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Chin implant surgery changes the shape and size of the chin by adding a synthetic implant under the skin. LEARN MORE ›
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I had a chin implant done at Dr. Domanskis' office and 6 weeks post-op, I'm absolutely loving the results. I was told many years ago as a kid by an orthodontist that the only solution was to basically crack my jaw and move it forward. Well, that didn't sound too appealing, so I passed. As an... READ MORE

After yrs of hating my profile I finally got a chin implant and submental lipo on 12/1/11, one wk ago today. I am referring to myself as "SpongeBob Square Face". I have been very swollen, and even though it has gone down considerably, it still feels very swollen and... READ MORE

My experience from start to finish was great! I'm very happy I finally got this procedure done. The outcome was exactly what i wanted....a defined jawline, a tight chin with no sagging and a thinner face. There was very little pain. I was out for dinner with friends after 10 days. I was... READ MORE

Pro: The results I desired were exceeded Fairly easy recovery Con: Takes a few months for the implant to feel natural Results take several weeks Motivation: I have a naturally small jaw and chin (the latter of which is slightly crooked). This wasn't so much of a problem when I... READ MORE

It was about four weeks when Dr. Holcomb did an Upper Eye lift and a Lower lift on my eyes and a revision on a Chin Implant. Two other friends of mine have had procedures done with him, a lower facelift and some Fractional Laser and some chin revision as well, and I thought the results were... READ MORE

It was a wonderful experience. There was minimal discomfort and the results were excellent. I had a receding and double chin before the procedure. Dr. Nacify did a chin implant, lower neck lift and facial filers. No cons with the procedure. My chin gives me a nice profile and I have a smooth,... READ MORE

I had an chin implant done 5 months ago here in San Francisco. Lately I've notice I don't seem to smile as much and that I seem to be frowning slightly as a default. I noticed today that when I relax and close my mouth, the corners are down every so slightly. I take effort to smile and then I... READ MORE

I had a chin augmentation and it turned out beautifully. Healing time was less than a week and my incision is so small I can't even understand how he performed the surgery. READ MORE

I got a chin implant done with Dr. Mehta, and couldn't have been more pleased. Pros: Achieved desired aesthetic result Easy recovery Very little pain/bruising Cons: Lots of swelling the day after surgery Some numbness in chin region My motivation: I had always been... READ MORE

Hello folks , I had a chin augmentation using Chin Implants this year (2012 in Jan). I chose one of the best Private Hospitals in the country. Alas , only if the surgeon I chose specialised in Chin Implants the results for me could have been different. My surgery was done in Jan on the... READ MORE

I was never happy with the symmetry of my face. I always thought my nose was to big and originally wanted rhinoplasty done. Upon having my consultation, Dr. Shah informed me that a chin implant would work better for me and would also be cheaper. He went through a whole consultation with me... READ MORE

I had a chin implant for over 20 years. Needless to say I loved it! When i had my jowling removed I was misinformed and told to also replace the chin implant. I did and hated the new results. I have tried another replacement 8 months later....with same bad results. Three months ago had chin... READ MORE

My Dr. Suggested my open bite is not so severe as to require full corrective jaw surgery. He convinced me to just do a chin implant to improve my recessed chin. However 2 mos post op the left side of my chin appears asymmetric to the right. I'm now considering whether to have this redone at... READ MORE

I had my chin implant done 8 months ago. In the first few weeks post-op I was completed freaked out because the left side of my lower lip was totally paralyzed - I couldn't move that part of my lip at all, which not only made my smile look awful, it also impeded my ability to talk well. I... READ MORE

I'm a male. Not long out.. Swelling almost gone. But but smile is smaller.... Probably gonna stay small, or at least smaller than it was. Do this... Push out your jaw and look in the mirror.... What happens? Your smile becomes smaller or even looks crooked... So, the larger implant you go... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I am 25 years old and after years of hating my small chin I decided to get a chin implant. I also had chin and neck liposuction to enhance the results. I had a medium size implant placed and really do love the results. The recovery was seriously very easy and hardly any pain. Your... READ MORE

I always had a weak profile from my bottom lip downward. Not terrible, but not strong enough to match my vision of myself. I decided to have plastic surgery to correct it and give myself a stronger appearance. The immediate results, even when swelling was still present, were exceptional. The... READ MORE

I tried the non surgical route with radiesse first, and all that did is make me want a more prominent, permanent result. This in and out place charged me $700 for a syringe of the stuff, and wanted me to come back in 4 weeks for more. I called two surgeons and had 2 consults. Went with the... READ MORE

I had wanted neck liposuction to get rid of my turkey neck. I also have a week chin. Dr. Weber explained that the chin implant combined with the neck liposuction would help my neckline look even better. I was also didn't like my droopy upper eyelids and bags in my lower eyelids. READ MORE

I decided to get an implant not to really augment my chin but more so to hide increasingly double chin and lack of jaw line. I felt as if it was too big when i was in postop but hoped that it would get better as the swelling subsided. However, i feel like the opposite has happened. i think my... READ MORE

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