, and now am seeking a treatment to remove the excess amount of fat having tried two traditional liposuction procedures but without any result.I have a depression in my forehead following an accident. My doctor did a good job by filling the area with fat,... READ MORE

It looked great for only a short time. My top lip is quite thin, bottom one is good size. I feel upset but have to live with the consequences.Approx 5 years ago I had my own fat injected into my lips. I now have pout trout. My lips inside are quite lumpy and a surgeon said that it feels like... READ MORE

Pros I now have a Butt.. ..Cons I really dnt like it.. just the shape of it.. the fat hasnt gone to the right places..I did it just to bost up my confidence., and I just really wanted a buttI Had fat transfer to my butt..my but is pretty big now but it hasnt filled out the right places..now... READ MORE

A plastic surgeon injected transfered fat above my chin and immediately below my lower lip. The fat injection looked uneven and funny.I had another surgeon open the skin and suck out all fat and other fluids. I kept the area compressed for three weeks but the skin never went back to its original... READ MORE

No pros at the moment. Had an upper/lower blepharoplasty 18 months ago which resulted in a hollowing of the left eye. Upper eyelids are ok. 3 weeks ago I had an open dermal fat graft to my lower left eyelid but still have a hard yellow lump and surrounding red scar tissue READ MORE

A month ago I had fat transferred from the buttocks to the submalar, buccal area and jawline with a surgeon in NY. I feel my face is still too heavy and ways my features down. The fat was transferred to the submalar area, the buccal area and the jawline. It was the first time fat was injected to... READ MORE

In May 2009 i have had a fat transfer from my hip to my cheeks and also under eyes. the doctor harvested the fat using the liposuction technique under local anesthesia then he left the fat reposing for 10 minutes without centrifuging it and then he injected it to desired areas.I had noticable... READ MORE

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