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Ear surgery, also called otoplasty or ear pinning, involves moving ears closer to the head in an effort to keep them from "sticking out". LEARN MORE ›

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I had spent all of my money saved on ear pinning surgery with another surgeon in Pearland, Texas. I had a total of 3 ear surgeries with this physician whose wife/secretary said he had done this many times in his office under local and he was Board Certified. I left the clinic incredibly... READ MORE

To correct the protrusion of my ears. READ MORE

Right from the beginning Dr. Jugenburg was understanding and most importantly didn’t pressure me into doing anything I wasn’t ready to do. I first went to a consultation with my mother, where he guided us step by step through the procedure. Feeling more than ready I decided to book... READ MORE

I'll start off by saying that Dr. B is a very nice and well-mannered guy. However, I had otoplasty performed, hoping to correct my protruding ears, and now, after the procedure, my ears now have a "telephone" look, in which the middle portion is pinned, but the top and bottom... READ MORE

From childhood, I had protruding ears. though, they never bothered me when I was a kid, but my teenage years and adulthood was filled with days when I had come home crying due to these ears. Sometimes it was some stupid comment by a classmate or a co-worker or by a date who thought that I had... READ MORE

I had consulted many top plastic surgeons prior to Dr. Wendel, some are based in Nashville, Washington, and in my home country (which is thousands of miles away from the U.S), and I was still hesitant to move forward. Having read the majority of reviews in numerous medical publications and by... READ MORE

Dr. Tang was not able to pin my ears back after 2 times painful surgery ( because he only used local anesthesia). When I came to Dr. Capriotti he only charged me $700 and did the job right. I should have demanded my money back from Dr. Tang because he could't get his job done but I was too young... READ MORE

Took me 10 years to decide to go ahead with this op, one of the best decisions I have ever made. Have worn my hair up almost daily for the first time since I was 6 years old. Gary was excellent, very talented surgeon, him and his staff were brilliant. Thank you doesn't really cut it (excuse the... READ MORE

Ever since I can remember, I had issues with the way my ears looked (I had prominent ears with one sticking out way more than the other & missing the natural fold). I was always teased at school, but beyond that, I was not happy with them myself. Most times that I was in front of the mirror, I... READ MORE

It was a great experience for my wife. She is very happy with her results and she lets other people know of them. Everyone compliments when they see the results, it says it all. The procedure was fast and she said she didn't experience any pain. We didn't even know it could be done under local... READ MORE

A 45 year old woman that felt self conscious about her ears. I called the Austin Weston Center and given an appointment within a couple of days. The entire staff at the Center were professional, friendly and caring. They explained everything I needed to do to prepare for my surgery and my needs... READ MORE

When I was a kid I was teased because of my ears and got nicknamed "monkey ears". They bent out and were distracting. I never wanted to get my hair wet in public and never pulled it up. I dreaded volleyball because ponytails were required. Since then I hid behind my hair. I had low self-esteem... READ MORE

Dr. Romo has been a blessing in my life. Born with a lop-ear deformity, I was always insecure about the appearance of my ears. I fortuitously came across Dr. Romo's "Little Baby Face Foundation" a few years ago and applied to get corrective ear surgery, knowing my parents would never have the... READ MORE

I finally got this procedure, in the hopes of my ears to be "normal", for them not to stick out anymore.. I was bullied for all my 15 years of life.. After I got them done, a couple weeks later, my ears started to pop back out... Summary of the story, is that the doctor messed them up (he didn't... READ MORE

If you're planning to do tummy tuck, breast augmentation or anything of that kind with Dr Bledsoe please go ahead, looks like he is good at this. But if ure planning to do facial surgery, please stay away and don't repeat my mistake. I had surgery for my protruding ears six months ago, and I... READ MORE

My ears were misshapen (especially my left ear) and I'd been meaning to get the procedure done for years. As soon as I had saved enough money, although the surgery was cheaper than most clinics, and as soon as the timing was right I went ahead with it. The timing of the surgery was important... READ MORE

So glad I had my otoplasty procedure done with Dr. Rothfield. The outcome of my ears was exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier with the result .This was my first time ever having a surgery and the surgery center made sure I was as comfortable as possible. I am now able to wear my hair up! READ MORE

I came to Dr. Vasisht for ear pinning, and he did a great job. He made sure to explain what he was going to do in detail, and overall made me feel very comfortable. He is very professional and friendly, and his staff is absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic... READ MORE

I used to have ears that protrude outwards from my head and always wanted to get my ears pinned back. So I booked a consultation with Dr. Lim to get my ears pinned back, formally known as Otoplasty. In the consultation, Dr. Lim told me about the procedure and answered all my questions and... READ MORE

I had Otoplasty done on April 10, 2015. I'm a 33 year old female. This is something I've wanted to do my entire life. I've always been very self conscience of my protruding ears. I've his behind my hair my entire life. I finally decided to bite the bullet and proceed with the surgery. ... READ MORE

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