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Eyelid surgery, or an eyelid lift, is a cosmetic procedure that removes and/or tightens "crepey" or sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more taut appearance. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $4,450

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I chose this PS mainly due to excellent reviews. As you can see, my bags are absolutely terrible. I am hopeful that the surgery will give me a refreshed and rested look. My surgery is scheduled for May 23 and i am quite nervous. I will be flying to Czech Republic from Ireland where I live. The... READ MORE

Having surgery in 2 days..excited and scared at the same time..im not happy with the way my eyes look at this age. It has helped me by reading others experience with this procedure. I will update my experience and hope my storie is helpful to others. Send prayers my way. I will try to post pics... READ MORE

I am 46' I had malar bags forever, it gotten so bad after I done profractional laser resurfacing last year, it bothered me so much, I searched all possible options to correct this problem, I did fillers; it didn't work for me also its not cost effective. I live in Atlanta, GA. but I chosed Dr.... READ MORE

Doing my upper and lower eyelids in South Africa in 10 days. I am a 45 year old mother of two great kids - we live in Nairobi, Kenya. I live a very active lifestyle, but hooded eyelids are genetic in my family and in the past few years, seem to be making me look tired or unhappy. I... READ MORE

I'd been considering having this done for years. At 51, I decided it was time. Surgery is always a bit of a gamble: things can go sideways in even the most experienced hands, and "minor" surgery like an eyelift is still surgery! In other words, a risk. There are any number of things that can go... READ MORE

I've been looking for a new plastic surgeon for several years and finally found one I liked with Dr. Thomassen I made an appt for a consultation and he was able to see me right away. The consultation was quick and to the point and I told them I would call them when I decided. I called the next... READ MORE

A picture is worth a thousand words! I'm including pictures and you can see for yourself. I am 50 years old, very physically fit and healthy, but to look at my face I looked very tired. I have unfortunely been passed on genetically some excess skin over an under my eyelids. I have fair skin and... READ MORE

I have had droopy , hoody eyes for a number of years now, So after much research and many reviews i scheduled and had the surgery March 13 .Today is day 9 , swelling has gone down consideralbly .and my eyes seem more open, I will update photos as the healing progresses. I would like to know... READ MORE

Had upper and lower eyelids done, and a midface lift. I have some pain and numbness on my upper cheekbones a month after surgery, but the overall result is positive. Still slightly swollen and bruised, so I'm not sure what the final result will be, Dr. Says to allow 8 weeks. But so far, I'm... READ MORE

I decided to have this procedure done because of the physical discomfort I was experiencing due to the extra eyelid skin. It felt like someone was pulling down on the inside of my eye balls. It a absolutely fixed the physical feeling and I have so much relief now. Also, I look great! I have had... READ MORE

Last year I decide to look into eyelid surgery. I unfortunately didn't know anyone who had had the surgery done therefore had no direct referrals. I decided to head to the Manhattan Eye and Ear hospital. This was a bit of an adventure as I ended up in the ophthalmology department rather than... READ MORE

Surgery to remove embedded eyelash strip at end of right lid junction + refinements to eyes, resulted in more problems with eyes & eyelids, e.g. lids that don't descend fully, an enlarged pupil. W/o my consent, added fat graft strips to under-eye areas, resulting in puffy fat asymmetrical... READ MORE

I'm 37 year old mother of 2! On 2/20/2013 i made the worst decision of my life. My eyes had bothered me for years & I finally had the courage to do it. I was so excited & nervous, thought I did all my home work. I new something was off right away when I saw myself bandaged up! My lowers... READ MORE

So I've had bags under my eyes for years. The reason I went to the doctor. He's an Ocuplastic Surgeon is because of the lazy I that I have. It was bothering me some and I believed that it was messing with my vision. Needless to say that I was correct. Because my upper lids are affecting my... READ MORE

During my consult with Dr Amani, I really questioned the need to cosmetically do the lower lid retraction repair. After all, I had just had a brow lift which really complemented my eyes. Dr Amani was so kind, patient and helpful and I decided to trust his expertise. What a great decision, my... READ MORE

Upper and lower blepharoplasties and rhytidectomy/platysmoplasty to use the technical terms. More coloquially, eyelid and neck/jawline surgery. The listed cost includes an overnight in the hospital, which I elected beforehand. The procedure itself was a walk in the park and I had minimal... READ MORE

Like everyone above i live in regret e v e r y d a y, to the point where i don't want to leave the house. before the surgery i was confident about myself. my eyes were almond shaped and beautiful. i had puffy eyes because i have life long thyroid disease. my thyroid levels were completely off... READ MORE

I have had several procedures by Dr. Jewett over the years. My breast augmention in 1991. As a child I experienced a horrible injury that left a deep indentation on the back of my leg that made my right buttex look as though it were sagging around 2 inches lower than the left side. In 1991 Dr... READ MORE

I'm three days from surgery and nervous. Why? well not because of the actual surgery itself but more for how it will look 3 months from now when my son gets married. I knew I wanted to have this done years ago when I saw my grandmother and aunt could hardly see with droopy lids.... my lids! I'm... READ MORE

I started waxing my eyebrows at 16 and that contributed to my sagging hoods. I am now 32 years old and I have skin sagging over my eye folds. I look tired and sleepy all the time. I did a lot of researches and price matching, and found a great doctor in Toronto. He did a wonderful... READ MORE

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