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A facelift is a surgical procedure that tightens loose skin—around the face, eyes and neck. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $10,900

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I am a 64 year old woman, who does not feel even close to-that age. I am very active and have always exercised and kept myself healthy. So on June 12 I had a facelift and breast lift implants removed and breast lift. I had originally planned on having the implants removed only, as that was all... READ MORE

I love the upper part of my procedure except to many implants at the time ! Who knew! I have a large chin that photographs badly which impairs my feeling when interviewed& working! It does NOT balance my face at all! I would not have ask for this many procedures if I new what I know... READ MORE

I had a face lift with laser resurfacing 8 weeks ago today. I explored the most recommended surgeons in NYC and decided to go with Dr. Rosenberg, as I felt he made a connection with me as a person/face and not "ho hum, another facelift" I am thrilled with the outcome, subtle but significant... READ MORE

I had a facelift + upper/lower blepharoplasty with Dr Komwit at Bumrungrad facilitated by GHT. I am 7 days post op and I am over the moon.................. as I can already seen a massive improvement. You can hardly notice the scars around the eyes, incredible............ Everything went... READ MORE

I have had the most wonderful facelift experience with the world renowned, Dr. Gregory S. Keller. I scheduled my surgery, which I had not even thought of doing, for just 3 days after my initial consult. My consultation was for a much wanted necklift. I have severe sun damage on my neck from... READ MORE

I decided on my doctor after researching and speaking with 2 other board certified plastic surgeons. I've always been fairly attractive but life was definitely catching up to me. My main issues were loose neck skin, jowls, and the lack of a jaw line. I did not want the wind swept look either... READ MORE

I was tired of getting mad with my neck. I just turned 66, and over the years, I’d accepted the change that comes with simply surviving: losing skin elasticity and hormones. I’d lost my jawline, my eyes had craters under them, and I looked tired all the time. I’d tried electro stem... READ MORE

Surgery is scheduled for July 10. I am excited but also very nervous/scared. I sure could use any support that anyone has to offer. I still not sure if I want to do the hairline browlift or endo browlift my Dr said I could decide the day of the surgery. I found my Dr through RealSelf/Make Me... READ MORE

I looked like a frumpy old woman and Dr. Turk gave me a complete transformation and made me absolutely gorgeous. I had minimal pain the first day and after that it was smooth sailing. There was also some bruising, but not as much as I expected. The end result was worth twice as much pain as I... READ MORE

I knew I needed face work - but wasn't sure exactly what to get. The day we arrived in Costa Rica my husband & I met with Dr. Rosenstock. He recommended a lower face lift with lipo, eye lift, chin implant and a chemical peel. The entire experience was the best! I stayed the night at the clinic... READ MORE

46 Year old Mother of 4 Kiddos. 21, 15, 12, and 8. I am also getting a TT same day. I live in Calif. I haven't seen many reviews of facelifts... I am nervous but concentrate on preparing everything. I hate my neck and have for several years. I would appreciate any advice and support out there.... READ MORE

I attended 2 of Dr Nijher's seminars (the second one so I could take my husband) and he gave me a great deal of confidence in his education, abilities, and subsequent results. I decided to do the face, brow and neck lift, and I am definitely not disappointed! In fact, I'm thrilled with the... READ MORE

I am nervous and excited! Can't wait! This is the biggest elective surgery that I have ever had! I will be off work for 2 weeks. I will be under general for 7 to 8 hours. I have done a lot of research and I am ready. Everyday I look in the mirror and imagine how different I think I will look. I... READ MORE

I had a facelift and am now left with visible scaring and after a year I don't feel like the result was 100% what I wanted. My jawline is not how I expected it to be and that was the reason for my surgery. I would like to further clairfy my experience here. When I checked no after... READ MORE

I had a facelift and eye life at the Rosenatock Center in San Jose Costa Rica on April 29th 2013. It was my second procedure with Dr Cohen and Dr.Rosenstock. They are the truly wonderful surgeons. They have professional staff and a comfortable facility. A nurse is with you at all time. Plan on... READ MORE

At 61, I was through looking as tired as my job makes me feel so I opted for a deep plane face lift and fat transfer. I am happy to be rid of the "turkey" neck and this procedure has tightened up my face considerably. I chose not to have any work done on my eyes, which shortened the... READ MORE

I am age 74 and have been thinking about getting a total face and neck lift for the past 10 years. I know the recovery is slow and very painful....have talked with others and feel their pain. I am very healthy for my age and do a lot of dancing and interact with young people. Want to look better... READ MORE

On this my last day, I am sitting in my room here at Spa Casa Marino contemplating these last 10 days. My complete face lift went exactly as I had wanted it to go. I now have a smooth neck, great eyes and a very fresh, new look. I also had a small amount of fat transfered to my lips (very... READ MORE

ToI am 47 and having a facelift in Seattle on 5/20/13. When I look in the mirror I feel like I lookold and tired. My cheeks look like they have moved south and I have some jowling. I'm very nervous, but also looking forward to looking better and more refreshed. Any tips or advice is greatly... READ MORE

I had a face lift in Prague thre weeks ago and at this stage I look 20years younger than my 53 years. Overall my appearance is so much improved but there are things that I am not happy about, just hope that they improve with time. The cost of my surgery was £5,000. I had an endoscopic... READ MORE

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