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Eyelid surgery, or an eyelid lift, is a cosmetic procedure that removes and/or tightens "crepey" or sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more taut appearance. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,425

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I had upper eyelid surgery on 10/31/11. It's only been a few weeks, so I'm still healing. I wanted to share my experience with people because I notice a lot of posters on here had little to no bruising and my experience was quite different. Some people look great after just 2-3 days... READ MORE

I have a genetic hooded brow. Glad I did it when I did! I was on the fence about doing this - due to the fact you do not want anyone to mess up your face - let alone your eyes! So I was Soooo scared. But I figured I was not getting any younger and I did not want a BIG difference. So... READ MORE

Recovery can be worry some, but less than six months later my eyes are now beautiful! I naturally had eye bags and loose skin from genetics even at age 23. The the worst part about this surgery is recovery, which can be confusing and worrisome, however the end result was great in my case.... READ MORE

The bags under my eyes really started to bother me in my late 40s; they became impossible to hide with makeup. I do a lot of public speaking in my job and was just getting really uncomfortable with how I looked. My eyes were also aging at differnet rates and were noticably different sizes due to... READ MORE

I had considered having this done for many years but never had the courage. I am 52 and had heavy hooding of my right eye and slight hooding of my left. My surgeon offered me the option of having it done under local aneasthetic which saved approx $2,000. After the initial injections around the... READ MORE

I hit 40 and wanted to treat myself. My upper eyelids were hitting my lashes and were puffy and loose. I interviewed several plastic surgeons and chose Dr. Holden because he is not only a specialist for the face but his demeanor and professionalism is second to none. I was very impressed with... READ MORE

I had a blephoplasty to enhance my face. My eyelids were almost on my eyelashes. I look fresh and the procedure has opened my eye area. My face looks fresh and natural. Thank you Dr. Hertess. My procedure was problem free and my recovery was fast without any side affects. The suture line... READ MORE

I had this done as an afterthought to my rhinoplasty. I've had bags under my eyes since I was a young child. As early as age 11 I started getting the comment that would follow me until I had this surgery "You look so tired, are you sleeping well?". Even a month before the surgery,... READ MORE

I have had a great experience so far! There was virtually no wait time in between my consultation and my surgery date. My surgery was yesterday at 1:30 PM. I had one Vicodin when I got home just in case, but I probably didn't need it. It is now the first day after surgery and I have not... READ MORE

I had this done in office under local. That way I was able to open and close my eyes so the doctor could make sure they were even. Wonderful experience, I am on my third day, and the swelling on the upper lid is going down, have a little swelling under my eyes, Pain is almost non existant.... READ MORE

I loved the fact that I could look younger by having this surgery done and nobody would even know I had anything done. I had this procedure done to get rid of the wrinkles and bags under my eyes. As you can see it worked beautifully. My healing time was very qick just about a week. READ MORE

I felt my eye lids looked tired and made me look older. Couldn't wear mascara. It was like I had a hood on my eyes. It was the final peace to the "aging" puzzle. After my recovery from lipo, fat grafting and the tightening of my arm pits, I decided to add eye lid surgery to the... READ MORE

-The cost for the would of actually been more but since I had two procedures done at the same time the price was reduced so you would have to call and ask for a quote. -I had surgery for two procedures on July 19 2011 with Dr. Sam Rizk and so far I'm very pleased with my rhinoplasty... READ MORE

I had eyelid and brow lift to correct vision problems. Bruised and swelled with a little discomfort but by the 4th day was looking and feeling much better. Went back to work after two weeks with no sign of surgery. Associates had no idea what I had done but said I looked rested. READ MORE

The heavy lids were impacting my vision. The first thing I noticed after surgery was that I could see again. I didn't realize how much I couldn't see. I couldn't be happier with the results of my eye lid surgery. Very little bruising, needed no pain meds. READ MORE

Upper and lower blepharoplasty done 4 weeks ago for excess skin and fat removal. scar may be causing a problem. eye does'nt close causing dry eye and double vision.One of my eyes scar seems to be holding it slightly opened when I blink and sleep. I had steroid injections in the scars a few days... READ MORE

I had surgery on July 7th, and today is the 9th. i have swelling and my eyes burn (like when they are really tired) the lasering is the worst part, it is itchy and you have to keep it gooped up with lubricant. READ MORE

I underwent Blepharoplasty and Epicanthoplasty. I did these procedures because I initially had monolids. It gave me a tired look at times and I wanted a more bright and open eye look. However, I am very worried about how red the scarring on the inner corner of eyes and how swollen the... READ MORE

I am hoping to get some insight from anyone who has had Eyelid lift (blepharoplasty). I am 41 years old, and had upper and lower eyelids done has been 10 days ago. My swelling is down and most of the bruising, except for the dark purple ones on the left and right of my eyes. I feel like I... READ MORE

Best experience, excellent doctor. Under local plus sedative. Had too much skin at 42 looked tired all the time. I think it looks so good already I can't even imagine what it will look like in a few months. 01/18/2011-New photos to try and show small complication. Still happy though,... READ MORE

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