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Fat transfer (otherwise known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›

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I live in the STL area and I'm shopping around for affordable surgeons in the area. I am 5'5, about 170-180 lbs (I don't know my weight for sure because I have avoided scales since having my daughter). I dread getting dressed daily since having the kids. I have really been contemplating getting... READ MORE

My surgery date is getting close and this is starting to feel like it is becoming a reality. I'm so excited to be getting this procedure done, and can't believe I have found someone who says they can improve my horrible skinny lower legs. I have been embarrassed by them all my life and live in... READ MORE

I will say this, I am no newb to plastic surgery. Dr. O was nasty to his nurse as well as kept asking me the same thing like I was an idiot. These doctors get big heads after getting as much as they make a day. I am sure staff piss them off as doctors but you don't EVER let your patient see you... READ MORE

Most horrible experience of my life..I was reassured I was perfect candidate for this fat xfer to face..do on thurs..back to work on mon..had fat harvested frm thigh and nxt thing u no dr Garcia is walking in wth this gigantic needle-I was not given any type of meds to relax me. I just felt my... READ MORE

I work in the medical field and see various physicians for my profession (Dr. Born is not one of my clients). I selected Dr. Born to preform my fat transfer procedure. Dr. Born is always very professional (as well as his staff). He takes the time to explain the procedure, risks and reasonable... READ MORE

I lost volume in my temples, cheeks, and lower face. My under eye area looked hollow and dark. I had full face fat transfer. The fat transfer created a dramatic difference and brought back the much needed volume that I previously had in my younger days. This procedure requires great skill and... READ MORE

I booked my surgery very soon after my consultation. so I had a lot of things to get done and quite a few questions. One of his stuff member Jane is so sweet, always ease my feeling and addressing every bit of my concerns that I came across. I had my first fat grating surgery 5 month ago, and... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. Because of a large "hole " in my breast I saw Dr Park who recommended lipo with a fat transfer. He put most of the fat into my damaged breast and added a little volume to the healthy one. The results are AMAZING. I'm a... READ MORE

Ladys please do your research on doctors they're a lot of doctors doing plastic surgery that dont have the love of the art but just want the money! Its been 3 mos and my stomach look the same...GO FIGURE!!! i went to a Doctor in downtown chicago i mean my stomach hasnt changed not one bit...... READ MORE

I was scared to do any procedure but i found doctor AFSHIN FARZADMEHR to do my fat transfer / brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck after having a consultation with him i felt good and knew he was the doctor for me. This doctor is amazing the way he made my body over its like art and its only one... READ MORE

Dr. Dahiya has done a great job with my face since it looks fuller and younger. instead using fillers he used m own fatty tissue and give me beautiful results. Fat transfer is a good option for people who loosing volume in the mid face area. I am very happy with how I look now. Well done Dr.... READ MORE

The Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer) has totally changed my body and my life. Genetically, I have a boxy body with no butt. All of my fat goes right to my midsection/love handles. (This procedure involves transferring existing fat from your body, to your butt. I did a ton of research... READ MORE

I wanted to look younger. I did this to feel more confident about myself. I am very satisfied with this doctor as he is a perfectionist and I recommend him 100%. My experience went smoothly and I did not experience any problems after the surgery. I would not go back and change anything. There... READ MORE

I was unhappy with my facial aging and wanted to look refreshed, vital, younger and, most importantly, natural so I did not want want a surgical face lift that would look obviously "done". I was also satisfied with expensive injectables that didn't last long enough. Dr. Feins thought facial fat... READ MORE

Exceptionally, wonderful experience! It was easy from the start. All staff was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable through out my last 6 weeks. I recommend this to any one wanting that extra push to feel good about your self. I had the aqua lipo and natural fill done. I will have more... READ MORE

I will be having a fat transfer to my knees on June 25th. I am so excited because I have loose skin all around them and I can't wear shorts. I am praying this helps. He is putting 150cc of fat in each knee. Dr Henderson said it should help but may not totally fill out my knee. He is also putting... READ MORE

Am coming to the dr in September 25 1015, an I don't want to stay in a RH. Am getting a hotel but I want a house nurse for 10 dayz.... please put number so I can call am with a friend and she doesn't feel comfortable being in a recovery house an a taxi driver would be good to................ READ MORE

I found Dr. Repta here on RealSelf, and that is where my research began. After many consults with very talented surgeons, I have definitely decided to choose him. I had the pleasure of meeting with him last week and I look for ward to booking with him in the next few weeks. I am very impressed... READ MORE

My stomach area looked good until i had my fat transfer surgery. i am 5 foot 1 and weigh 101 pounds. i did not need a tummy tuck, my stomach looked great unti my surgery withl Dr. Schenden. my stomach is now wavy. it appears that he took fat from one side and not the other side. i could wear a... READ MORE

I had a Voluma injection in both cheeks in January of 2014, at a Med Spa. My right check became very infected and I was on five rounds of antibiotic. I knew I needed the Voluma removed, so I researched plastic surgeons and found Dr. Weber's reviews on Real Self. I did not want to go back to... READ MORE

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