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Fat transfer (otherwise known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›
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As usual Dr. Lay is like an artist, who does things to achieve effects above and beyond what you ever thought. The result is incredibly natural. You retain the full facility of your natural expressions and personality, while looking inexplicably great. I got the fat transfer to correct a... READ MORE

My face looked really old and tired, had unsightly wrinkles and my skin was sagging, especially the area around my mouth and my cheeks looked awful. I scheduled a fat transfer at Pascual MD, and I'm absolutely loving the results. I had plenty of rest and didn't go to work for about two weeks,... READ MORE

The past few years I have felt that my face has lost volume. Specifically my cheeks. I hs asked Dr S about implants. He recommended that I try juvederm injections to see if I like how it looks. After he injected my cheeks he even admitted it looked good. He then told me about fat... READ MORE

At 36, I had terrible huge bags under my eyes. I've been using filler for about a year but I didn't want to do that forever. I also started to notice my face taking on a angular hard look as I started to lose more volume in the face. After doing months of research, I decided to get a full... READ MORE

My experience with fat transfer has been nothing less than a nightmare that I can't seem to wake up from. Two years ago I was talked into this procedure when I went to have a breast implant replacement. I actually never had any intention of doing anything to my face. In fact, I thought I... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Naficy to see about "erasing" some of those troublesome fine lines that were collecting around my mouth and eye area, as well as address the dark circles and thinning skin around my eyes. We decided on a course of treatment that included fat transfer injections into my eye area,... READ MORE

I decided to get fat transfer to my face. I chose Dr Karam because of his experience with fat transfers, before and after pictures, and comparisons to other Drs across the country. I am one month post fat transfer and am very satisfied with my results so far. I did have bruises on my upper... READ MORE

I am 64 and was getting some small lines in the low part of my cheeks, and a bit of a sunken look in my cheeks. Pros. My cheeks are smooth, and I have cheek bones again, lines are gone. Cons they also put fat in my lips and it was very bruised, and sore, now after a month you can't tell I ever... READ MORE

I had a lower face lift, upper eyes & extensive fat transfer to face one month ago in San Juan costa Rica with Dr. Chavarria. I stayed at Las Cumbres Recovery Center and the whole thing : room, board, nursing care, transportation and surgery cost $6,000. That's it. This is not my first... READ MORE

I'm interested in getting fat grafts in my lips vs. doing permalip implants in my lips and filler under my eyes. I've been reading up on the procedures and permalip is so new I'm unsure about it and the surgeons in my area don't have any pics from doing them but say on the websites that they... READ MORE

Recently I had Aqualipo on the stomach and NaturalFill to the breast and face areas. I eat healthy and exercise daily by doing cardio and lifting weights. However, after having kids I had stubborn fat in the waist area that I was unable to get rid of with exercise and diet. Also, I have always... READ MORE

I just wanted to share my experience so far as for a few days after this procedure all I did was search online websites for information and I'm hoping that this review will spare some people the panic I experienced. in a nutshell the recovery is major. I've had my eyes and nose done before and... READ MORE

I came to see Dr. Aronowitz as a 31 year old female to discuss reconstructive surgery from radiation damage after having bi-lateral retinoblastoma, a cancer of the retina. The radiation administered to the temple area at the age of 17 months had caused extensive bone, muscle and tissue damage in... READ MORE

I have considered this for years. I want fat vagina. Im feeling inadequate. I want a vagina that my spouse can enjoy playing with. Most men desire fat fully looking vagina. Fat injection using my own body fat is perfect for me. I am afrocentric but desire to have a caucasian looking vagina. I... READ MORE

I had my under eyes injected last year in August and its now February. I was told that the 2nd month will be the lowest peak of fat and gradually the injected fat cells will grow in volume in about one year. I seen a difference in the first month but don't get use to it!!! Because it will not be... READ MORE

I am on day 3 after my stem cell facelift. I have ruined my face. I actually work as a patient coordinator for a corporation that processes stemcells. I was ...... let's say....encouraged greatly, to have this procedure done. They even paid for it. I have...had.. been blessed with a great face.... READ MORE

I had lost some weight and with age I was really starting to look hollow in the face. My cheeks were deflated and my whole eye was sunken in. I had used fillers before and they were OK but they were temporary. Dr. Hughes suggested facial fat grafting. He said that would save money in the long... READ MORE

I have had a boyish type body all of my life. All of my life I felt less then a woman. I hid my body in clothes that were far to big for me. On Dec 10, 2012 I had fat harvested from my tummy, back and waist by Dr Bond. The fat was relocated to my hips and thighs. OMG! My life has been... READ MORE

I love the results of my Stem cell fat transfer to the face. At 62 y/o I wanted something that would be a subtle improvement and not so dramatic. Dr. Wells and her nursing team were wonderful, caring and understood my concerns. I look like myself, only better. The result is subtle, but beautiful... READ MORE

During my first consult I wanted upper and lower eye surgery. I chose this surgeon due to so many reviews. My mistake was he did not have any reviews for this surgery and he highly recommended using fat transfer on entire face, including under eyes. I got scared and tried to cancel the fat... READ MORE

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