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Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery or eyelid lift, is a cosmetic procedure that removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more taut appearance. Surgery can also change the shape of the eye, such as in Asian Eyelid Surgery or to address droopy eyelidsLEARN MORE ›

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This was the biggest no deal I've ever had done. I've had DENTAL work that was worse. OMG - I'm SO happy!!! First, I had the procedure done at Dr. Maffi's office in Scottsdale. He did my sister's eye surgery - upper and lower and it looks fantastic. So I just really needed blephroplasty. I... READ MORE

Looking in the mirror at the age of 20, I remember spotting the bag under my eyes. I inherited these from my father's side of the family. My mother appears to have no wrinkles and a flawless skin and when from my early 20s we were always mistaken for sisters. My mother loved this attention. ... READ MORE

I found Dr. Hedden's office features in Sky miles magazine awhile back. I had been thinking of getting my under eyes done and decided to research this office. I am 48 and felt the bags under my eyes were aging me. I read nothing but good reviews and the doctors credentials were impressive. I... READ MORE

Having natural yet asymmetrical eyelid creases never bothered me until last year when I started to notice in pictures that my eyes were getting smaller. My girlfriends stared asking me why I was squinting when I wasn’t! Sadly, gravity and age were starting to kick in and I came to the... READ MORE

I am a 24 year old who ALWAYS looks tired. I am tired of people coming to me and asking me if i had enough sleep. I have done my research and visited many websites. I narrowed my search to 2 doctors. I went in for a consultation with my 1st choice and decided he was the one. I set a date, March... READ MORE

Wanted to have more upper lid. Had quadblepharoplasty in 2 26 02 went in asking only for upper blepharoplasty, because as u can see didnt have much upper lid, never thought I had bags under my eyes, but I thought that eventually i was going to have some bags in the future n I was already... READ MORE

For 7 years I had wanted to fix my eyes. They looked like eyes of a 60 year old not a 47 year old. I went into Dr Perez-Gurri's office from a recommendation of a client . I was super pleased with him and his office staff. I immediately booked the surgery. His surgical room has nothing to envy... READ MORE

I had so much skin on my upper eyelids that my vision was impeded. I had been told by a eye Doctor at one time that I needed a blepharoplasty. I had a price given to me about 5 years prior to having the surgery done by another well known Beverly Hills surgeon and never followed through at that... READ MORE

Went for upper and lower blepharoplasty as well as jowls lift. My upper lids were significantly hooded, under eye bags and jowls which needed some tightening. It has taken me 1 1/2 years to finally write a review. The poor surgical outcome was obvious after the first month, however Dr.Gupta kept... READ MORE

I feel as though the hands of the heredity clock have been turned back! A few years ago my mother advised me to “have something done with your eyes before they get like mine and you’re too old to have anything done.” She lived with under eye bags for as long as I can remember, trying to... READ MORE

There was no denying my eyes had finally aged me. Upper and Lower. Was very nervous to have this done. Cannot say enough about Dr Yi and his staff!!! Terry, office coordinator, extremely helpful and kind. Did I also mention painless? Used concealer and out the door in 3 days. My results are... READ MORE

I wanted a less tired and a more youthful appearance. Dr. Robertson was referred to me by Renew skin and laser. I have been going to Kristi for my skin care needs for the past 16 years and trust her professional advice. I am happy with the results of my surgery and reccommend Dr. Robertson to... READ MORE

I had been bothered by my aging, fatty, hooding eyelids for some years. In my younger days, my eyes were my best feature and now every time I looked into the mirror, I felt like I was looking at a stranger. After researching for the right doctor over three years, I found Dr. Kapadia on Real... READ MORE

Well, I had my upper and lower Bleph along with a chemical peel under my eyes done on March 13 (two days ago at this writing) and so far I look horrible. The swelling on the upper lid is pretty severe and painful. I did the low salt diet and cut out all the foods and drugs that could possibly... READ MORE

So I'm turning 46 this year and the extra skin in my upper eyelids had been bothering me for for a while now. I am so happy I had this procedure with Dr. Kotlus! I wanted subtle and it is. Everything he told me to expect was spot on. I went with local anesthesia, I never felt Any pain.... READ MORE

I'd like for my upper lids to look contoured & youthful, I would like to be able to wear eyeshadow again that doesn't look like colored crepe paper. I'm hoping for a fresh look with enough skin & fat removed so that my eyes appear more open & beautiful. My eyes were once my best feature & I'm... READ MORE

I am having my upper & lower lids done. Dr. is going to cut a little farther out on the side of my eyes to tighten up the skin there. A little nervous, got my ice packs, moved the things I'll need up to eye level since the doctor said bruising occurs from bending down and picking things up. I... READ MORE

I have wanted a mini lift and upper lids done for therapist few years..I have gone to many doctors.But always found some little fault that kept me from returning..Compassion kindness and skill was at the top of my list..I was afraid to recover from upper eyes and mini lift at the same time..Dr... READ MORE

Dr Mark Mazow did an eye brow lift, hooded eyes and smooth the skin under my eyes. I am pleased with my results. I no longer look sleepy or tired. I felt confident about trusting him with my care. The surgery center was well staffed and courteous. The nurses were attentive, helpful and I could... READ MORE

My eyes were so tierd. I had a big bumo under my right eye from. Colesterol deposit. And my under eye bags and eye kids were awfull. I look so tierd all the time. I did not want to look like I wanted to be younger. I wanted to look refresh and natural. That is what Dr Agullo did. No general... READ MORE

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