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Ear surgery, also called otoplasty or ear pinning, involves moving ears closer to the head in an effort to keep them from "sticking out". LEARN MORE ›

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Now at 6 weeks post op and should have "fully recovered" and my left ear is over pinned in the middle and sticks out at the top and bottom and the right ear sticks out at the top. Very poor result and the procedure cost me £3,000 with Harley Medical Group. There is very little difference to my... READ MORE

I had otoplasty performed in an EU country 14 months ago. I am generally happy with the outcome except for the right antihelix which has a depression running through it and looks unnatural. Is there anyway of rectifying this problem without a major invasive surgery?? I currently live in another... READ MORE

Approaching two week recovery timeframe and have weird protrusions in conchal bowls of each ear. My doctor said it was swelling when I went in for my 5 day checkup. I originally believed it was swelling but now that I am not too sore to touch it, the area feels hard like cartilage. It looks like... READ MORE

Hello. I had my otoplasty done 9 days ago. I took some pictures after five days and some more pictures just today. As you can see, my ears have a bit of 'telephone' effect, and the right ear is curved, mostly at the top of it. Both are swollen but the right one is more than the other; I... READ MORE

I had spent all of my money saved on ear pinning surgery with another surgeon in Pearland, Texas. I had a total of 3 ear surgeries with this physician whose wife/secretary said he had done this many times in his office under local and he was Board Certified. I left the clinic incredibly... READ MORE

To correct the protrusion of my ears. READ MORE

Right from the beginning Dr. Jugenburg was understanding and most importantly didn’t pressure me into doing anything I wasn’t ready to do. I first went to a consultation with my mother, where he guided us step by step through the procedure. Feeling more than ready I decided to book... READ MORE

I'll start off by saying that Dr. B is a very nice and well-mannered guy. However, I had otoplasty performed, hoping to correct my protruding ears, and now, after the procedure, my ears now have a "telephone" look, in which the middle portion is pinned, but the top and bottom... READ MORE

My entire life I suffered with a visibly deformed ear that not only needed reconstruction but needed to be pinned back as well. It protruded nearly 90 degrees from my head. I knew I was in for a surgery on this ear but what I didn't know is that they had to surgically work on my "good" ear so... READ MORE

Ever since i was a little kid my ears always stuck out and bothered me constantly. I never knew Otoplasty was an option until i was older, and even then I kept putting it off for various reasons. Most people don't understand that kids are bullied mostly based on their physical appearance, and... READ MORE

Dr.Bharti does amazing work! I have no negative things to say about my experience with Dr.Bharti,everything he done has turned out absolutely wonderful and I couldn't have asked for better results. I went into my consultation feeling nervous and overwhelmed upon meeting Dr.Bharti I immediately... READ MORE

I always had Big ears that stuck out since I was a child and was although as time went on I began to accept it It was an ad I saw for Dr. Jugenburg that made me curious about Otoplasty surgery. I went in did the consultation the nurse Kim was very nice, answered all my questions. The surgery... READ MORE

I have been self conscious about my left ear for as long as I can remember. I was embarrassed to wear my hair in a pony tail (a style I love) as it stuck out a lot compared to my right ear. I was really nervous about having this procedure but Richard was beyond supportive. He explained the... READ MORE

After years of always wanting to get my ears done, I finally decided to go for it. One of my good friends had just gotten a breast augmentation by Dr. Pousti and had high recommendations for me to go to him, but even still I researched doctors all over Southern California. As a person who has... READ MORE

I had consulted many top plastic surgeons prior to Dr. Wendel, some are based in Nashville, Washington, and in my home country (which is thousands of miles away from the U.S), and I was still hesitant to move forward. Having read the majority of reviews in numerous medical publications and by... READ MORE

Dr. Tang was not able to pin my ears back after 2 times painful surgery ( because he only used local anesthesia). When I came to Dr. Capriotti he only charged me $700 and did the job right. I should have demanded my money back from Dr. Tang because he could't get his job done but I was too young... READ MORE

Took me 10 years to decide to go ahead with this op, one of the best decisions I have ever made. Have worn my hair up almost daily for the first time since I was 6 years old. Gary was excellent, very talented surgeon, him and his staff were brilliant. Thank you doesn't really cut it (excuse the... READ MORE

Ever since I can remember, I had issues with the way my ears looked (I had prominent ears with one sticking out way more than the other & missing the natural fold). I was always teased at school, but beyond that, I was not happy with them myself. Most times that I was in front of the mirror, I... READ MORE

It was a great experience for my wife. She is very happy with her results and she lets other people know of them. Everyone compliments when they see the results, it says it all. The procedure was fast and she said she didn't experience any pain. We didn't even know it could be done under local... READ MORE

A 45 year old woman that felt self conscious about her ears. I called the Austin Weston Center and given an appointment within a couple of days. The entire staff at the Center were professional, friendly and caring. They explained everything I needed to do to prepare for my surgery and my needs... READ MORE

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