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Fat transfer (otherwise known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›

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I had breast implants removed in 2008. I was left with a really saggy pouch of skin on the left and had two subsequent surgeries to 'repair' the damage, to no avail. Dr. Walden understood what the problem was and had the surgical skills to make me whole again. The entire experience from consult... READ MORE

At 54, I had begun using fillers to provide lost volume back to my face. I found them to be expensive and require way too much maintenance for me - never lasting as long as they were advertised though I really liked the volume. I spoke with Dr. Amunategui about it and at his suggestion, had a... READ MORE

I was hesitant to get work done, but the bags under my eyes and lines on my face were really hampering my efforts to get back on the dating scene. I went to a number of doctors who recommended everything from a face lift for over 50k to dermal fillers and Botox. Only Dr. Neavin seemed to be... READ MORE

I was looking to have a fat-transfer procedure to my temple area, jaw-line and eyes. In researching this procedure, I came to know how difficult and challenging this procedure can be. Dr. Tzikas was one of the doctors who came to my attention during this research process, as one of only a few... READ MORE

So far Dr. Khouri seems good. I like that he uses a needle and no stitches so hopefully no scars. They are in touch a lot before the surgery, and are prompt to respond. I was going to go with another Doctor possibly, for a minute, but he makes incisions. All around Dr. Khouri seems ok to do. ... READ MORE

Dr Ritu Chopra was recommended by my cancer surgeon.Dr Chopra performed a bilateral mastectomy with expanders ,January 2014.With a mastectomy no fat or tissue remains.He transfered fat from my abdomen and injected it around the breasts. The results are very natural.This procedure was the same as... READ MORE

Dr. Mangat and his staff were incredibly professional, competent, and empathic. From my first consultation to my discharge, all aspects of my treatment were first rate. I am immensely pleased with the outcome as I had a fat transfer and partial blephoplasty ( total cost: $5200 ) and I will have... READ MORE

Explanation of procedure and results were stated very clearly and reviewed together in detail. Drawings and photos were used to help me understand expectations before and after procedure. I was informed of all issues and or complications that might arise afterwards. I feel like I Dr. Coleman... READ MORE

I decided to get a fat graft for my superior alar creases because that is what Dr. Horndeski suggested. I was at his office to have a lip lift procedure. (See that review) I was not originally planning to do the fat graft but because I already took time off to recover from the lip lift I emailed... READ MORE

For the last fifteen years I have had an osteoma on my forehead; it posed no health danger and it was for the most part hidden under my bangs. At the end of last year I decided that I wanted to have it removed. After months of research I chose to have a consultation with Dana Goldberg M.D.... READ MORE

A little over a year ago I got a tummy tuck and breast lift with Dr. Green. While very pleased with the beautiful results, I had some residual fat in the flank area and on my hips near the scar. I always intended to return to Dr. Green for liposuction retouching in these areas but instead made... READ MORE

6 o'clock figure. That is what my mother used to tell me. "You're straight up and down like 6 o'clock". I would really like some curves. I have been to two consultations. One says liposuction with SmartLipo $3650 and $1000 extra for transfer local anesthesia . The other just lipo and fat... READ MORE

I'm 25 years I had an amazing body when I was a lil younger do to the fact of wearing low riders pant my body shape got really ugly I hate wearing dresses because of my body shape most of the time it only look nice on low rider jeans I will love to have my figure back . I will love to find a... READ MORE

I decided to get fat transfer/bbl because I was tired of all my love handles, rolls and that dreadful muffin top! Consultation was a breeze. Dr. Salzhauer was very honest with me and did not try to "oversell". He even made suggestions for alternatives to surgery for things that I was not happy... READ MORE

Making the decision to see Dr Ambay was the best thing I could have done!!!! What an awesome doctor. He is an amazing surgeon. I feel I have been transformed. I look ten years younger. The staff was fabulous and so helpful. They even have called me since the procedure to see how I am doing... READ MORE

The treatment was extremely effective. Mr Ali is a wonderful skilled surgeon who advises what is the best approach and is conservative in his approach, therefore I felt safe in his hands and would not look "done". My fat transfers were carried out to tackle age related fat loss from my face and... READ MORE

Great customer service. Makes u feel at home , very experienced , answered all my questions .i simply came in to get information but I am leaving with a surgery date . I can not wait to get my procedure done from the work I have seen and by the way I have be n treated I know I am in the best hands . READ MORE

I opted for a double mastectomy following breast cancer diagnosis. I had expanders placed at the time of that surgery, then implants placed after chemo, implants switched a few months later and this is the final stage of my awesome reconstruction! I will post after photos once I heal from this... READ MORE

I wanted to add definition to my jaw and cheekbones. I didn't even know fat grafting was an option. Intuitively, the way I see it now is that instead of an artificial implant, fat transfer is building the same shapes you want out of something you already have. This means healthier skin, easier... READ MORE

ConsultatBiggerrrr butt, less flanks, smaller tummy area, smaller waist, nice hips. Reconstructive shape for a new year b and a new personality, for a new attitude for hopefully a new husband. Looking for consultation had been completed. .i am going ate all the reviews that i have chosen a gd dr. READ MORE

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