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A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck caused by aging or weight loss. The results go beyond what can be expected from common injections like Botox and Juvederm. Many different types of facelifts exist, including cheek lifts and mini-liftsLEARN MORE ›

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Hello I've been reading many post since I booked my face lift surgery (thank-you to all that have posted, it is so great to hear from people who have already completed the surgery/recovery process) I'm SO scared/excited and I'm really hoping that my turkey neck/jowls will be a distant memory in... READ MORE

About 10 years ago I thought about having a facelift but then thought nothing about it. In September 2013 I made a quick decision to have the procedure as I felt I really needed it, especially after loosing about 12kg in 3 months which expedited my facial skin ageing. I turned 57 the day before... READ MORE

I have never, ever written a review of a doctor or well, anything except maybe something on Amazon. But here I am, telling my story. All surgery is an act of faith, and a huge act of faith to leave the country to have it done. Needless to say, it was not an easy decision. But it was the best... READ MORE

I say Mexican Facelift, but it's only a few miles south of the boarder and they even have a Medical Lane at the boarder for fast crossings should you need to get back to the states in a hurry...but not to worry there is no need to rush back as this Facility is state of the Art, cleaner and newer... READ MORE

Getting hyped!! Excited to have my face and neck rejuvenated! Oh the nerves are ticking. I will post daily if I can. Probably a video diary too. My goals are to take away the heaviness in my eyes, defeat and tighten up the neck so I can have a jawline. You know like JLo lol now I'm... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty and breast lift with augmentation on October 1,2013. Well I'm back and on 9/16/2014 I'm getting upper and lower bleph and a facelift. My surgeon is wonderful and with the excellent results from the previous surgery of course he is doing this one. My doctor is... READ MORE

I had a Lower Body Lift, Inverted-T Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift and Breast Lift last year at Cosmed Clinic in Tijuana with Dr. Alejandro Quiroz and was so happy with his work I returned last week to get my Face, Neck, Eyes and Lids lifted by Dr. Quiroz. I am already very happy with my face. After... READ MORE

Back in 2010 I began to become unhappy with my sagging neck. Wrinkles I expected with age, the sag, I did not. I got a consultation with Dr. Scott Green at that time, but decided to go with my girlfriends to Europe instead. Fast forward to 2014, and my neck was beginning to have the full on... READ MORE

The time had come for me to realize I had aged, gained weight and gotten depressed over it. A couple of my friends went to see Dr. Timothy Neavin, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. He made these women beautiful and I thought I would go see him as well. As my pictures will show, he brought... READ MORE

I am so blessed the surgery is over. Recovery is going really well and today is lucky day 13 from surgery. I am getting stronger each day. I read so many stories on this site....thank you to everyone who takes the time to update us. I will share more as I learn more. I will attach pictures for... READ MORE

In 2012 I started a long journey. I went to Mexico and had a complete face lift or so I thought, I spent 8000.00 dollars on surgery, lodging and flight. I stayed there for 9 days as that was there policy. I had what they called a SMAS face lift, which was to be a lower face lift and mid face... READ MORE

I decided to get a face lift with neck lift, I am 54 years old. I felt that I was aging and that this would give me a more relax and fresh look. It is the best thing I did. I look 20 years younger, but I still look like myself. People stop me to say how great I look but they cannot pinpoint... READ MORE

Dr. Hector Milla is an excellent plastic surgeon I am overjoyed with the results of my procedure and would highly recommend his services to anyone who is considering any plastic surgery, Dr. Milla exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier with the results! When I first made the... READ MORE

Hoping to get my profile back and get rid of my jowls and double chin. Fingers crossed! I'm not sure what else to say at this point other than I'm not really nervous. I've been wanting to do this for about 10 years but kept waiting for various reasons. Finally just decided to go for it. I hope... READ MORE

I'm 100% pleased with my facelift from Steven Struck. From the consult to the surgery to the post-op follow up, the entire process has been better than I even imagined. At 2 1/2 weeks I went to a party and a friend walked up and said, "You've lost weight! You look amazing! What diet did you... READ MORE

I just didn't feel 65 and I wanted to get my neck done and get rid of my puppet mouth. I never thought I would have plastic surgery, but my look was getting me down. I only had a lower facelift and my neck done, but for me it was enough. I don't mind some wrinkles but I just wanted to look... READ MORE

It has been 1 year since I had a facelift and upper eye lift and I feel like it was yesterday - the results have not diminished at all. Yes I want to age gracefully, but at some point I realized I was looking unhappy whenever I was relaxed. Due to heavy eyelids and jowls (hereditary) I felt like... READ MORE

I am 49 years old and in the past 3 years I have gone from overweight and out of shape to being a competitive body builder.....However, losing weight also comes with the cost of losing supporting fat that shapes and supports your facial skin and in my case resulting in sagging jowls and lines.... READ MORE

You know it was tough the first week - having to go in on day 3 to get suture from eyes removed! Let me back up for a moment - I had a facelift - neck lift - lower bleph and fat injections in "smile lines" and frown lines. Also the physician fee was 15,300 the rest was surgery center -... READ MORE

It has been six and a half weeks since my upper/lower blepharoplasty, and lower face, neck lift. I never felt any concern once I made the decision to have the surgery after such high praise from others that had gone to Dr. Arguello. At my consultation, Dr. Arguello reassured me that I would... READ MORE

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