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Ear surgery, also called otoplasty or ear pinning, involves moving ears closer to the head in an effort to keep them from "sticking out". LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $3,600

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This was my first surgery, though it was "minor" (ear tuck) it was very major to me and Dr. Rocheford was awesome! It wasn't painful and was done in less than 2 hours. Healing was fine but ears do look swollen for at least a week and no swimming or high-intensity exercise for a few weeks.... READ MORE

I have had a huge amount of swelling and bruising and although I finally feel like I'm healing I'm still sore nearly 5 week's later.. My surgeon said I am a really slow healer. I also had to take four weeks off work which I didnt take into account I might of needed more than a week!! The photo... READ MORE

>> Five stars are not enough, if I could give a million, I would. I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. You would think it is easy to find a reputable board certified plastic surgeon to give you exactly what you want, think again. I had macroctia (large ears) and I was so embarrassed of them... READ MORE

Dr Barnavon fixed my ears that had previously been done when I was younger but weren't done right. He is a meticulous surgeon who takes the time to discuss and explain everything before its done. I'm scheduling my breast surgery and eye lid procedure for October. I'm having my existing implants... READ MORE

In an incisionless otoplasty the ear is reshaped by placing permanent stitches (the same kind that are used in the traditional open technique) through the skin and burying them underneath without the need for any cuts. The reshaped cartilage of the ear is scored with a needle in order to... READ MORE

I originally had this procedure in 1998 (bilateral otoplasty & Center for Plastic Sugery). I knew right away that my ears were not symmetric. I am going to have a revision because my left ear sticks out. It's way better than b4, but after already having a breast augmentation w/John Iacobucci, MD... READ MORE

I have always been embarrased because of my large ears. They really stuck out and although I loved to wear my hair up I was self-conscious of my ears so I felt limited with hairstyles. My surgical outcome not only met my pre-operative expectations but exceeded in making me feel more confident... READ MORE

I was super concerned before having otoplasty. I read a lot of reviews, here and on other websites and way too many people were displeased with their results, whether they had issues from the beginning or their results didn't last. My ears were protruding way too much and even though I was... READ MORE

I've wanted to get my ears pinned back for several years and after researching three different surgeons, I picked Dr. Timothy Mountcastle. The procedure took place under local anesthesia and lasted about one and a half hours. It was the best decision I could have made! It was more than worth it.... READ MORE

I had bucket ears, and it really bothered me , i felt i looked goofy with them, they were like dopey's ears. the surgery was in poland and cost a bargain price, after the surgery i did struggle a bit with ear infections for a year, being more likley but this was probly because the inner ear... READ MORE

The Experience was good and the surgery was a success. I was asleep during the operation so i didn't know the exact time it went on for. The only part i didn't have fun with was the bandages wrapped around my head, it got irritating at times, but overal i was really impressed with the results... READ MORE

I underwent unilateral otoplasty on my right ear and i want to know if this is alrady the permanent result after some swelling had fade. I still feel numb on the upper part of my ear and i can see that the upper part seem to stick out i don't know if this is because of swelling or do i have... READ MORE


I've always had ears that stuck out like an elephant and really wanted them pulled back and I couldn't have asked for better results. My ears are now pulled back the perfect amount and are perfectly symmetrical. SO happy!   READ MORE

Waste of money. My one ear is tight and looks good fhe other is lower and out. I wanted to improve my appearance and my ears have always bothered me even after the surgery the scars of teasing are still there. There is no surgery that will fix whatever your searching for hell look at joan rivers... READ MORE

Severe ear deformity after heamatoma of ears causing cartilage overlap and buckling up off ear and fibro cartilage formation causing very thick ears. 2 further ops to give slight improvement. wish i read this beforehand .i never realised the risks involved as i though it was a sraightforward... READ MORE

After many years of painful memories of being ridiculed of my ears sticking out I decided at the age of 35 to take a very important step in my life and get the otoplasty procedure. My surgery went smoothly and I can now pull my hair back and I feel free like a weight has been removed and I don't... READ MORE

So here goes nothing:) I'm a 13 year old girl from the UK, Scotland. Ever since I was about 7 I started noticing how my ears were different to others, and then constant anxiety started. I wouldn't dare put my hair behind my ears or straight up, ultimately the boring worst hair ever. My ears... READ MORE

So i am getting otoplasty done on the 21st. My doctor only does the procedures on fridays, and removes bandages on the following tuesday(4days after procedure) but since tuesday its Christmas, he is planning on removing them on monday, a day before he usually removes them. This is my main... READ MORE

I am worried about having my surgery done in thailand i have read up on it so much so many people have their boobs but not much on otoplasty i am just worried about scaring or unevaness or WORST cauliflower ear.... Should i pay more and do it in Australia?? it cost me $1600 in bangkok or $4500... READ MORE

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