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Eyelid surgery, or an eyelid lift, is a cosmetic procedure that removes and/or tightens "crepey" or sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more taut appearance. LEARN MORE ›
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Had the surgery this morning. The only pain so far is my throat from the oxygen. Keeping eyes iced but swelling is growing! Hope it turns out good! :) I keep looking at a couple other posters reviews pictures to compare. I am hoping the bags are gone and I believe it will boost my self... READ MORE

It's been about two weeks after my upper eyelid surgery. I waited for several years before I made the decision. All the Doctors I interviewed wanted to do it in a surgical center under general anesthesia. I was very nervous about the anesthesia. Finally I was referred to a PS in my town. I... READ MORE

There are no pros to upper eyelid surgery. I was left with a lot of hollowness, scarring in the inner corner of my eyelid and shortage of skin. The cons are that it is a risky procedure, if you don't go to the right doctor, you will be out of luck. Not much can be done for too much fat and... READ MORE

The bags under my eyes are genetic and have bothered me since I was a kid. I researched endlessly on ways to treat the bags non-surgically. Sometimes the teabags, hemorrhoid cream, ice etc. would help, but mostly they made no difference at all. The bags were just part of the ‘design’ of my... READ MORE

I am a 36-year-old Asian female and was fortunate enough to have a decent eyelid crease, but I had excess skin and fat which hooded my eyelids. Eye shadow never quite looked right after I applied it, and every time I looked at pictures of myself, my eyelids always bothered me. I had my... READ MORE

I waited a long time considering having this surgery. I had inquired about this procedure a few years earlier but because of fear I decided I was not ready. Over the course of these past few years I was considering the surgery more and more. I am 48 years old but when you look at me you saw what... READ MORE

For years I was told by others that I looked tired. My eyes had bags under them all the time. At the age of 46 I decided to do something for myself and I took the lead and had lower eyelid surgery done. When the proceedure was done five weeks ago for baggy eyes I felt like I was in very capable... READ MORE

I didn't notice how bad my eyes had become until I saw a recent picture. I knew I needed to have this "tune-up". My biggest fear was that I'd be awake, but my plastic surgeon told me I'm tough, never flinching during Botox, Juviderm, Restylane, etc. The only discomfort was the series of... READ MORE

Hi girls,had my uppers and lowers done on 17th sep 2012, found the injections horendous, the swelling was quite bad for a few days but all better now, got a tca peel round mouth and chin and forehead which was good, my eye sight still not great abit tight round eyes still but getting there, my... READ MORE

Day 10 post eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. Anyone else experience burning watering eyes everyday? It stated at about 5 days post op. My sutures are still in one eyelid and the other eye is inflammed and red so far. I guess i just wished i knew how long recovery would take. It is def not... READ MORE

It's the day after and I feel great! I am 54 years old and my eyelids were so heavy they just sat on my eyelashes! I gave up trying to wear mascara altogether. The only pain I experienced was a couple hours after the surgery, and I believe it's only because the local anesthesia... READ MORE

Hi all,I had a traditional lower bleph with pinch and it has been almost 4 weeks.I am very concerned that my results, so far are disapointing.Feel that my bags are still there especially the right one, tear troughs still there most of all and my cheeks look raised at the eye socket area.Seen... READ MORE

Increasingly droopy upper lids that not only look awful, but are causing eye tiredness and headaches from having to raise my eyebrows to see properly. They drooped much more as the day progressed. Doctor and procedure was recommended by a friend. Done under local anesthetic (not quite... READ MORE

Turning 60 is a milestone for anyone. For 5 years I have been researching surgeons all over the world I went to 4 consultations in Canada. It would have cost me 4x the amount it did in Cancun March 2012. Now I wanted results it. It was not just about money. Then I found Sheri Burke and the... READ MORE

Hello Everyone! The reason I decided to have this procedure done is due to the hooding of my eyelids. I have been pondering this decision for the last 2 years and finally gave in since my eyes have been really bothering this year and luckily I have found a great doctor to perform this procedure... READ MORE

I had upper eyelid skin that made me look tired. When I was younger, I knew one day this day would come and I'd have to make the decision. I'm glad I took 10 years to do my research and observe others' work to find the right doctor. I was afraid of the hollowed look, too much fat taken out, and... READ MORE

I recently had an upper eye bleph which dramatically improved my appearance . My lids were so droopy that I didn't remember what it looked like to see the sky ...no kidding ! They were so bad that my insurance paid for upper lid surgery.Now that they are done and I am able to see better , I am... READ MORE

I just had the surgery 2 days ago, so I don't know yet if it is worth it or not! However, the first day (right after the surgery) my eyes looked great other than the redness and stitches showing! I was excited. Then, the swelling set in and now I am really swollen and the lasered skin under... READ MORE

I literally had this done about 6 hours ago, so I figured I'd document as I went so I don't forget anything. Sorry in advance if you find this long-winded, but these were the kinds of details I was looking for when I was digging around on this website. Title says it all. My bags were... READ MORE

I am so glad I did this!! I should have done it 10 years ago. An hour out of my life to look and feel like this was worth every penny! If you read a lot everything will prepare you. It is scary and creepy because you're awake but just be strong. The only thing I wasn't prepared for and didn't... READ MORE

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