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A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The results go beyond what can be expected from common injections like Botox and Juvederm. Many different types of facelifts exist, including cheek lifts and mini-liftsLEARN MORE ›
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Hello, I am Singaporean and I write the review about my plastic surgery experience. I visited South Korea for plastic surgery, I really don't like my face shape and looks older than my age I arrive at Incheon airport early September to meet my Korean friends and research plastic surgery hospital... READ MORE

Like some that are unhappy with an area/part of their body, too big, too lumpy, too flabby, too small etc, we go on a roller coaster ride of, will I, shall I, no I better not, yes I will, no I won't, I'm scared, no I'll be brave. Well for me it's a FaceLift i'm having done, those saggy jowls... READ MORE

I am only 3-weeks post op, but I am thrilled and feel Great! ! I manage a professional office and was to the point where I felt like the old gal in the office, not a great way to feel. I am now just over one month post op for my face/neck lift and nose revision. Everything has gone very... READ MORE

Dr. Alberto Arguello is simply the best! 4 weeks ago, he performed a neck and lower face lift, a mid-face/cheek lift, and upper and lower eye lifts. Please see my separate review of the doctor below. I will also be indebted to Dr. Arguello, he does not run away from a challenge. Prior to... READ MORE

I am 2 & a half weeks away from having my second surgery in 4 months. I have lost 100lbs and frankly my skin laxity has suffered. This has been an interesting journey, I had never really thought I'd have plastic surgery, but after losing the weight I realized I really wanted to look toned, and... READ MORE

Outcome better than expected. Great contour to neck and jaw. Surgical suture lines healed with imperceptible scaring. Post-op care excellent with minimal discomfort. Very friendly and relaxing environment. The facelift is done well with the understanding of my age and appearance is appropriate... READ MORE

Having had heavy jowls, which were beginning to make me look very old and sad, I decided to spend some money on myself for a change as I wanted to look as young as I felt inside and wanted to be greeted by people with more enthusiasm - I felt always I had to smile constantly to stop myself... READ MORE

Don't have room to express everything here, but the long and the short of it is, so glad to have taken the plunge and had the procedure! It has made a huge difference in my outlook and my self image. I was feeling older than my years, and now I feel like I feel on the inside (as everyone says)... READ MORE

This is self explanatory from showing you the photos below of the before and after. I was fully explained on my pre op visit in the office. The next day was my procedure and was visited by the anaestheologist for a long talk and by Dr. Lev. All was explained for post op as well. What I was told... READ MORE

I hated looking in the mirror and seeing sagging jowls. Fear of bad results and pain kept me from pursuing a facelift. Checking the internet for surgeon ratings I found Dr. Michael Zwicklbauer, went for a consultation and liked his honesty, as well as his explanation of what to expect. I... READ MORE

It is my pleasure to send this letter sharing my experience with Destin Plastic Surgery Center. I have had four surgeries with several procedures done at this facility since November of 2012. Each time I have been at Destin Plastic Surgery Center I was always treated with a smile and... READ MORE

After losing 30 pounds and getting in shape (5'9" 135#) I was thrilled with my body but my face looked like it had melted. Dr. Rodgers came highly recommended. I went in to talk about a neck lift but he knew best, recommending facelift, lower bleph, and fat grafting as well. I couldn't be... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Marotta in March 2013 for a facelift, chin implant and upper eyelift. I was 54 years old and already looked 45 before the procedure. Dr. Marotta suggested a fat transfer to my lower eyelid to fill in a hollow. I agreed. My final results were this: No perceivable difference for... READ MORE

I was embarrassed to have people look me in the face. I looked tired all the time, my face looked as if it was sliding off of my face, and I looked angry. It was my 50th birthday and I was ready to reclaim my face. I consulted with Dr. Kass and was instantly impressed. He was thorough, took his... READ MORE

I went to PS to see about having a tummy tuck and face lift. Decided to have the face lift done first because my grandson is getting married in May and I want to be the best looking grandma there LOL. I dont like what I see in the mirror. My upper eylids cover nearly half of eyes and I look... READ MORE

Up until the age of 48 I was doing ok. Then I took the task as attorney for an elderly lady, to fight her corner in life to do what was right for her. It aged me overnight. Ok, I say I was doing ok. In reality, I have battled with skin issues for 38 years and the process of being attorney, the... READ MORE

I had weight loss surgery in 2011 and had excessive neck skin and face sagging . I was very unhappy with the the appearance of my face and turkey neck. I now have a defined jaw and check bones look higher and my neck is smooth. The post surgery was not painful just uncomfortable which will... READ MORE

I was feeling young, I was fit and active but my face was starting to show its age. I am 54 and simply not ready to be an old woman. I did my research and chose Dr Koelliker one because of the great reviews and the visual results I had seen and secondly because he does the procedure in a... READ MORE

Dr. Paul Nassif is an amazing plastic surgeon. I had a mid facelift and after a month, I'm completely healed and I feel great. I had no complications and didn't take anything but Tylenol after. I always felt comfortable with his staff and everyone was A-list. Highly recommend. Love my new face,... READ MORE

Aging face. I did not feel my face fit my youthfulness. This procedure accomplished obtaining that youthfulness and has continued over the past 7 years. What prompted this procedure were my sagging eyelids and Dr. Tehrani, after consulting with me, recommended doing the facelift at the same... READ MORE

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