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WORTH IT RATING based on 972 reviews
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A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens loose skin—around the face, eyes and neck. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $10,900

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Expectations are to get rid of my sagging neck, tired look, and chicken wings. My goal was to keep cost under 10,000 dollars and find a board certified physician who surgery would be done in a accredited hospital in Mexico near T.J, I am in San Diego California. I have multiple consultations... READ MORE

I'm considering a facelift or reconstructive surgery to repair damaged caused by eczema. I've had eczema my whole life, which is caused by an allergy to animal dander and dust. It once covered my body with open sores, and when I was 10 years old I was taken to a doctor who gave me a potent... READ MORE

At 48 years old, I looked and felt much younger but was still bothered by heavy eyelids and the beginning of a little turkey wattle. For as long as I can remember, my mother's neck started at her chin and I did not want to have that, ever! I had a neck lift, lower face lift, upper... READ MORE

I had a lower bleph, SMAS facelift and neck lift on April 9, 2014. Always looked younger than my age, but around age 55, no one was surprised I was in my later 50s. Five years later, I looked every day of of my 60 years and probably more. Still, I was not really going to worry about any... READ MORE

I chose Dr. Jabs based on experience, honors, and reviews. I originally made an appointment to talk about the Quick Lift that he advertises. During my consultation, Dr. Jabs assessed my needs and felt that an additional neck lift with lipo would address my concerns. This would mean an little... READ MORE

At 55 years old, after 20+ years of being a single parent raising four children, and a primary school teacher during all those years, I was starting to look very "tired". Because I love what I do and want to continue in the workforce for as long as possible, I decided that a facelift would give... READ MORE

My biggest issue was my turkey neck. That is what I saw first when I looked in the mirror. I felt it made me look even older than I am. But it is now gone and also a lot of the wrinkles. The recovery time was shorter than I expected, and it was easy to conceal the stitches until they were... READ MORE

You know it was tough the first week - having to go in on day 3 to get suture from eyes removed! Let me back up for a moment - I had a facelift - neck lift - lower bleph and fat injections in "smile lines" and frown lines. Also the physician fee was 15,300 the rest was surgery center -... READ MORE

Today is Thursday I had my lower facelift this past Monday I wanted to post this photo to show you that it was well worth it and I am very pleased so far I am trying so hard to have patience and not get bored because you do have to follow instructions and be careful during your recovery. I get... READ MORE

Lets face it we feel young so we want to look young. I found what i thought was an amazing doctor did my research and went in for my lift.the outcome was not the best but it was ok, I was kind of disappointing that i wasnt given anything to recover faster, i felt like a number not a patient I... READ MORE

I have recently had a face and neck lift, browlift, upper blepharoplasty and submental liposuction completed at PHI clinic by Dominic Bray. I have shared my experience and thoughts in this daily diary. If you are thinking of a facelift, my advice would be to visit Dominic and Lucy, the before... READ MORE

I have had a sagging area under my chin like a turkey gobble and bags under my eyes forever. The "Gobble" is hereditary (my Mom had it and my Brother has it too) but the eyes are just "age". Also dislike the marionette lines on the side of my mouth. I have had Juvaderm over the years and also... READ MORE

Now I love my neck. I had surgery 2 months ago and I am so thrilled with the results. Chicago plastic surgeon Clark Schierle, MD, PhD did an amazing job. I was very nervous about having a facelift but Dr Schierle was very patient and kind. He understood my worry. His staff and the staff a the... READ MORE

Finally it's my turn! I have been wanting to do something about my neck since my mid forties. It was my 55th birthday last Tuesday, & this is my birthday present from my very sweet husband. I originally met with my PS back last November. I met a couple of others first, but wasn't too impressed... READ MORE

I have recently divorced after a very bad twenty-year marriage. Life now is wonderful and i am looking forward to many happy years. But was it the stress of the marriage, or just that I had turned 55? It seemed that suddenly I was looking much older, my jawline had crumbled, my neck was sagging,... READ MORE

First of all, thank you for all of these amazing posts. This is giving me the courage to go through with this, (and watching reruns of Dr. 90210). I need post surgical corrections, and also know that i can look better at the ripe age of 53. i have kept up with little procedures over the years... READ MORE

Facelift, Upper & Lower Eyelids, Fractional Laser 1/2 lower face, Botox on Forehead. At 63 I possessed jowls, a turkey sagging neckline, bags under and above my eyes, as well as a badly furrowed forehead. All this after keeping myself relatively thin and exercising like crazy. [I am not... READ MORE

I had my surgery on the 8th mini face lift with upper and lower lids. Went to hospital at 8.30 into surgery at 10.00 AM out of surgery around one.Local anesthesia, chatting with the doctor during the operation.Left the hospital at 4.00 PM, went home .Day 2 stayed home very swollen the left eye... READ MORE

I have been through alot of procedures, 14 years ago I had a brow lift. 12 years ago, lower eye. 8 years ago Contour threadlift ( what a waste)./ sculptra injections left lumps, and had cortisone injections to decrease the lumps only with leaving me atrophied tissue, and big deep wrinkles... READ MORE

So far I have had a preliminary meeting at Dr. Harley's office where he evaluated my needs for a "Biltmore lift" which is a facelift with neck lift. I am 62 years old. I asked if he had any other suggestions and he said, "no." He thought I would be very pleased with the results. I also received... READ MORE

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