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Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery or eyelid lift, is a cosmetic procedure that removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, resulting in a smoother, more taut appearance. Surgery can also change the shape of the eye, such as in Asian Eyelid Surgery or to address droopy eyelidsLEARN MORE ›

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Been thinking about getting surgery for a few years now. The puffiness used to come and go so I kept thinking, I'm OK. These days the puffiness under my eyes is there 90percent of the time and it's progressively getting worse, no matter how much I sleep. The saggy upper eyelids have been there... READ MORE

I inherited bulgy, puffy upper lids and after years suffering from allergies my lower lids are aging pretty badly as well. My husband suggested that I consult with Dr. Daniel Greenwald. My husband works at Tampa General Hospital so he knows a lot of the Dr's and their reputations. So I went in... READ MORE

I have scheduled a Ptosis repair surgery for my left eye and an upper and lower blepharplasty. I'm pretty nervous but as you can see from my photos, my left eye is pretty bad. My eye doctor has recommended the surgeon I'll be using, Dr. John Lindsey, and Dr. Lindsey and his staff seem very... READ MORE

A few years ago I began to notice a big change in my face. Due to loss of volume under my eyes and heavy eye lids, my eyes were aging my face very dramatically. Despite all the lotions, potions, and make up tricks, I began to cringe when I saw pictures or looked in a mirror. I am generally a... READ MORE

I have always had dark circles and a huge fan of concealer but I had to draw the when I got the bags. I finally decided to do the surgery after seeing a picture I took over the weekend. I had been doing a ton of research and had some different opinions from different doctors but I went with the... READ MORE

I am 52 and as most women my age, I am interested in staying as young looking as possible! I've always had a lot of "eyelid" (extra skin) and the older I got, the more my eye area looked "tired" and heavy. After having the surgery, my eyes look refreshed and I definitely feel like it makes my... READ MORE

I had my procedure done 2 weeks ago with Sabrina Shah-Desai right from my first consultation Sabrina put me at ease and answered all my questions I turned up on the day of the procedure slightly scared as I had been watching videos on YouTube as it turned out watching those hurt more than the... READ MORE

I am 46 from Los Angeles had my eyesbag surgery experience with Dr. Gao Yi Sheng, ??? in Taiwan. After my blephoplasty, both of my eyes uneven and tight and irritate. My right eyes that was stiches upward with the long scar and cause my right upper eyes pull downward. My left eyes was even worse... READ MORE

Hello Everyone! The reason I decided to have this procedure done is due to the hooding of my eyelids. I have been pondering this decision for the last 2 years and finally gave in since my eyes have been really bothering this year and luckily I have found a great doctor to perform this procedure... READ MORE

I had been very concious of my hooded eyelids for over the last 3years. I felt that I couldn't apply the makeup styles I wanted & I also felt I looked very serious and tired all the time. I finally took the plunge and had a consultation with Dr Dunaway on the 15th July 2015. I spent a lot of... READ MORE

I've had lower eye bags since my 30's. As the years go by its worse and worse. I wear eyeglasses and no longer able to semi hide the mess. Tearing is a huge issue with me. Last year I went through external DCR. the recovery was not fun, and I still tear terrible. Wearing any kind of eye makeup... READ MORE

Tired of looking tired with ptosis upper eyelids. Genetic condition so inevetibale as th e years go on..will get only worse.i want t9 look young again..I look at my eyes and I see fatty excess,skin that's will not go away ever.i need this revision . finally set up a consultation and left with... READ MORE

I had my eyelid surgery done by Dr. Zaruba, the head-physician at UEM in Prague, who was recommended to me by my dermatologist. Consultation I went for a consultation mid-May; Dr. checked my eyes and told me that my lower eyelids were also showing "signs of wear" and that I could have them... READ MORE

I'm in my early fifties and found I looked tired and sad because of my droopy eyelids. I didn't even want to take photos without my sunglasses. After the surgery I look refreshed. Dr. Perez- Gurri gave me the eyes I had back in high school. I'm extremely happy with the way the procedure... READ MORE

I was NOT going to write a review, but 3 weeks out I feel my story might bring something to the Real Self narrative. I decided to undergo an eye lift after years of colleagues commenting on how tired I looked, being asked if I had a migraine when I rarely ever have a headache, the last straw... READ MORE

I made a change of decision with doctor, stuck with it and didn't ask very many questions. At day 24 I see so much change and am so happy I had the procedure here. I healed quickly and found Dr. Carmona and his staff to be so nice and accommodating...very no nonsense. When I am ready to go... READ MORE

My hooded eyelids had been an issue for me for a good 10 years. For the past few years in particular, my right eyelid drooped more than my left, making that eye look quite a bit smaller. I really wanted to have the procedure done before it got to the point that doing so would make a drastic... READ MORE

Dr Kass is consummate professional, kind, caring with a gentle touch. I Highly recommend him to all. I had blepharoplasty revision and ptosis 9 days ago the surgery was painless and minimal bruising to my face . I can already see the difference and very happy with the results. Dr. Kass explained... READ MORE

Ok here goes. I will try and tell you as I have found it with the procedure itself and post op. I had a bleph transconjunctival fat repositioning. I had twighlight sedation. So the anaethatist put a canula in my hand, then the surgeon marked up my face. I was given the anasthetic and to be... READ MORE

Hello! After reading many reviews about blepharoplasty, and finally deciding to get rid of my "tired" and droopy looking eyelids, I consulted with several plastic surgeons until I found the right one. I am from Italy and travel there often for work so I emailed and got in touch with Dr. Massimo... READ MORE

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