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A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens loose skin—around the face, eyes and neck. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $11,300

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I had a facelift and am now left with visible scaring and after a year I don't feel like the result was 100% what I wanted. My jawline is not how I expected it to be and that was the reason for my surgery. I would like to further clairfy my experience here. When I checked no after... READ MORE

I had a facelift and eye life at the Rosenatock Center in San Jose Costa Rica on April 29th 2013. It was my second procedure with Dr Cohen and Dr.Rosenstock. They are the truly wonderful surgeons. They have professional staff and a comfortable facility. A nurse is with you at all time. Plan on... READ MORE

At 61, I was through looking as tired as my job makes me feel so I opted for a deep plane face lift and fat transfer. I am happy to be rid of the "turkey" neck and this procedure has tightened up my face considerably. I chose not to have any work done on my eyes, which shortened the... READ MORE

I am age 74 and have been thinking about getting a total face and neck lift for the past 10 years. I know the recovery is slow and very painful....have talked with others and feel their pain. I am very healthy for my age and do a lot of dancing and interact with young people. Want to look better... READ MORE

On this my last day, I am sitting in my room here at Spa Casa Marino contemplating these last 10 days. My complete face lift went exactly as I had wanted it to go. I now have a smooth neck, great eyes and a very fresh, new look. I also had a small amount of fat transfered to my lips (very... READ MORE

ToI am 47 and having a facelift in Seattle on 5/20/13. When I look in the mirror I feel like I lookold and tired. My cheeks look like they have moved south and I have some jowling. I'm very nervous, but also looking forward to looking better and more refreshed. Any tips or advice is greatly... READ MORE

I had a face lift in Prague thre weeks ago and at this stage I look 20years younger than my 53 years. Overall my appearance is so much improved but there are things that I am not happy about, just hope that they improve with time. The cost of my surgery was £5,000. I had an endoscopic... READ MORE

I'm 65, healthy and relatively fit, but after seeing some photos taken at family get-togethers this winter, I realized that I looked older and tired than I felt. I live near the beach in Mexico, and I swim and boogie board and take long morning walks almost every day. I wanted to look the way I... READ MORE

I just had my pre-op appointment and the excitement is getting stronger. I have so much grattitude to this site as it has given me so much information, thanks so much to everyone. I actually found my Facial Plastic Surgeon on "REALSELF" and having found his reviews and credentials and... READ MORE

I am 49 yrs old and have been an RN for many years. I started looking tired and the nose to mouth lines were gettng deep!LOL I had a mini face lift 3 yrs ago and this time I had vertical lift...this pulls more upward and the first was more straight back toward my ears. I also did a upper and... READ MORE

I turn 60 in about two weeks. I have been planning for face procedures for a couple of years. This is my 60th birthday present to myself. I wanted to look in the mirror and see the face I once knew. I took two weeks off from work. Because I have dry eye syndrome, I elected not to have my... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I am so happy to be reading about your experiences. I wanted to peel back about 10-15 years to match my lifestyle and decided to do it fully and all at once. This was my 65th birthday present, (April 2) Always loved myself in photographs, even up to several weeks ago. I am at... READ MORE

Two years prior to my surgery I consulted Dr. Raghu Athre' about doing a Face Lift he said as soon as I quit smoking he would be happy to do my surgery. So I quit smoking and two years later I went to have my face lift! I am extremely happy with my results and very pleased with Dr. Athre'! He is... READ MORE

It had become too difficult to look in the mirror so at 54, began search for best surgeon and decided on surgery. It has changed my life. With little pain and 3 weeks recovery, sun damaged, droopey wrinkled face and neck is gone. A new youthful look and attitude. Unbelievable change, so very... READ MORE

Dr Carlos Wolf of Miami Plastic Surgery did the surgery, 6 days after my neck lift mid face lift and Blepharoplasty I feel very good woke up this morning and could feel the swelling Greatly reduced. I am very happy with my surgeon and his staff could to have picked a better group of people... READ MORE

I have scheduled my lower face life, neck lift and lipo and buccal fat pad removal for April 10th, 2013. I am a very active, happy, hardworking, tired "looking" 50. I have a double chin I have hated my entire life, regardless of weight! It is time to get "gone" with it! This... READ MORE

Hi all! I had my procedure done on the 22nd of April so I am exactly 1 week post op. I wasn't sure what to expect and was very nervous. I suffered a great deal straight after surgery due to the effect of general anaesthesia but had no pain really. I had my bandage around my head on for 4 days,... READ MORE

Never got a lift at all. What I did get were many friends and doctors telling me to get my money back. Because it is going to cost more than $25,000 to fix all the issues I have now from the work he did. Tes he was nice and courtious, yes I got his cell phone. What I wasn't expecting ws to... READ MORE

I had an upper and lower eyelid on September 26 2012. Two weeks later I went for a face and chin lift. My plans were just to have my eyes and chin done, but because Ii had some bags below my under eyelid, I decided to go through the whole process of a facelift. My PS told me he was going to be... READ MORE

I am 57, female, and had just hated my jowls and jawline for so many years! While I keep slim and trim overall, and have had previous surgeries to address other areas, I felt that I still looked older and more tired than I felt.  In mid-August 2012, Dr. Marten did a lower SMAS lift,... READ MORE

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