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During fat transfers, or grafting, a doctor must carefully harvest fat cells that are then injected to firm, fill out or plump up other body part like breasts, face or buttocks. LEARN MORE ›
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The results of my eyelid surgery are so beautiful and natural. Exactly what I wanted.  I had hollows under the eyes he filled with fat and excess skin with some hollowing on my upper eyelids. I felt like Dr. Law turned back the clock and then some. I'm 48 and my eyes look better now... READ MORE

With my wedding just eight weeks away, I was so upset about the huge bags underneath my eyes. Fillers were making the problem worse, not correcting it. Dr K performed a miracle! Everyone is saying how I am just glowing with happiness about my upcoming wedding...and I am! READ MORE

Did not feel a thing, woke up there was some bruising but not more than I expected. Excellent treatment from the doctor and his staff. I had this combined with a lower eye lid surgery so the entire cost was around 5k and well worth it! If you decide to do a procedure it's worth it to combine... READ MORE

I had lost about 40lbs and at 38 my face began to droop, especially from the cheeks. When I smiled it looked ok but who wants to smile all the time? When I turned to the side my face had lost the heart shape and was now a flat line. I went to one Plastic Surgeon and he used Radiesse. Ok but... READ MORE

I underwent open rhinoplasty on the 6th of July 2011. Reason - I had very balanced facial features - no knife required - until my last bf (aggressive and violent) hit me on my nose during a heated argument. That broke my cartilage and my nose deviated to the right hand side of my face... READ MORE

I had always had a rather narrow face as I'm naturally a skinny guy but when I entered my mid-20s I lost a lot of fat from my mid-face, with the result that I looked tired all the time. I got fat transferred to my face in September 2008. The lipo wasn't pleasant but not too bad... READ MORE

I got a Fat Transfer under my eyes from a respected Los Angeles surgeon. I never thought I looked bad, but there was some minor hollowing mainly around the outer oribital rim which would make me look a bit unrested sometimes. I was told this was a straightforward procedure, with few risks, and... READ MORE

After unprofessional facelift and abdominal liposuction by another doctor I was looking for a help from Dr A. He had a good reviews so even I didn't see amazing before & after pictures, I thought he probably would be excellent surgeon. I was looking for a facial fat transfer and mini... READ MORE

Fat grafting to face, not worth it. Fat reabsorbs into body, and fat is gone. Waste of money and pain.. I had fat grafting done. It is a waste of money, the fat reabsorbs into your system with a few days. Don't waste your money, your time, and the pain..   READ MORE

Overall, I am quite pleased with my results from the procedures I had with Dr. K, and as many reviewers say, the results are very natural. I originally had a full face fat transfer done (about $6K) and several months later I had a revision rhinoplasty and lateral brow lift done (around $12K)... READ MORE

I had fat grafting done three years ago when I was 19 to my cheeks. I am still unhappy with the results, as it looks pudgy as opposed to pretty. The fat was taken from below my left hip. I am slim, but if I work on losing fat, is it possible to lose this fat on the face? When placed on the face... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty and fat transfer to under eyes 10days ago in beverly hills. i told the surgeons i dont think i needed the fat transfer, but they said i'm a little hollow, and after the rhinoplasty i will be more hollow, so they put 3Ccs of fat in under each eye. the bruise has gone down... READ MORE

Had the full fat transfer to face two months ago. My 50 year old face went from being slender/oval to round. Can't smile like I used to - there's simply too much fat in my face. Does not look like me at all. Very upsetting. Any help or comments from anyone who has gone through this would... READ MORE

Dr. C treated my eye bags and face with fat injection and I am very happy with the treatment. READ MORE

I'm a 34 year old female, and have always had tear trough issues (genetics). this is a great procedure. However, it's been 1 month, and I've lost a bit of the volume. Thankfully he does the touch up later, to add additional fat that was lost. READ MORE

I had a face lift, chemical peel and fat grafting more than 5 years ago. My face was swollen for about 2 weeks. But was and am very happy with the results. People if you paid more than 1,500 for fat grafting you are getting ripped off, hey its your fat, all they are doing in liquifying... READ MORE

3 weeks post-op after fat transfer I am very pleased with the results, which look extremely natural. My face looks healthy, youthful, and refreshed, and the procedure, along with CO2 laser treatment, has left my skin looking 20 years younger. READ MORE

Im a 35 year-old male who had fat injections in face. After reading some reviews I'm starting to get worried although I have no early signs (2 weeks) of complications. I wish I had done my research on real self before the procedure. Im worried that my face will be disproportionate in time as the... READ MORE

Although I'm only 34 years old, I've always been on the petite side with a thin face. I love to exercise, but greatly disliked the volume loss I was experiencing in my face. I have done fillers for years, as I work in the business as a nurse. I had fat transfer done a month ago, and... READ MORE

I'm a 30 yo male. I had around 120cc's of fat transfered to make my face look more chiseled and square. I naturally have a long, thin face without visible cheekbones or jaw angles. I was very impressed with the results. Very natural. I've had several cosmetic procedures prior by... READ MORE

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