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WORTH IT RATING based on 951 reviews
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A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens loose skin—around the face, eyes and neck. LEARN MORE ›
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I read a lot of article in RealSelf and they helped me a lot in the whole process, so I thought I will share mine. I am 45 years old, I am not sure if it is a bit young to get this kind of procedure. I lost 35 pounds in the past year by myself with no help, maybe my diet was not well... READ MORE

Five and a half mos. ago I went to Dr. Yu and my life has changed !! How? Well- Now when I go to the grocery store I get what I call a "double take"! Being a woman, I feel that there is so much pressure on us to "look young" "act young" "be the super woman"....... At any rate, I decided I would... READ MORE

I'm 61. People think I'm 50. Had a lower face lift/neck lift 8 yr. ago. The face still looks good, but the neck lift didn't hold for even a yr. Now I have the classic two bands of excess flesh running down my neck. While I've been VERY happy with the facelift, I don't think my doc was radical... READ MORE

I saw some ads for this doctor and his business so i contacted his office. they sent me a booklet that he had co-authored and some brochures. i was impressed and inspired by the supplied information so i scheduled an office visit. everyone seemed nice. everyone seemed professional. so, i... READ MORE

I am 58 and was motivated to have a face lift 4 years ago after losing significant weight from a lap band procedure. Dr. Guerrerosantos is a great surgeon and his son Fernando joined the practice. 5 years ago. I knew he had taught other surgeons not only in Mexico but also at international... READ MORE

I had a facelift when I was 50 with a lower bleph, a forehead lift, and chin implant. At 65 I was seeing changes in my face that really bothered me. It came on rather suddenly. One day, out of the blue, I said I am going to do something about that. It was right around my 65th birthday. I... READ MORE

I went to hospital may 1. Had upper brow lift, face/neck lift, fat transfer .and lower bleph. Spent 1 night in hospital, came home next morning.. Had some nausea from general anesthesia, even though I had patch on for nausea. Very minimal pain. My dressing and drain removed the next morning... READ MORE

I first had a facelift and I was one of the few people that did have complications as all are warned about with any elective surgery. Dr. Morgan was always there for me arriving minutes after we did around 11:00 or 12:00 at night (not quite sure, I was still a little groggy). What I do remember... READ MORE

I was tired of seeing my face give in to gravity. Looking old and tired was starting to make me feel old and tired. I wanted the outside to look like I felt on the inside. Now I feel rejuvenated, the face lift has changed my life. READ MORE

Don't let the price scare you! You are buying years of studies, practical experience, intensive research, a collection of pearls of knowledge, and most of all, the unique skills of an artist who attentively treats his subject as a work of art. At 62, I was uncomfortable with my aging skin... READ MORE

For appearances. I was seventy-years-old and very unhappy with my saggy neck and, to a lesser degree, my face.  I spoke to two plastic surgeons and each of them offered a variety of set menus to choose from. Doctor Del Vecchio was entirely different.  He looked closely and... READ MORE

I am 62 yrs old and tired of seeing my mom in the mirror, hated my profile due to the wrinkles and jowels. Well I did it had upper eyes and Mid Face lift. Today is day 4 swelling is down much better. My neck is what is the most uncomfortable, took the "pain pills for couple of days but now... READ MORE

I had been thinking about having my eyelids done for several years. Finally, I made the decision to do it. My right eyelid had gotten so bad that it almost felt necessary to hold it open late at night. After I decided to do it, I thought I might as well go all the way and have a face, neck, and... READ MORE

Face was very droopy. READ MORE

I chose a cosmetic surgeon carefully and after much research. Dr. Placik is recognized as Chicago's top cosmetic surgeon and for good reason; he is the only one I found who has earned an astonishing 100% positive rating from his patients. In my initial consultation, his office team and... READ MORE

Five individual procedures as listed below on Oct 27, 2010 and the results: FULL FACE LIFT 1) Lower Blepharoplasty Results: Skin is not flat, noticeable white scar under left eye. 2) Upper Blepharoplasty Results: Excess skin hanging down from right eye. 3) Nose Tip Plasty to reduce the tip of my... READ MORE

I was not pleased with the look of aging. At 68 I have many years ahead of me and want to look as youthful and lovely as I can. Dr. Naficy did this for me. I am very happy with the results. It is worth every dollar spent. READ MORE

Three weeks ago I had my carefully planned facelift, blepharoplasty,and YAG Laser resurfacing around my entire eye area. I had this surgery because I was feeling that my appearance (old) no longer matched how I was feeling inside (young). I had realistic expectations, i.e., didn't believe... READ MORE

Procedures done in office with no general anesthesia required, short down time, more personalized service at a lower cost than other surgeons had offered. Financing was available (no interst if paid off in a certain amount of time). Professional, great bedside manner. READ MORE

I received my lift as a 60th birthday gift from my amazing husband, I could not be happier. I wanted to make the aging process slow down a bit and it worked! My eyelid upper and lower and mid face procedure was completed just a little over a year ago. I never experienced any real pain. It... READ MORE

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