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Fat transfer (otherwise known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›
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Because of the radiation I knew I could not have an implant. I found a forum on the internet talking about fat grafts to the breast. One surgeons name was mentioned more than anyone else and that was Dr. Roger Khouri. Some of the ladies on the forum had used him and others said they wish they... READ MORE

As I am a slimly built person, I found as I aged, I lot some fat in my facial area and especially around the eye area which was not a very flattering look. Mr Malhotra rectified this for me by giving me more volume in my facial cheeks and eye area. The cosmetic result, although subtle, is just... READ MORE

Hey everyone! So I've kinda been stalking RS for a while (lol) on a journey to find the perfect doctor for what I'm looking for. I'm currently 5'4" & about 250lbs, with a recent weight lose of 45lbs. I'm still on my weight loss journey but I feel like I need an extra push. I'm really interested... READ MORE

Hi there I had severe fat loss as a result of too much running I had fat transfer to my cheeks and forehead. I'm very happy with the results now but it took so long for me to look normal again. What I was a bit concerned about it that the surgeon wanted me to have bleroplasty but that would have... READ MORE

62 year old had Smartlipo of the flanks and back area and Fat transfer to the face. I was a little nervous about the fat transfer, but had total confidence in Dr. Oppenheimer. I have had no problems and am very happy with the result. I look like myself, only better. Dr. Oppenheimer did an... READ MORE

I am only 10 days post op, and i am loving the butt dr Hodnett gave me! He shaped my sides and back in a way, that even if not lots of fat was transferred, you can still totally see a big big difference! I am crossing my fingers at the fat not getting all reabsorbed once i start my active... READ MORE

I come from a hispanic culture were big butt's are a must well I wasn't very blessed with this let's say. I had suffered depression from people at school making fun of my behind as I was flat as a board. When I became a mother of two went and my physical only worsen I decided to pamper my self... READ MORE

Dr. Drehsen did my fat grafting surgery 10 months ago. I had 120 cc's injected to every inch of my face and he even rebuilt my nose with fat. It all turned out beautifully. I'd send my most beloved family member to him. That's how much I trust him. -I also like the fact that they do the blood... READ MORE

Hello guys, I was schedule to have a fat transfer from my stomach and bra rolls to my buttocks back in April with Dr. Nee's , but my iron was low. I have not reschedule yet, honestly because I was a little scared lol. But I plan on getting the procedure done in October. However, I have some... READ MORE

I loved the outcome of my procedure. I have my dream body. The experience was also a very good one. The doctor well educated and is always available to answer your questions . Yeni was amazing following up and making sure I was okay. Everything is very clean and neat , the staff is friendly and... READ MORE

I'm getting married and have been blessed to be able to have my dream wedding in Paris in May 2015. This initiated my motivation. I want everything to be perfect including myself and Dr. Salama helped to make my dream become a reality. I was initially frightened by the idea of being put under... READ MORE

Motivation is always had good bone structure and take magnificent care of my skin. I am still in job market and today youth is unfortunately heavily weighted upon more than experience in my personal opinion. I have had countless interviews and have advanced education but sometimes am told have... READ MORE

This review is for both Dr. Litner & Dr. Solieman at Profiles Beverly HIlls as they performed my procedure together. I had a terrible complication resulting from their surgery, which lead to a disfigurement for life. The doctors stopped any communication with me as soon as they found out about... READ MORE

Patients, such as myself, dealing with sensitive bodily concerns or imperfections can be a challenging process. To divulge our subconscious views of ourselfs can be challenging. That is where Dr. Coleman and his staff make things easy. After contacting multiple cosmetic offices around the Unites... READ MORE

Hello, I hoping to find some advice to help me to make the right choice ... 6 weeks ago I decided to do a fat transfer to regain the fat I lost in my face. The Dr. I chosen appears certified by the Board, with many years’ experience so I felt me in good hands .. Today six weeks after, my... READ MORE

Life changing for all the wrong reasons...I needed reconstructive surgery after a poor outcome from fat transfer and macs lift by this surgeon. Sorely regret my choice and even after 4 hours reconstructive surgery elsewhere am left with problems resulting from my decision to trust this surgeon.... READ MORE

Aging is not easy in a world that that tends not to embrace aging. I did not like looking in the mirror and seeing how hollow I had become under my eyes. Fat transfer seem to be the best option since fillers would require the need to be repeated. When you chose to do fat transfer, you need to... READ MORE

Had a fat transfer done to my hip/upper thigh area to fill in a botched lipo done years ago. The lipo that was done on my thighs left them with a saggy deflated look. My results from Dr. Shadid are so much better than I thought it would be. I am so happy that I can wear shorts again! Dr. was... READ MORE

Totally ruined my face, I look like a monster 9 months later. He acts like I am crazy when I address my concerns. They are very sweet and kind pre-surgery, I was even told by Cristin I would be totally presentable by Christmas, ha, 6 months later people would still shudder when they saw me. My... READ MORE

I love Dr. Bidros and his wonderful staff! I had a great experience from my consultation to my follow up visits! Dr. Bidros did liposuction to my abdomen and sides and then took the fat and put it in my boobs! Hey at least I can say their all mine!!! Thank you Dr. Bidros for being the best!... READ MORE

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