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Ear surgery, also called otoplasty or ear pinning, involves moving ears closer to the head in an effort to keep them from "sticking out". LEARN MORE ›

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My life as a real life Dumbo has ended! After many years thinking about having an otoplasty I finally decided and went for it. I recently moved to Timisoara (I used to live in Italy) and after a short research online I found out about Dr. Tiberiu Bratu and his "Brol Medical Center". Dr. Bratu is... READ MORE

I always suffered with large ears that stuck out and as a result suffered all the negative things that come with it growing up. I let it eat away at me and bother me a lot more than what it should have, once I heard about this procedure I made it my priority to save up and get it done. Dr kang... READ MORE

The first time I had my ears done I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the Bangkok hospital was and the Dr was lovely. The procedure was fine. The only problem was my ears still protruded a lot after the bandages came off and it was so disappointing. The Dr said I could come back after... READ MORE

My original otoplasty was done in May, and the results were terrible. I suffered from intense bleeding from both ears, which needed to be cauterized twice. Afterwards, the ears were extremely lopsided. One ear was folded all the way back, and telephoned horribly. The other almost did not change... READ MORE

I had been considering otoplasty for quite some time to correct my overly large "dumbo" ears, and after doing a ridiculous amount of research, decided to take the plunge. During my search for potential surgeons, all reviews and indications kept leading me back to Dr.Rahban, so I decided to book... READ MORE

I had a revision in 2012 from my original surgery in 2002. I'm wondering what the community thinks about if I should go back for another revision? I feel like the right one is plastered to my head and slightly misshapen, and the left still has quite a curvature to it. Im not sure if I'm... READ MORE

Hello my friends , im contacting you for your review. I've done otoplasty surgery last week with request to reduce my ear size (ear lobe or pinning) but now im little bit scared about one week post op results. Doctor said its normal that ears look that big and scary after surgery , and said that... READ MORE

Ive been thinking about getting my ears pinned back for 30 years and more ,as they stick out a lot, every now and again id look into it and get prices but always chicken out at the last minute. Then I discovered The Aurora clinic and Doctor Adrian Richards on You Tube. I did plenty of research... READ MORE

I had otoplasty done by Dr. Keith Jeffords back in 2011. After meeting with several plastic surgeons, I decided to go with him because he made me feel like he was very experienced with otoplasty and knew exactly what he was doing. It turned out to be the worst decision I've ever made. All I was... READ MORE

I am on a facial transformation journey- Otoplasty, Buccal fat removal, neck lipo, chin augmentation, and rhinoplasty. I finished the first 3 (easier ones) yesterday in a 2-hour procedure. I have attached before and after (1 day post op pictures). I panicked as I saw myself in the mirror, esp... READ MORE

I had the stitch method done in 2007 and initially did improve the appearance of my protruding ears. But during surgery my right ear swelled up and so it was harder for the doctor it see or make sure the ears where symmetrical. I am know 7 years post operation. I can say it is better than... READ MORE

Had the new procedure earfold where they insert a tiny peice of metal covered in gold into the ear cartridge to change the shape of the ear by folding it back nearer the head, had it done one week ago already my ears look fantastic,small and close to my head still have the tiny stitches but... READ MORE

From start to finish this has been a great experience. Dr. Allison and his staff were wonderful. I would do it again in a second. Never been so happy! I feel like a new person. Wish I had done it sooner. Hospital staff talked very highly of Dr. Allison and were very attentive. The whole surgery... READ MORE

I have been ridiculed about my ears sticking out since middle school and finally decided to get them pinned when I was on break from an out-of-state college. I assumed the excessive price to be a signal of his skill level. After the operation, Dr. Yenikomshian had me in a turban-like dressing... READ MORE

I always disliked how my ears protruded out and gave me the appearance of being tired or sad. Some years ago I met someone that completed the otoplasty absent of sutures and their results were good but not great. After researching I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Joseph and finally decided to get... READ MORE

My ears weren't HUGE, per se, they just stuck out a bit too much in such a way that they exacerbated my narrow face. This was a small first step in a multi-tiered process I'm working on in which the next step is jawline and chin enhancement (partially for shape, largely for symmetry), and it... READ MORE

I have hated my ears for as long as I can remember. I was bullied at school as a kid, I hated any sport or activity that required me to put my hair in a ponytail, and before surgery, I had never worn my hair up in public. As a teenager, I remember even sticking double sided tape behind my ears... READ MORE

I had the stitch method ear correction performed 5 days ago. I was so excited to have it as I've wanted my ears done since a little girl and due to other serious health issues couldn't put myself through another surgery or risk infection with the traditional method. I know it is very early days... READ MORE

So I am scheduled for surgery with Dr. Pousti Wednesday February 12. I am a bit nervous but mostly excited. I met with Dr Pousti about two weeks ago and have nothing but good things to say about him and his staff. He went through the whole procedure with and was there to answer any questions I... READ MORE

I had a melanoma on my ear that kept growing. My son suggested I see a plastic surgeon because it was big and my ear would have to be taken off. Dr. Oppenheimer removed the cancer and I was able to keep my ear. I am very happy that I went to see him and he was able to remove the cancer within... READ MORE

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