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WORTH IT RATING based on 213 reviews
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Chin implant surgery changes the shape and size of the chin by adding a synthetic implant under the skin. LEARN MORE ›
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I have a very short n recessed chin so I had my 1st chin implant 3 yrs back outside of USA cause it was cheap. It was solid peculiar implant which caused me lots of suffering. It looked boxy, fake and hideous!! like I have broken my chin.Infection, pain, swelling stayed for 1 yr. I was doing lot... READ MORE

I was nervous about this decision based on some of the reviews, but I had a fantastic surgeon and am so pleased with the result. I had this surgery 4 weeks ago. This was one of the best decisions I ever made, which I did to correct a receding chin affected by orthodontics. There are some horror... READ MORE

I got a chin implant one year ago because I wanted to improve my profile. Unfortunately, it shifted shortly after the surgery. I didn't have any trauma to the area. It just shifted - by a lot - which left my chin looking and feeling lopsided. I went back to Dr. Whiteman 3 times over the... READ MORE

Hi there, I just had a chin implant and neck lipo 11 days ago, and I am so unhappy with it, I cannot stop crying. I had a receding chin from profile view that I always hated, hence the desire for surgery. However, I always loved my face from frontal view, especially when smiling, that's when... READ MORE

I had consulted with a doctor for a revision rhinoplasty at that time the doctor suggested a chin implant as well. Plastic Surgeons look at a formula for beauty, the face is divided into thirds and each area should be equally balanced to attain a more harmonious face. My chin was a small,so he... READ MORE

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon as my double chin (which really wasn't that bad) was bothering me. Age taking hold, and even tho I am considered fit, it was there and it just bothered me. Very little to do there, but the surgeon suggested I would get an A+ result with a tiny chin... READ MORE

I never felt any pain. I only had some discomfort after eating the first week. I'm still having problems keeping my lips naturally closed after 4 weeks but I've been told that'll get fixed with time. I'm happy with my results; it made a huge improvement to my profile. READ MORE

I'm a 37 yr old mother of 3 children...and it's high time I did something for myself :) Before deciding on the office I chose, I met with several different doctors in the area. Each physician seemed very knowledgeable; however my end decision was all based on who made me feel the most... READ MORE

My doc was very nice person. Had the surgery with local anesthsia. Doc used submental approach. He used eurosilicone with 8.5 mm projection.Needed chin augmentation because my nose appeared big after Rhinoplasty (nasal implant). I recently had a chin augmentation done. Im 25 years old (male)... READ MORE

A month ago I underwent a chin augmentation in hopes that it would give my very weak profile a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. I have always been insecure about my very weak chin that makes me looks much younger than I really am. I met with a plastic surgeon who ensured me multiple... READ MORE

I've had two absolutely horrible experiences both involving jaw implant procedures (I chose chin implant under Service Provided because jaw implant was not available).  During the first procedure the left jaw implant was placed improperly, it was too high and not all the way back... READ MORE

I had my first chin implant when I was 20 years old. The doctor recommended using a smaller implant so my face doesn't look too round. I had very full cheeks back then. Overall, the implant improved my profile a little but not that much. The placement of the implant was also a little high... READ MORE

I was always unhappy with my chin and finally decided to do something about it. The down time was minimal, pain was bad for a few days only. I was happy with the results in combination with facial fillers. READ MORE

I am 2 months post op on a chin implant. The pain during and after procedure was mild. My main worry is smile looks strange, speech problems, and the tightness and hard ridge under my chin area. I hope this will soften and feel and look normal soon. My front view looks good but the quarter... READ MORE

Had no profile whatsoever and it bothered me for sometime. The recovery was more painful than I had anticipated, but completely worth it. Love, love love the natural appearance and it evens out my face. Fully recommend. READ MORE

My chin was receding pretty extensively. Teamed with a larger nose, I was never a fan of my profile. After extensive research I decided to consider a chin implant and rhinoplasty. After meeting with my doctor, we agreed a large implant teamed with the rhinoplasty would balance out my profile as... READ MORE

Everything was as they told me it would be exactly from the week before (strong medi-vitamin regime, then antibiotics) to what would happen there (prep) the surgery (being semi-conscious) etc. There were no surprises and though I was way more swollen then I thought I would be, I was ecstatically... READ MORE

Many people make this procedure sound simple... However, I am still struggling after 4.5 months of having this implant in my face. I was opting for asian rhinoplasty at first but my doctor recommended a chin implant instead.. (My chin receded but it wasn't bad or anything.. it did me make me... READ MORE

I'm a guy. Having a small, receded chin is bad news. So, it was something I had always thought about, and finally did. I recommend it. People underestimate the effect your jaw/chin area has. Movie stars can have almost any sized nose ;) but find me someone with a weak chin, who doesn't... READ MORE

I am 4 week into my new chin augmentation. I had such a weak chin and terrible profile I thought this would be the answer. I am so sorry I did it. The doctor used a medium size implant, he said a small one would not make a differece because of my chin size being so small and receeded and I... READ MORE

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