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Fat transfer (otherwise known as fat grafting) is a process that involves harvesting fat cells from other parts of the body and injecting them into the treatment site. This is done to increase the volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, breasts, and butt. Fat transfer can also help reduce the appearance of pitted acne scars. While results are long-lasting, they should not be considered permanent. LEARN MORE ›
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I couldn’t be happier with my NaturalFill procedure from Dr. Bassin! I had deep marionette lines and was considering having a facelift, but changed my mind after attending one of his seminars and conferring with him. We decided that I wasn’t quite ready for a full QuickLift and that... READ MORE

I had fat transfer done to my under eye area 8 months ago to help with the hollowness I'd developed in the inner region of my under eye. I was anesthetized, fat collected fat from my hips and injected in my under eye area. I thought this would be a natural looking solution, but it took months... READ MORE

I recently had a facelift with fat graft. I advice anybody to not do this. My face is lopsided, the fat transfer under my eyes nw look like puffy eyes. The fat is all uneven. Although my jowls are lifted from the facelift the fat infected to my cheeks made my face fat. Moreover I developed... READ MORE

I'm a 50 year old male and have lost some fat under my eyes and cheeks from aging and I have a bit of a tired look. My nose has become more noticeable as a result, which has always been on the big size. I'm hoping that getting the procedure will make me more youthful and my nose less noticeable.... READ MORE

I LOVE this look! I lost 10 years from my face! My surgeon is amazing! I previously had a tummy tuck with him which also gave me the ability to get INSANE abs at 40, after 2 c sections. Following the tuck, I have embarked on a pretty strict exercise and eating regime. This left my body looking... READ MORE

My motivation was my nose. I wanted a smaller one. After seeing Dr. Perry's impressive book of before and afters, I wanted to have him tweak other facial features. The pros , after swelling went down, people would look at me and say, you look great, what is your secret. You still look like you... READ MORE

Dr. Poindexter did fat injections to areas of my face that were a little hollow or asymmetrical. He even injected a little dent I had on the side of my nose and evened it out! He filled out my upper cheeks, nasolabial folds, little dents I had on both sides of my chin (called pre-jowls) and the... READ MORE

My experience was better than expected. Before going through this procedure I did extensive research to educate myself and put my mind at ease. Every review I read on-line guaranteed swelling and bruises for about 7 days so I took 2 weeks off work just to make sure nothing was noticeable to... READ MORE

I had fat injected into my face with dr. Phillip Young in Bellevue, Washington. He over filled my whole face and left side of my face was filled more than right side. I'm now at 2 years and 8 months after surgery my face still big, unnatural looking and uneven. Everyday I'm waiting and... READ MORE

Dr Bednar did Fat Transfers to me over a year ago on my face. The result was really amazing. I would have never expected it to be so natural, yet to see such a significant difference. Dr Bednar has been doing my "face" for over ten years now and I have never looked better. Additional to... READ MORE

On August 5, 2013, Dr. Clavijo removed fat from my inner thigh and then transferred the fat to my face. This was my second surgery with Dr. Clavijo, but the first time for this type of procedure. I have an autoimmune disease, which I feel as though has caused my face to thin/age prematurely. My... READ MORE

I haven't had it yet but I'm very excited and can't wait for it to happen. I'll keep you posted afterwards Please read the whole review of my consultation with Dr Jafri because you are like me you need to have a connection and feel confident about going through with having your face done... READ MORE

Like many athletic women in their early 50s, I was losing volume in my face-and more on one side than the other! So much so that I thought I might need a cheek implant-I had a few rounds of fillers (Radiesse, Juvederm) over the last few years. I liked the results but they don't last, which, at... READ MORE

As usual Dr. Lay is like an artist, who does things to achieve effects above and beyond what you ever thought. The result is incredibly natural. You retain the full facility of your natural expressions and personality, while looking inexplicably great. I got the fat transfer to correct a... READ MORE

My face looked really old and tired, had unsightly wrinkles and my skin was sagging, especially the area around my mouth and my cheeks looked awful. I scheduled a fat transfer at Pascual MD, and I'm absolutely loving the results. I had plenty of rest and didn't go to work for about two weeks,... READ MORE

The past few years I have felt that my face has lost volume. Specifically my cheeks. I hs asked Dr S about implants. He recommended that I try juvederm injections to see if I like how it looks. After he injected my cheeks he even admitted it looked good. He then told me about fat... READ MORE

At 36, I had terrible huge bags under my eyes. I've been using filler for about a year but I didn't want to do that forever. I also started to notice my face taking on a angular hard look as I started to lose more volume in the face. After doing months of research, I decided to get a full... READ MORE

My experience with fat transfer has been nothing less than a nightmare that I can't seem to wake up from. Two years ago I was talked into this procedure when I went to have a breast implant replacement. I actually never had any intention of doing anything to my face. In fact, I thought I... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Naficy to see about "erasing" some of those troublesome fine lines that were collecting around my mouth and eye area, as well as address the dark circles and thinning skin around my eyes. We decided on a course of treatment that included fat transfer injections into my eye area,... READ MORE

I decided to get fat transfer to my face. I chose Dr Karam because of his experience with fat transfers, before and after pictures, and comparisons to other Drs across the country. I am one month post fat transfer and am very satisfied with my results so far. I did have bruises on my upper... READ MORE

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