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Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery or eyelid lift, is a cosmetic procedure that removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more taut appearance. Surgery can also change the shape of the eye, such as in Asian Eyelid Surgery or to address droopy eyelidsLEARN MORE ›

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Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty w/Fat repositioning and Facial Fat Transfer- I guess I always had Puffy upper eyelids which didn't bother me too much. Then Menopause hit and it felt like all hell broke loose! The puffiness got worse and now all of a sudden there were bags under my eyes as well! I... READ MORE

My eyes have been looking saggy for over a year now and I was petrified to get an upper eye lift. The idea of having skin cut so close to my eyes was scary and also frightened that it would somehow change my eye shape. (It didn't.) I will need a lower bleph too eventually but taking things one... READ MORE

For years I have been encouraged to have my upper eyelids reduced to improve my vision. I finally had difficulty passing a visual field test so it was time. I no longer walk around with my eyebrows lifted to help get my heavy lids opened wide enough to see clearly. So happy! Wish I had not... READ MORE

I was tired of hearing "you look so tired" ...I hated using expensive makeup that didn't work. I was PETRIFIED to have this surgery until the consultation with Dr. Rotitori who turned my fear into excitement to " get it done". I followed instructions & healed in 4 days. I'm so pleased with... READ MORE

Reason I decided to do this. I was feeling like 'droopy dog' with eyes pointing to the ground from my heavy eye lids. I also had deep half round groves under my eyes which gives me a hard look. I also have a dip in my face contour running from my inner eye to my check which left me looking drawn... READ MORE

I waited a year to share my results. I feel like I paid for nothing but 3 extra scars. Two from the surgery and an extra one from dr error. This was my second elective surgery and like the first I looked around to find the best. I wish I looked further. I am looking into redoing the surgery now... READ MORE

I was very nervous about having the procedure done, but my insecurities outweigh the need to want to look better. I had sagging, dark circles to my lower lids and fatty unattractive upper lids. This was my first cosmetic surgery experience, so i was really nervous about everything. I am now 15... READ MORE

Moved to Florida 7 years ago. I was 55 then, and looking somewhat tired, with bags under eyes. I went to my Dr. to improve my appearance and look somewhat younger again. I have always had pretty eyes, almond in shape and told I looked like Sophia Loren. My upper weren't that bad, but thought... READ MORE

I'm 51 and SO ready to finally get rid of these bags under my eyes that have bothered me since childhood! Curious to hear feedback from any of you who may have feedback/experience with doctors in my area. I've had one consultation with a San Francisco "Top Doctor" here on RealSelf, I am... READ MORE

According to the outline my motivation was that Kaiser would play pay for my blepharoplasty and I have always said deeply hooded eyes which leads to me hold them open so that people don't think I am tired or grumpy.... when I found out because it would pay for the eyelid surgery due to this... READ MORE

I had been recommended to Dr Jacono from a friend who had used him many years ago. I thought her results were still amazing. I went in for a consultation and we discussed my eyelid issues and then I asked about my upper lip which was non-existant. Dr Jacono told me about a lip lift which I... READ MORE

He hid behind his father when I tried to sue him. No expert would come forward because they all knew his father. He removed my eyelid and tried to say I had a tumor, really nothing was there prior to surgery. My life is ruined, I cannot even read a piece of paper, I am in constant pain... READ MORE

My eyes looked better before they Look odd now and I have to. Cover up with make up every day as scars are so red I also cannot sleep at night as I am worried about the headaches and blurred vision I have been getting every day it is only 1 month will this get better or have I been... READ MORE

If the eye's truly are the Windows to the Soul , it is even more important to take care of them . They are the first things we look at when we meet someone . I am a 68 year old man, who had quite saggy upper eyelids to the extent I looked Oriental ! The lower eyelids were perhaps even worse... READ MORE

Got a lower Bleph from Dr. Zoumalan. He is a very ethical doctor as I saw him a few years back in my mid 20's about my eye bags and he said I was too young for surgery and we went with lower eye fillers instead. I understood that this procedure was very sketchy but his work was amazing! Fast... READ MORE

I have scheduled a Ptosis repair surgery for my left eye and an upper and lower blepharplasty. I'm pretty nervous but as you can see from my photos, my left eye is pretty bad. My eye doctor has recommended the surgeon I'll be using, Dr. John Lindsey, and Dr. Lindsey and his staff seem very... READ MORE

I travelled all the way from Indiana to have two procedures done and I am so glad I did it. I chose Dr. Lee because of the great reviews and his credentials. I wanted a doctor who specialized in the eyes and Dr. Lee has years of experience. I had epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty surgery.... READ MORE

I'm excited to share y review. I've done a ton of research on this site and wanted to share my feedback to hopefully help someone else in making their decisions. My dark circles have gotten progressively worse over the years. If I could have covered them up with makeup I probably could have... READ MORE

So im finally going ahead with my upper eyelid surgery in 2 weeks time. This is something I never really thought about having done, but a friend who is also a dermatologist said to me "you have such pretty large eyes, the droopiness is making you look tired". Since that moment 4 years ago,... READ MORE

My partner of eight years is the one that encouraged my initial visit with Dr. Rowley in Lubbock, Texas. He is a huge advocate of taking care of your skin and being proactive about surgeries to keep you looking good. After his visit with Dr. Rowley getting Botox and Juviderm I asked him what he... READ MORE

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