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Fat transfer (otherwise known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›
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I was born with (100% hereditary dark circles) Sick of the Comments and the assumptions people make with them in my small life. (stoner, ill, anemic, smoker, tired) Now 23, I've decided to do something about it...... ""I'm going to get straight to the procedure and recovery on this review. as... READ MORE

I had a Lifestyle lift in 2007 but had some botox in recent years to take care of the lines between eyebrow and creases along cheeks. Botox was expensive as it was not lasting but a short 2 months on me. So I saw that Dr Sadati was doing fat transplants to the face. THat was what I needed and... READ MORE

About two weeks to go until the surgery, already getting excited, hoping to fill in and soften my sunken cheeks and bony temple/brow region. Also hoping this procedure will reduce some of the acne pits on my cheeks and temples. Ive read that this procedure has a high absorption rate but the... READ MORE

I have been contemplating having liposuction and a breast augmentation for the last three plus years after many consults with different doctors and opinions on size and implants etc... I almost gave up on the idea of surgery. I was referred to Dr Grewal by a friend who had procedures done. I... READ MORE

I have always had scaring on my pace and pock marks from very bad acne. I tried dermabration 20 years ago (didn't work). I tried Retin A injected into the holes (and one large divit on my cheek) it only lasted about a week but it was repeated every month for 8 months by Dr. Lombari in... READ MORE

I expect my butt to appear smooth and leveled, with out depressions which make me very conscious with what i wear and very uncomfortable in the bedroom. i have never had plastic surgery or even met some one who has done it before. But i have watched very many videos and read a lot about it. I am... READ MORE

This was part of a face lift procedure to enhance results and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. I had fat transferred from my outer thighs to my face (lips, eye area and cheeks). I was initially concerned when my face looked a bit too full but the swelling decreased with amazing... READ MORE

No more hollow cheeks, lips are naturally plump and full, buttocks rounded out. Very puffy in the face for about a week, but it does go down, at least 50%. I've done fillers before, this looks much more natural, and could be permanent. Couldn't be happier! Dr. Oelbrandt is very skilled and... READ MORE

It's been 12 days since my fat+prp injection and my concern is my right bottom lip is still very lumpy and big while my top and left lip has decrease in size significantly. Let's just say I wait two months and the lumps and volume is still there. Would it be possible to liposuction the prp and... READ MORE

I want to say great things about Dr Karam and his staff. I highly recommend him and his staff. His wife also work with him and is an Amazon person !!! All of them are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Dr Karam is a true artist. That is why he is excellent in reforming faces. Two weeks... READ MORE

I recently turned 35 and disliked the hollowing below my eyes, temples and lower cheeks. After over a year of research I decided to have the procedure done with Dr. Mark Glasgold. He placed the fat in all those areas plus some in areas that I never noticed, or did not think could be fixed. At... READ MORE

I have only good things to say about Dr. Coleman and his staff. I was nervous about my procedure but the staff helped me to feel very safe and confident that I would be well taken care of. Staff are very professional but also friendly and helpful. My medical situation was a bit unusual and Dr.... READ MORE

I have plans to have fat transfer to my calves by Dr.stein in chicago.anyone done this ?i need more feedback to help me make decision.i understand there are chances of fat being absorbed and this really makes me worried .i would like to herr from you out there.my surgery is for July 31 2014.I... READ MORE

Going through this procedure a second time with a new plastic surgeon. I retained very little from the 1st round and need to have touch up lipo on areas that were not touched due to inadequate pain medication (I was under local and at several points had to stop due to extreme pain). Luckily,... READ MORE

Hi. Can't wait to get rid of these skinny legs and wear a skirt this summer! But, I'm trying to understand how the re-injection of my fat is instrumental to the outcome and success of this procedure? I've heard it should take 6-8 hours to do it correctly. My PS says he will do it in 4, but that... READ MORE

Ever since I started developing breasts I noticed that one side never grew, leaving me with a large D cup on the right and a small B on the left. After years if bullying I found out about the fat transfer procedure, and even better that I qualified to have it done under the public system meaning... READ MORE

It was an overall a great experience. All of the nurses were great and helpful, they were calming and quick to any request I had. The doctor was amazing he new exactly what he was doing even before going in and he was very helpful and nice overall. Thank you to everyone in the doctors office who... READ MORE

I loved results of mid facelift and fat transfer at week 3; however, fat transfer is not particularly effective as marionette/ smile lines are quickly returning. Fat transfer to lips reduced significantly within 4 weeks. The office staff and physician are excellent and I highly recommend... READ MORE

Yesterday I saw my brother for the first time since my procedure with Dr. Madnani. (4 weeks) As he was walking me to my car, he was staring at me. "What did you do," he asked. I laughed. "Did you lose weight?... Change your hair?" I asked "Why?"... he said, "You look great... no, really, ... READ MORE

Dr. Chen is the only surgeon I would ever trust. I made the trip from up North and in addition to seeing the beautiful state of Georgia, I had an amazing professional state of the art surgeon work on my face. The anethesiologist was also amazing. I woke up calm without any nausea or discomfort.... READ MORE

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