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In dental bonding, a cosmetic dentist puts a composite material directly on damaged or discolored teeth and then shapes and hardens it using a UV light or laser. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $550

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Ever since I was small, I had a small peg tooth that showed gaps inbetween it when I smiled. I had braces, but it wasn't enough to close the gap because the tooth was too small. I did a lot of research as the dentists said they thought maybe a veneer, or gum contouring to make it look bigger?... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Ivan Chicchon because my front teeth had fractured and were causing me difficulty with speaking. Dr. Ivan has done excellent cosmetic work rebuilding my teeth. I am very pleased. His manner was gentle and informative. He seems to be very competent. I will go back to him to... READ MORE

Two teeth that are beside each other didn't fit perfectly. One tooth was oval and the other was a more diamond shape. Whenever I'd smile in pictures it'd look "shark toothy" (maybe a slight exaggeration) and look like I was missing a tooth just because the teeth weren't properly aligning. The... READ MORE

I dont have insurance and paid 250 per front tooth to get a 1 1/2 mm gap closed. It looks good but for me i can deff tell its on my teeth by touching with my tongue. I just got it done today and im afraid to even bite into anything because i read that its not the strongest material. Also i like... READ MORE

I'm not sure exactly how it happened or if my front tooth just naturally had a curve to it; however, after having braces and invisalign, I decided to fix it. I met with my dentist and discussed options including bonding and veneers. I did not like the idea of veneers as they have to remove about... READ MORE

I have always had very spaced teeth, they have discouraged me for years, led to bouts of depression and crying sessions, After a few consultations during the summer where I was told that braces wouldn't be able to do the job because my gaps are too large. I turned to dental bonding and visited... READ MORE

I had perfect natural teeth. Had. The only slight flaw was that I had small white spots on the lower part of my top front teeth (2). Like an idiot I never imagined i could ever loose this. I drank and didn't take care of them and the yellowed. I originally wanted teeth whitening but was... READ MORE

Since adolescence, I've had a gap in my smile because one of my adult front teeth never descended. Having only the baby tooth left a gap on either side of the baby tooth made me incredibly insecure about my smile - I tried not to smile with teeth in photos, I found ways to laugh with my mouth... READ MORE

A dentist had told me he cold fix the tiny gap on my #7 tooth that was only noticeable from the side view but he filed my entire tooth to put bonding on that left my tooth very yellow and dull looking. The next dentist I seen shaved the bonding off the tooth so it is less yellow. Now you can see... READ MORE

Wonderful. EZ fix to a small problem that makes a huge difference. The only con is they dont last forever. I was just eating a salad the other day and chipped one of my bondings. But then I got it fixed by a new Dr. W in Uptown- and now it is beautiful again READ MORE

I recently had some dental bonding done on two "fang like" teeth. Very happy with the results. Don't know why I waited so long to do this!! My dentist basically just "softened" the two teeth, which diminished the sharpness to them. The whole procedure took about 30... READ MORE

Bonding is great when performed by a qualified, experienced dentist. If not, you are in for trouble. I had one last for over 25 years because it was done by a good dentist who cared about what he was doing. If it is done correctly and with care, your re-bonding will last a long, long time. Only... READ MORE

Very disappointed with my dental work at this office. My teeth are still sensitive after three months. This office claims they are the "best" at everything, and you would think Dr. Boreland thinks he is a god himself by the way he touts his skills. Unfortunately for me my dental work was not... READ MORE

Had dental bonding done on my front teeth 7+ years ago to close the gap and I can not find anyone to remove them. I get a sales pitch to get veneers and a financial loan application. I have gotten multi reasons why I need the veneers, teeth may become to sensitive is the most common reason but... READ MORE

I had braces earlier. My orthodontist left some gaps on purpose with my 2 front teeth because they are small. As my tooth shape very pointy, even they are straight and there are no gaps between teeth right now, it still looks like a lot of gaps near tooth tips for the upper front 7 teeth. I... READ MORE

I had a huge gap in my teeth, a giant chip in my front tooth, and my "dream job" starting in just a couple of weeks. After researching dozens of dentists in New Jersey, I kept coming back to Dr. Champagne and Champagne Smiles. Customer Service: I can not express enough how impressed I was with... READ MORE

I visited Dr. Claudio Sorrentino office thinking I would need 6 front porcelain crowns. Instead he placed 6 big composite restorations with excellent results. No more bleeding gums, now I can floss properly. My smile has changed for good. No waiting time at the reception area. All my experience... READ MORE

I was lossing the enamal on my front teeth and this visit was woth every penny to get them repaired! I would rather keep my own teeth than getting dentures! Plus there is never any pain given by the dentist or his staff!!! READ MORE

While Wendy and her staff have come through for me many times over the years, she most recently won my heart (not to mention my smile) when my front tooth chipped and it had to be re-bonded. I've had this tooth bonded three times over the past 15 years and I've never been satisfied. This... READ MORE

To close the gap between the front teeth that i have had all my life! My bondings still look great and i am very happy with my beautiful natural looking teeth. Maybe someday i will let Dr. Fields do veneers but at the moment i totally happy with the bondings i have and my own front... READ MORE

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